[August 2019] Homecance Edition
'ALL THAT HOTEL,' the premium hotel select shop service launched by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, will present new products and services, as carefully curated by specialists, once every month. For August, ALL THAT HOTEL selection box is the 'homecance' edition, which will allow you to enjoy some downtime at the comfort of your home.
Secrets to Comfortable Hotel Room
When it's hot and scorching outside in the summer, can you find anything better than to lie down on a soft goose down duvet in a cool, air-conditioned hotel room? You can forget about the heat outside and doze off into sleep. Hotels make sure to create the optimal surroundings for your sound sleep, checking everything from bedding and room temperature to brightness of the light, curtains, colors of the wallpaper and scent. This summer, you can enjoy 'homecance' with items provided by ALL THAT HOTEL. Homecance is a compound word of 'home' and 'vacance,' referring to spending vacation at home.


ALL THAT HOTEL, the premium hotel select shop service, will bring you all the essential items for a perfect homecance. The 'Homecance Edition' for August will feature SIGNIEL goose pillows (two pillows, including covers and inserts) and "My Mind Is Racing, I Want to See All the Beautiful Things," a homecance guide recommended by lifestyle curating bookstore 'Arc n Book,' and it goes for 300,000 won. Also, you can still purchase SIGNIEL diffuser from ALL THAT HOTEL's 'SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition' from July.
※ ALL THAT HOTEL's Homecance Edition will only be available from Aug. 1~31, 2019.
Homecance Edition Components

SIGNIEL pillows (2 ea) + Arc n Book recommended book / Price: 300,000 won, SIGNIEL diffuser / Price: 88,000 won

※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)
SIGNIEL Pillows (covers, inserts included)
시그니엘 구스 베개

[SIGNIEL Goose Pillow]
• Outer part - 100 % cotton, 60s, down proof processed / Filling - 50% Hungarian goose breast feather, 50% feather
• Size: 50 X 70cm
• Weight: 700g
• Color: White

[SIGNIEL Pillow Cover]
• 100 % cotton, 120s
• Size: 50 X 70cm
• Color: White

[SIGNIEL Pillow Insert]
• TC 65/35, 20s
• Size: 50 X 70cm
• Color: White
“Pillow for Most Comfortable Rest and Soundest Sleep"
'SIGNIEL Goose Pillow,' available only at SIGNIEL locations among LOTTE HOTEL brands, has been made to provide the most comfortable rest and soundest sleep. It uses the goose feathers and soft cotton of the highest quality, which help control temperature and moisture on their own depending on the change to the air quality inside. It's easy on the skin and provides a comfortable night's sleep. At 700g, it's lighter than He:on Goose Pillow (1,000g) and it's perfect for women or children who prefer low-profile, thin pillows. The comfort you could only enjoy at SIGNIEL can now be enjoyed at your own bed.
Special Present for August, Arc n Book Recommending Reading, “My Mind Is Racing, I Want to See All the Beautiful Things”

[Arc n Book Recommending Reading, “My Mind Is Racing, I Want to See All the Beautiful Things”]
• Author: Miri Masuda
• Translator: Kwon Nam-hee
• Date published: July 10, 2018
“Traveling through Travel Essay"
Books offers a gate to another world. For purchasers of ALL THAT HOTEL's Homecance Edition only, 'Arc n Book,' the lifestyle curating bookstore, will provide its recommended reading. “My Mind Is Racing, I Want to See All the Beautiful Things”. Author Miri Masuda writes about taking a package tour alone. She offers basic information on what to bring to trips and how much they cost, and also offers tips on how to make friends on package tours, how to find bathrooms and how to take good travel photos. Decorate your home with ALL THAT HOTEL's Homecance Edition, and stay indoors where Masuda take you to aurora sightings in Nordic Europe and to Christmas markets.
Additional Option – SIGNIEL Diffuser W.I.Wood

[SIGNIEL Diffuser W.I.Wood]
• Types: Main floral scent, sub woody scent
• Top note: Calabrian Bergamot (pear-shaped orange from trees in the Mediterranean), Mediterranean lemon 
• Middle note: Jasmine
• Base note: White amber, blonde wood, musk
• Volume: 200mL
• Components: Diffuser container, refill container, lead, lead bag, case
“A Moment Filled with Scents of Trees, Fruits and Flowers”
'A Walk in the Woods,' the name of the scent for the SIGNIEL diffuser, offers a unique and luxurious scent that lends the delicate aroma of trees, refreshing fruits and flowers. You can enjoy its fragrance in the lobby, lounge and guestrooms at SIGNIEL SEOUL. With popular demand, you can enjoy the same scent at home.
※ The SIGNIEL Diffuser can be purchased separately at SIGNIEL SEOUL Lounge (79th floor).
※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)


Kim Hyun-chan, assistant manager in LOTTE HOTEL's Construction Management Team, and the Man Behind Interiors of Guestrooms at SIGNIEL SEOUL

SIGNIEL SEOUL, located in LOTTE World Tower, the tallest building in Korea, boasts guestrooms that present traditional Korean beauty with a touch of contemporary sensibilities. It took collaborations among many different people to create such beauty and comfort, including LOTTE HOTEL's construction management team. Once the basic design by the interior management team is finished, then the construction management team's work begins. It begins putting together the working design, oversees the construction process and quality control, and resolves whatever problems or variables that may emerge along the way. Kim Hyun-chan, the team's assistant manager, is one of the principal figures behind SIGNIEL SEOUL's interiors. We spoke with him about the latest interior trends and details that complete a hotel room, including bedding and lighting.
August 2019 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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