2019 K-Beauty Must-Haves
“K-Beauty” is on the list of keywords describing the Korean Wave (Hallyu) trends of 2019. With Korea’s beauty industry expected to show even stronger growth after surpassing $13 billion (equivalent of 14.7 trillion Korean won) in market value last year, we introduce you to a list of shopping items you must keep in mind if you travel to Korea.
Korean actors and actresses showing off their radiant skin in popular Hallyu dramas and K-pop idol groups that have gained global fame, including BTS and Blackpink, have dramatically boosted the level of interest on Korean culture in the international market. That interest has also led to the popularity of cosmetic products developed by Korean brands, whose success made a notable impact on the global beauty market. It is not an overstatement to say that Korean women’s beauty routine is now believed by the global community to be the secret to having clean, well-hydrated skin. Even a female lawmaker in another country posted an article about the K-beauty trend. At present, