[September 2019] Premium Wedding Flower Class
“ALL THAT HOTEL,” a premium hotel select shop service by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, presents a “Premium Wedding Flower Class.” It is a unique opportunity to create a special wedding flower set with the help of a professional florist who has expertise in hotel weddings and banquets at SIGNIEL SEOUL.
Wedding Flowers for Classy Hotel Ceremonies
Rows of flowers filling a wedding hall makes the venue look more glamorous and classy than any other elements in hotel wedding. The unequaled beauty of hotel wedding flower arrangements must be one of the reasons why many brides-to-be find it worthy to pay extra to tie the knot at a hotel.
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ALL THAT HOTEL has prepared a special class to feature a florist in charge of wedding flowers at SIGNIEL SEOUL. By registering for the “Premium Wedding Flower Class” for this September, you will get a chance to make flower accessories with the help of an expert florist, under the theme of hotel wedding, and learn about flower care tips in class. This edition of wedding flower lesson will aim to produce a complete set of French-style bouquet using fall flowers, flower bracelet, and boutonniere. Participants can take home the handmade wedding flower set after class. Light refreshments will also be provided. The class fee is 230,000 won per person.
※ ALL THAT HOTEL Premium Wedding Flower Class accepts online applications (by order of receipt) Sep. 1-15, 2019, and offers three sessions on Sep. 18(Wed), 19(Thu), and 20(Fri).
Premium Wedding Flower Class Contents
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French-style fall flower bouquet(1EA) + Flower accessories(2EA/Flower bracelet & Boutonniere), Coffee(or tea) & Dessert / PRICE: 230,000 won

※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)
Wedding Flower Class
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Bouquet and boutonniere

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[Class Information]
• Schedule: Choose from Sep. 18(Wed), Sep. 19(Thu), and Sep. 20(Fri) 
• Time: 15:00~17:30(Depending on the circumstances, the finish time may vary.)
• Instructor: Kim Dara, SIGNIEL SEOUL wedding florist
• Class Programs
- Tea time
- Flower set making
• French-style fall flower bouquet(1EA) & flower accessories(2EA)
• Included: SIGNIEL SEOUL banquet refreshments(coffee or tea & dessert), SIGNIEL SEOUL parking voucher(up to 8 hours)
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Kim Dara, Florist

[Florist Introduction]
Kim Dara
• Instagram:
• Works:
- Celebrity weddings (Jang Dong-gun & Ko So-young, Jun Ji-hyun, etc.) 
- Jeff Leatham’s flower demonstration decoration
- Luxury brand launching events flower arrangements (Piaget, Bulgari, Chopard, Balmain, Issey Miyake, La Prairie, and Colombo)
- 6-Star SIGNIEL SEOUL grand open restaurants & public area flower directing
- Kristin Banta wedding demonstration
“Make the once-in-a-lifetime moment ever more special”
A bridal bouquet is the cherry on top in wedding flower arrangement. Completing the bridal look on a special day, the bouquet comes from a French word meaning “bundle.” The custom of wedding bouquet originated from an ancient tradition in which a man would pick flowers from the field to gift to his bride-to-be before the ceremony. Nothing is more romantic than a bouquet of flowers which is a token of love promising love and devotion for a lifetime. Flower bracelets and boutonnieres for the groom are also important wedding accessories. They follow the marrying couple, not just to a wedding hall, but also to studios where wedding photographs are taken and bridal shower venues their friends prepared for celebration.
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Flower bracelet, also used as a hair accessory

Kim Dara, the florist who will be teaching the flower classes used to work for the Shilla Hotels & Resorts, and moved to LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS in 2014 to take charge of hotel wedding ceremonies. She has directed a number of celebrity weddings including the ones for actor-couple Jang Dong-gun and Ko So-young, and actress Jun Ji-hyun. At present, she works for SIGNIEL Wedding. She has also been part of flower arrangements for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics’ celebratory dinner and state visits at Cheong Wa Dae, as well as luxury brand launching events for Piaget, Bulgari and Chopard. She will share her knowhow in giving events or spaces a classy upgrade using flowers.

SIGNIEL SEOUL's banquet refreshment set

To be held at a banquet hall with a scenic view on the 76th floor of SIGNIEL SEOUL, the wedding flower class will also enjoy a banquet refreshment set. Sweet cookies and warm tea will be presented during the flower talk time, discussing fall flower trends and ways to use wedding accessories for various purposes. Why not take this opportunity to learn how to make a beautiful bouquet and flower accessories on your own?
※ Applications can be submitted online by clicking on the “purchase” button. Once you’re done selecting the class date and paying the fee, you will receive a confirmation message via SNS or email. (To be sent within a business day after the payment is made.)
※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)


Kim Dara Directs Flower Design at SIGNIEL SEOUL
If you have ever been curious about seasonal changes to the flower arrangements in the lobby of SIGNIEL SEOUL, or if you have found yourself admiring flower decorations at the SIGNIEL Wedding hall, you will be pleased to read this interview. We asked Florist Kim Dara several questions before meeting her at the “Premium Wedding Flower Class.” Check out more about SIGNIEL SEOUL’s flower designs and how you can use flowers for your own home interior from the expert florist.
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Kim Dara, Florist

“Flowers are like a language to me. It helps me to create something, like a valuable beauty, out of nothing.”
September 2019 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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