Feel the Colors!
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL has opened the Coloring Lounge, a creative playground for families traveling with children.
Let’s Doodle
Doodling is the act of writing or sketching aimlessly, known as scribbling. There is no restriction as to the form or method of scribbling. Sometimes, scribbles can be art and entertainment.
In the past few years while the global community was fighting the pandemic and going out was not always an option for everybody, some designers and artists would fill empty walls or large paper with simple patterns, shapes, and drawings as if to record their stream of consciousness, as a way to walk away from the boredom and lethargy we all experienced. Some works drew a great deal of attention on social media, offering consolation and pleasure, albeit through the internet, to those who no longer had freedom to move around.
Doodling is a fun activity for not just grown-ups but children as well, as it helps them feel more engaged and motivated to express their creativity. That is, as long as they are provided with a good setting where they can be as free and careless as they can be.

Designed Exclusively for Doodlers
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL has prepared a space in the hotel where children can have a free reign in doodling. The opening of the kids’ lounge took into consideration that, amid the continuing ‘gold kid’ trend in which parents do not hesitate to spend money for their single child, the hotel booking data showed a near three-fold increase in the number of families going on ‘facance’(family+hotel+vacation) as of May 2022 compared to last year.
Located on the 22nd floor of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Main Tower, the Finger Garden Coloring Lounge is designed with an emphasis on kid-friendly elements, in partnerships with Finger Garden, a children’s art supply brand, and Ecobirdy, a children’s furniture brand focusing on upcycling. Kid-size tables and chairs, as well as various plush dolls and toys help make the space fun and safe for participating children.

Children can have a special experience of coloring on three-dimensional patterns with crayons. The crayon products by Finger Garden have diverse shapes including those of various flowers and leaves, instead of conforming to the regular stick shape. Such exceptional designs drew attention from parents looking to help develop children’s cognitive development and creativity. In the lounge, there are a few photography spots encouraging families to take photos with a large-size Lonnie bear or in front of the windows decorated with crayons. The space presents all kinds of colors and cute details that it would be hard to resist sharing your child’s photos with friends on social media. The newly-open Finger Garden Coloring Lounge is often filled with smiles and laughs from the parents who are delighted to see their children happy and artistic.
The Coloring Lounge will be open for free through September 30 to all hotel guests from 8am to 8pm everyday.

Location LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Main Tower 22F Lounge
Duration May 2-September 30, 2022
Eligibility LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL guests
June 2022 Editor:Lee Hyunjung
Cooperation: LOTTE HOTELS

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