[July 2019] SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition
“ALL THAT HOTEL,” a newly launched premium hotel select shop service by LOTTE HOTEL Magazine, puts the services and products that make a hotel stay so special in your home with curated selection boxes of special high-end products curated by professional hoteliers. The July box from ALL THAT HOTEL is the SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition, giving customers a selection of products that will give them that special luxurious hotel experience in their very own bathrooms.
The bathroom, a place of rest
For a lot of us, the bathroom has become a place of healing, a place where we can wash away the stress of the day and finally catch our breath and begin to relax. In the morning, the bathroom allows you to start the day with a bracing shower and in the evening, it’s a place to wash away the sweat, dust and stress of a difficult day with a nice hot bath.


ALL THAT HOTEL’s luxurious bathroom selection box is a great way to make that process even more relaxing. The July edition of the professionally curated box, the SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition, includes a SIGNIEL bath robe, SIGNIEL bath towel, SIGNIEL diffuser and, as an extra special gift, a Diptyque amenity set.
※ The box costs 230,000 won, and will be on sale for a month from July 1 to July 31.
SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition
all that hotel

SIGNIEL Bath Robe (1EA) + SIGNIEL Bath Towel (2EA) + SIGNIEL diffuser + Diptyque amenity set / PRICE: 230,000 won

※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry: Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)
SIGNIEL Bath Robe & SIGNIEL Bath Towel


[SIGNIEL Bath Robe]
•   Fiber Mixture Rate: Cotton 100%, Zero twist yarn
•   Size: 65cm X 120cm
•   Weight: 1,250g
•   Color: White
[SIGNIEL Bath Towel]
• Fiber Mixture Rate: Cotton 100%, Zero twist yarn
•   Size: 75cm X 160cm
•   Weight: 620g
•   Color: White
“Rest elegantly with this bath robe and towel”
The first item in the SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition box is the SIGNIEL Bath Robe. With the bath robe you can rediscover that thick, cozy feeling of a hotel bath robe in your own home. Wearing the SIGNIEL bath robe will give you such comfort that it is almost meditative.
Along with the bath robe, the second item on the list is the SIGNIEL Bath Towel. Made of pure cotton, the bath robe is thick and soft and large enough to wrap around your whole body for maximum comfort.

Video: Learn how to fold the robe and bath towel to get the hotel finish. ⓒ LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS

SIGNIEL Diffuser W.I.Wood

[SIGNIEL Diffuser W.I.Wood]
•   Type: Main floral scent, sub woody scent
•   Top note: Calabria Bergamot (pear-shaped orange raised in the Mediterranean), Mediterranean region lemon
•   Middle note: Jasmine
•   Base note: White amber, Blonde wood, musk
•   Volume: 200ml
•   Component: Diffuser container, Refill container, Lead, Lead envelope, Case
“A walk in the woods without leaving the bathroom”
Under the name of “A Walk in the Woods,” the SIGNIEL Diffuser offers a unique and a luxurious scent that blends together the delicate aroma of trees, refreshing fruit and flowers. If you’ve visited SIGNIEL SEOUL you might recognize the aroma — it can be smelt in the luxury hotel’s lobby, lounge and rooms, truly giving users the SIGNIEL experience in their own home.
※ The SIGNIEL Diffuser can be purchased separately at SIGNIEL SEOUL Lounge (79th floor).
Special launching gift, Diptyque amenity set

[Diptyque amenity set]
•   Including: Shampoo(75ml), Conditioner(75ml), Shower Gel(75ml), Body Lotion(75ml), Soap(28g)
To celebrate the launch of the first ALL THAT HOTEL selection box, this special gift makes the SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition stand out even more — a luxurious five-piece Diptyque amenity set.
Using only the best ingredients, Diptyque is a popular Paris-based luxury goods brand that produces scented candles, perfume, and face and body care products.  The hair care products in this set have a fresh citrusy scent while the body products has a more ample scent to it as they include the aromatic scent of orange blossom.
When you need your daily life to be a little bit more special, especially when traveling away from home, this handy Diptyque set can offer a welcome break from the stress of life on the road.

※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry: Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)


Kyung Kyu-hye, the perfumer who designed the scent of the SIGNIEL Diffuser
경규혜 조향사

경규혜 조향사

LOTTE HOTEL Magazine talked about scent and space with perfumer Kyung Kyu-hye, who created the unique and luxurious scent of the SIGNIEL Diffuser.
July 2019 Editor:Ha Jaekyung
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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