The trophy wall displaying trophies won by HYBE artists

HYBE INSIGHT, Entertainment beyond Music
We felt this place transcended the conventional definition of a museum or a gallery. HYBE INSIGHT has been built to show everything that happens within the realms of ‘music,’ be it rhythm, lyrics, melody, choreography, work put in by artists and the fruits that they enjoy.
“HYBE INSIGHT is a place where HYBE artists and fans get to interact through the medium of music, under HYBE’s mission statement, ‘We Believe in Music.’ It’s a museum that lets you enjoy music in ways that didn’t exist before.”
When Big Hit Entertainment changed its name to HYBE, ‘music’ was singled out as the most important keyword. It seemed to be an obvious path for a music agency, but that approach implied numerous messages and objectives. HYBE didn’t want to just focus on artists’ personality, music and performances themselves, but wanted to convey to the audience the true meaning of their music and all the experience necessary to complete the creative process. HYBE INSIGHT, which opened last month, is the perfect encapsulation of that drive by HYBE. For one, it’s a massive place, covering 4,700㎡ of space on two underground floors. And HYBE INSIGHT just screams entertainment, allowing visitors to imagine through music and to stimulate all of their senses. It doesn’t stop at showcasing HYBE’s biggest acts, such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, TOMORROW X TOGETHER and ENHYPEN; it shows you how they approach music and interact with their fans, and how we can enjoy music in different ways. HYBE INSIGHT operates under three keywords: sound, movement and story.
지하 2층 하이브 인사이트 입구로 가는 길

Path leading to ‘Intro’ at HYBE INSIGHT

Are You Ready to Enjoy Music?
If you go past the networking lounge on the second underground floor and walk toward the ‘Intro’, you will be met with light and sound that will make you feel as though you’re getting sucked into space. You’re naturally connected to the large portal that is ‘music.’ This floor focuses mostly on production of music. In an animated clip, CEO Bang Si-hyuk and senior producer Pdogg discuss ‘Mic Drop’ by BTS. You get to have a closer look at actually mixing and mastering process. ‘Studio 360’ is a fascinating feature. It’s made up of 360-degree, panoramic photos of studios for five artists: Pdogg, Pledis Entertainment producer Bumzu, and RM, SUGA and j-hope of BTS. Photos are so vivid that you’ll feel like you’re actually inside these studios. And they seem to reflect artists’ personalities and tastes. On four touch-screen monitors, you can move around and look at speakers, amps, keyboards, drum pads, mixers and audio interfaces from different angles.
소리를 주제로 사운드를 만드는 프로듀서와 아티스트들의 이야기를 담은 공간

A portal themed on Sound, featuring stories of producers and artists

Different Displaying Styles and Technology
The flow of the exhibition and the way visitors view each display follow the latest trend in design and art exhibitions. BTS single ‘On’ is dissected in infographic that shows visitors how a song is constructed. NU’EST’s ‘Bet Bet’ and BTS’ ‘Fake Love’ are presented with stem files and mini sequencers. You can touch the sequencers to see different layers of the songs. In a section built on ‘movement,’ a series of photos taken using chronophotography technique are shown on a light box. These photos capture different phases of dance moves, and allow us to see subtle details of choreography.
아티스트들의 역동적인 움직임. 음악에 대한 몸의 표현으로서 춤을 새로운 시각으로 경험할 수 있다.

Dynamic movements by artists. Bodily expressions of music allow you to experience dance from a fresh perspective.

