Cocktail Glasses Carry Nature
The cocktail glasses created by Chaoran of SIGNIEL BUSAN in collaboration with artist Gu Sena have dreamy, fairy-tale designs.
There are several reasons for the popularity of SIGNIEL BUSAN, one of the leading luxury hotels in the port city of Busan. Together with the finest interior design that looks both elegant and stylish, the hotel offers a breathtaking ocean view from Haeundae, an infinity pool, and trendy restaurants.

Inside Chaoran, a throwback to the early 1900s Hong Kong

Nature-Inspired Cocktail Glasses
Full of the 1920s’ Hong Kong vibe, modern Chinese restaurant Chaoran serves a variety of dishes as well as dim sum and tea in the day, but transforms into a bar where you can enjoy cocktails in the evening.
Cocktails are often “enjoyed with the eyes, felt through the scent, and completed by the flavor.” Thanks to the six pieces of cocktail glasses recently designed via collaborative work between artist Gu Sena and Chinese restaurant Chaoran, the cocktail selection at Chaoran became impeccable. That is, the evening of Chaoran has been completed.

Imaginative pieces by Gu Sena

Gu is a ceramic artist known for her ceramic and glass ware and objects. Acclaimed for her depiction of natural colors and forms via her creations, Gu frequently travels back and forth between Korea and Europe. She has successfully held exhibitions in various countries including Korea, Germany, China, and the UK. Last year in particular, over 60 pieces of work and drawings borrowing the nature motif such as flowers and birds were featured at her solo exhibition entitled “Viva La Vida”, becoming the talk of the town. The lemon-shaped squeezer, cauliflower-inspired jug, and stump-looking vase received favorable reviews lauding how her works “look closely at the minute details in nature.” Gu has collaborated with several fashion and living brands with a strong identity.

Mini Interview with Artist Gu Sena
We asked Gu about her perceived image of Chaoran and the  motifs used in her glass design.

Q. We’d like to know what your first impression was of SIGNIEL BUSAN and Chaoran.
A. The ocean viewed through the window at SIGNIEL BUSAN pacified my mind. With regard to Chaoran, I felt like I had walked into a Hong Kong movie. At the same time, I was impressed how the restaurant’s cozy atmosphere made me forget the reality and imagine a time travel.

Q. Can you tell us about how you’ve completed the cocktail glass design for Chaoran? What did you prioritize while working on them?
A. I heard ‘chaoran’ means ‘superior and composed.’ So I wanted to convey the supernatural illusion and uniqueness of the place in my design. I wondered what it would be like to deviate from the regular glass shapes commonly used and rather add fairy-tale, seemingly-animate objects. I wanted to infuse the inspirations I got from nature into the design that blends in with the rest of the surroundings. The beautiful curve of the waves, freshness of fruits, friendliness of birds and childlike innocence are all projections of the feelings nature brings forth.

Q. The colors used in your glass designs are quite interesting.
A. I’ve completed the design using red, gold, green, and black that I thought would go well with Chaoran. I wanted to make cocktail glasses that could help customers who visit Chaoran forget their problems for a while and enjoy their time at the restaurant.

Pieces that appear to be part of nature

Q. Where do you usually find inspiration for your creative works?
A. I often find inspiration in nature. I’m also interested in today’s rapidly-advancing technology, and I sometimes try to apply it to my work and expand my expression. Nowadays environmental issues and COVID-19 led me to think again about the fundamental purpose of making art and the role of creators. I think all of those observations and contemplation inspire my work.

Q. Do you like to travel? Where is your favorite travel destination?
A. In fact, I was a very shy person that I didn’t like going to unfamiliar places. Some time ago, however, I got to understand the fun in seeing beautiful things, feeling and tasting new things. Then travel became fun as well. Travel always makes your heart go pit-a-pat as you get to be in a different climate, enjoy the atmosphere and colors unique to each country, and experience the characteristics and beautiful things there. Because I worked on my art while studying in England, I have many memories of London.

Q. Do you often find inspiration while traveling? Or would you rather choose to relax and unwind completely?
A. I would say I get inspired when I’m totally relaxed. Naturally, you need to empty yourself to accept new ideas, and they essentially become your own.

Body parts and animals can inspire art.

Q. Your works depict shapes of animals or parts of the human body for a surreal, fairy-tale effect. What do you intend to achieve through such a design?
A. I didn’t make them with any intention, but hearing what you’ve just said, I’m quite surprised and glad that my message was delivered somehow. I like watching Tim Burton movies. I particularly like the sensibility and message in . When I focus on my work and imagining, that’s probably the purest, most surreal moment for me. I love that kind of imagination and sensation. In it, I sometimes recall long-lost memories or dream of a beautiful fantasy, and sometimes I find myself being healed. I believe art can have a life when it carries warm emotions which get across to the spectator. 

At Chaoran, the ‘Signature Cocktail’ event is ongoing at the moment, offering a chance to enjoy special cocktail glasses Gu collaboratively created with Chaoran and a series of signature cocktails made by professional mixologists at Chaoran. Five signature cocktails by the name of Choyeon, Golden Gate Bridge, Lespoir, Bijeok, and Yeonhae are served in the piece of art created by Gu Sena.

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April 2022 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Gu Sena

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