[June 2020] SIGNIEL’s Bathroom edition
ALL THAT HOTEL, the premium hotel select shop, has gathered the best items you can experience from a hotel bathroom. In June, ALL THAT HOTEL will provide comfort with “SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition.”
The borderline from the start and the end to the day is in the bathroom. When you get up in the morning, you wake youself up by taking a shower and once you get back home, you put yourself in a bathtub filled with hot water to get rid of all you stress. In our lives in the city, where we sometimes need some time of our own, the bathroom itself can become our own space for rest. For that reason, the quality of your rest will change depending on what kind of stuff you fill up your bathroom with. In ALL THAT HOTEL’s June edition, we introduce the “SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition,” which will allow you to have a better quality of rest as well as starting and finishing up your day in a better mood.  “SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition” consists of one bathrobe, two SIGNIEL bath towels, SIGNIEL diffuser and Diptyque amenity as a gift. It costs 230,000 won.
※ ALL THAT HOTEL’s SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition is a limited edition where it’ll only be available from June 1 to June 30, 2020.
Composition of SIGNIEL Bathroom Edition
시그니엘 배스로브(1개) + 시그니엘 배스타월(2개) + 시그니엘 디퓨저(1개) + 딥디크 어메니티(1세트, 증정품) / 가격 23만 원(부가세 포함)

1 SIGNIEL bathrobe + 2 SIGNIEL bath towels + 1 SIGNIEL diffuser + 1 set of Diptyque amenity (as a gift) / total price: 230,000 won (including taxes)

※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)
SIGNIEL bathrobe & SIGNIEL bath towel


[SIGNIEL Bathrobe]
• Composition and mixture of fibre: 100% cotton
• Standard Size: 65cm x 120cm
• Weight: 1,250g
• Color: White
[SIGNIEL Bath towel]
• Composition and mixture of fibre: 100% cotton
• Standard Size: 75cm x 160cm
• Weight: 620g
• Color: White
“Bathrobe and bath towels needed for a luxurious rest”
If you can remember the cozy texture of a nice and thick bathrobe when you stayed at a hotel, this item might be more welcoming. The first item of SIGNIEL bathroom edition is “SIGNIEL bathrobe.” The SIGNIEL bathrobe, which can cozily wrap up your body, can allow you to continue your rest in the room. Along with the bathrobe is the “SIGNIEL bath towel.” SIGNIEL’s bath towel, which is nice and thick, is fully made of cotton. Not only does it have a great texture, it’s also made of the best quality where it absorbs and releases the water well. Since it’s big enough, it can cover up your entire body. 

How to fold bathrobe and bath towel pretty © LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS

SIGNIEL diffuser W.I.Wood
시그니엘 디퓨저

[SIGNIEL diffuser W.I.Wood]
• Affiliation: Main Floral, Sub Woody
• Top note: Calabrian’s bergamot (Mediterranean tree where it grows pear-shaped oranges), Mediterranean region lemon
• Middle note: Jasmine
• Base note: White amber, Blonde wood, Musk
• Capacity: 200ml
• Composition: Diffuser container, refill container, lid, lid envelope and a case
“Fragrance that will make you feel relaxed”
Enjoy the great scent that is being used at SIGNIEL SEOUL’s lobby, lounge, rooms and in all the other spaces. Under the name of ‘A Walk in the Woods,’ the SIGNIEL diffuser has a scent of delicate trees, fresh flowers and fruits. The combination of these scents provides a unique but luxurious scent. It’s a scent that goes along well all year round and the luxurious feeling of rest that you’ve enjoyed at SIGNIEL SEOUL can be experienced at your home as well.
※ SIGNIEL diffuser can be purchased seperately at the 79th floor of SIGNIEL SEOUL Lounge.
Diptyque amenity set, a special gift in June
딥디크 어메니티 세트

[Diptyque amenity set]
• Composition: Shampoo (75ml), Conditioner (75ml), Shower Gel(75ml), Body lotion (75ml), Soap (28g)
Along with the SIGNIEL Bathroom edition, ALL THAT HOTEL has prepared a special gift, Diptyque amenity set of five that is only provided at SIGNIEL SEOUL’s royal and presidential suites. To all the customers who purchase SIGNIEL Bathroom edition, Diptyque amenity sets will be provided. Diptyque is a French niche perfume brand that uses only the best ingredients to provide the classy scent. Its hair care product has a fresh citrusy scent while its body products leaves a rich aroma scent of the orange flower. On a special day in your daily life, Diptyque amenity set may be a great present.
※ ALL THAT HOTEL selections are available for purchase and delivery only in Korea. Inquiry:, Business Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00~17:00 (closed on weekends and holidays)


Time spent at home
집에서 보내는 시간

Nowadays, the time you stay at home and the time you spend taking care of your home have gotten longer. How can you spend these time better? ALL THAT HOTEL is a premium hotel select shop service where the products are introduced and curated by the specialists of each area. From ALL THAT HOTEL’s interviews of the LOTTE HOTEL’s specialists since July 2019, we’ve finally got the answers from the interview. 
June 2020 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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