아티스트들이 무대 위에서 착용했던 실제 의상과 소품 등을 전시한 뮤직 랩

The music lab with costumes and accessories worn by artists on stage

Advanced technologies also dominate ‘Ways of Listening’ on the first underground floor. Music is presented a wide variety of spectrum, not just as something to be enjoyed as auditory or visual elements. Wavelengths of different songs are interpreted in neon lights. You can listen to music on touch speakers that create vibrations with wooden structures. Go check out works of graphic art on music notes, or touch Braille notes, too. The BTS song ‘Euphoria’ has inspired a scent that fills the space. A motion interactive space plays dance videos. Settings from music videos have been recaptured in a small-scale diorama. Everything will echo in the room called Echo, and every sound disappears in the room named Silence. Each section will stimulate your senses, be they your vision, hearing, smell or feel, as if you’re under a spell. It will even awaken senses that we didn’t know we had.
모바일 디바이스를 이용해 리듬 게임 형식의 콘텐츠를 즐길 수 있다.

You can enjoy content in a rhythm game format using mobile devices.

스토리를 중심으로 콘텐츠를 전개한 공간

A section with content showing stories

색다른 청각적 경험과 명상의 시간을 제공하는 무반향실

‘Silence’ room, providing you with unique auditory experience and time for meditation

HYBE Music, Incredibly Immersive
HYBE Music, the space connecting the two floors, is the highlight of HYBE INSIGHT. It traces the history of the agency and commemorates accomplishments by its artists through their blood, sweat and tears. And fans get to celebrate, too. The 8.5-meter trophy wall and the large screen that stretch over the whole space are almost overwhelming. Watching successful HYBE artists on the screen will make you appreciative of their achievements, even if you may not be their fans.
하이브 레이블 아티스트들의 활동과 업적을 드라마틱하게 선보이는 하이브 뮤직

HYBE Music showcasing achievements of HYBE artists in dramatic fashion

8.5m 높이의 대형 트로피 월

The 8.5 meter-high trophy wall

BTS, Comfort Offered by Seven Young Men
HYBE INSIGHT has set aside space on the first underground floor for two special exhibitions per year. These will be done through collaboration between HYBE’s acts and popular Korean and international artists.
제임스 진과 협업한 <일곱 소년의 위로> 전시장 전경

제임스 진과 협업한 <일곱 소년의 위로> 전시장 전경

< Seven Phases >, collaboration with James Jean

The exhibition marking the opening of HYBE INSIGHT is titled < Seven Phases > by the emerging visual artist, James Jean. The work features illustrations of each member of the group as seen through Jean’s eyes, and also a piece titled ‘Garden,’ which offers a unique reinterpretation of messages from BTS’ music. The seven members are depicted as spirits of flowers that signify the permanence of life. The seven spirits portrayed in brilliant colors are: Moonchild (RM, guardian of the night), Narcissus (Jin, fundamental beauty), MeowTide (SUGA, the strength of courage), Solaria (j-hope, the source of light), Champignon (Jimin, the beginning of life), Violane (V, the mysterious purple jewel) and Cottentail (Jung Kook, the being that spreads happiness). Jean also included sketches inspired by BTS and woodcarving installations with characters accentuating distinct features of each member. They help visitors better appreciate the exhibition as a whole. The ‘Artist Docent’ service, whereby the guide is provided in the voice of artists, is also available. Download the mobile app and choose your artist. You’ll feel like you’re enjoying the exhibition right next to your favorite artist.
아티스트들의 앨범이 작품처럼 진열되어 있는 아우트로

‘Outro,’ highlighted with artists’ albums

B1-B2, HYBE Yongsan, 42 Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Operating Days Tuesday~Sunday (Closed on Mondays. Open on weekends and holidays)
Opening Hours 11:00~21:00 (Gates close at 18:55. Shorter hours during COVID-19 pandemic)
* 2-hour limit for viewing
Admission ‘Basic (22,000 won)’ or ‘Photo Ticket (25,000 won)’ 
How to Visit Download mobile tickets in QR code form from HYBE INSIGHT website( or HYBE INSIGHT mobile app

Video clips © HYBE INSIGHT

July 2021 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Writer:Oh Sanghee
Cooperation: HYBE INSIGHT

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  • Editor: Kim Hyewon
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  • Cooperation: HYBE INSIGHT
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