[January 2020] Lunar New Year Edition
To celebrate the Lunar New Year’s Day, the biggest holiday in Korea, ALL THAT HOTEL proposes a special gift to express your gratitude to your loved ones.
“Seollal” first reminds you of warmth. Despite the cold weather around the end and start of the year, you can feel your heart gradually getting warm as you think of your family getting together, sharing stories with each other, and thanking the ones you’re obliged to. For sure, Seollal is a perfect day to show your gratitude. 
When did this Seollal gift giving start? The origin of exchanging gifts on a Lunar New Year’s Day dates back to the Joseon era. There was a special painting given to a courtier by the king to wish him good luck for the New Year. It was such an honor to receive a blessing for the entire year from the king, and what began in the court spread to the people before long. In the 1950s, the gift was mostly high-quality food, which was of great value at that time, and today, you can easily see people giving their families and friends gifts that they have carefully selected, along with the greetings for the New Year.
For the 2020 Seollal, ALL THAT HOTEL has prepared “Lunar New Year Edition” to say thank you to the person you’re grateful to. For the first item of the year, we suggest a set of SIGNIEL Goose Pillows and a greeting card, which will be put in a selection box and wrapped in a classy cloth. You can add a SIGNIEL Diffuser to the set for a fuller gift. The price is 300,000 won(without a diffuser) and 388,000 won(with a diffuser) each.
※ ALL THAT HOTEL’s Lunar New Year Edition is on sale for a limited time between Jan. 1 and Jan. 31, 2020.
(Order by Jan. 20, 2020 for delivery before the holidays | Orders made Jan. 21-27: delivery after Jan. 28)
Lunar New Year’s Edition Set
시그니엘 베개(2개) + 연하장 + 보자기 포장 / 가격 30만 원, 시그니엘 디퓨저 추가 옵션 가격 8만8,000원

SIGNIEL Pillows(2 EA) + Greeting Card + Wrapping Cloth / PRICE: 300,000 won (Optional SIGNIEL Diffuser 88,000 won)

※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Customer service center phone number: +82-2-759-7700, Customer service center business hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00 (Closed on weekends & holidays and between 12:00-13:30)
SIGNIEL Goose Pillow(with Cover & Insert)
시그니엘 구스 베개(커버, 인서트 포함)

[SIGNIEL Goose Pillow]
• Fiber Content & Composition: Exterior - Cotton 100% 60s, Down-Proof Processed/Fill - Hungarian Goose Breast Feathers 50%, Feathers 50%
• Size: 50 X 70cm
• Weight: 700g
• Color: White

[SIGNIEL Goose Pillowcase]
• Fiber Content & Composition: Cotton 100%, 120s
• Size: 50 X 70cm
• Color: White

[SIGNIEL Goose Pillow Insert]
• Fiber Content & Composition: TC 65/35, 20s
• Size: 50 X 70cm
• Color: White
“Pillow Conveys Warmth of Seollal”
“SIGNIEL Goose Pillow” has returned after garnering much attention as an ALL THAT HOTEL selection in 2019. SIGNIEL Goose Pillow uses premium goose feathers capable of adjusting temperature and humidity to the changes in the air and soft cotton fabric to avoid irritating your skin, offering a comfortable sleeping environment. Used in guest rooms at SIGNIEL SEOUL, the pillow weighs 700 grams and is suitable for women and children who prefer low-profile pillows. How about gifting the luxurious coziness of SIGNIEL Bedding to the special someone you are grateful to?
ALL THAT HOTEL Greeting Card & Cloth Wrapping
올댓호텔 연하장과 보자기 포장

[Greeting Card]
• Envelope Size: 18 X 12cm
• Inner: 12 x 11.5cm
• Color: White

[Double-Layer Silk Cloth]
• Size: 175 x 175cm
• Color: Blue Green/Ivory
“Greetings to Special Ones, and Wrapping That Adds Value to Gift”
Exchanging greeting cards celebrating the New Year is a time-honored culture in most nations. These days with fewer paper cards being sent out, a greeting card expressing gratitude with hand-written messages is much more meaningful than ever before. ALL THAT HOTEL Greeting Cards for 2020 feature a plum blossom theme taken from the rooms at SIGNIEL SEOUL. The plum blossom is the perfect background for New Year's greetings as it is the first of the Four Gracious Plants to bloom in early spring despite the lingering cold weather. The sender can choose to have his or her name printed on the envelope.
A cloth wrapping is an ideal choice to add more elegance to a gift and express the sincerity of the giver. ALL THAT HOTEL’s Lunar New Year Edition uses the ALL THAT HOTEL signature cream-colored gift box and a silky cloth to wrap around the box. The moment your special someone receives the large gift carefully covered with a delicate blue-green cloth, your sincerity will also be delivered.
Additional Option – SIGNIEL Diffuser W.I.Wood
시그니엘 디퓨저

[SIGNIEL Diffuser W.I.Wood]
• Types: Main floral scent, sub woody scent
• Top note: Calabrian Bergamot (pear-shaped orange from trees in the Mediterranean), Mediterranean lemon 
• Middle note: Jasmine
• Base note: White amber, blonde wood, musk
• Volume: 200mL
• Components: Diffuser container, refill container, lead, lead bag, case
“Welcoming the New Year with Scents of Trees, Fruits and Flowers”
'A Walk in the Woods,' the name of the scent for the SIGNIEL diffuser, offers a unique and luxurious scent that lends the delicate aroma of trees, refreshing fruits and flowers. You can enjoy its fragrance in the lobby, lounge and guestrooms at SIGNIEL SEOUL. 
※ The SIGNIEL Diffuser can be purchased separately at SIGNIEL SEOUL Lounge (79th floor).
※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Customer service center phone number: +82-2-759-7700, Customer service center business hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-17:00 (Closed on weekends & holidays and between 12:00-13:30)

Behind Story

Where “Lunar New Year’s Edition” is, SIGNIEL SEOUL Korean Suite Room
코리안 스위트 룸

Seoul’s true landmark is without doubt LOTTE World Tower. SIGNIEL SEOUL is located in the tower and has been acknowledged, since its opening, as Korea’s leading luxury six-star hotel by local and international experts and customers. Although SIGNIEL SEOUL is known as the best hotel in the country, not many people know that it offers “Korean Suite Room” inspired by the aesthetics of traditional Korean architecture.
The design of all guest rooms in SIGNIEL SEOUL were directed by world-renowned architectural firm Wilson Associates, with the exception of Korean Suite Room. It would have been impossible for a foreign design company, no matter how talented and famous it may be, to bring Korea’s traditional elements onto the design of a hotel room. That is why this special room was created by a renowned Korean expert in hotel design, who has a thorough understanding of our culture and sentiments. Here’s the introduction to SIGNIEL SEOUL Korean Suite Room, a traditional Korean guest room located at the highest altitude in the world.
January 2020 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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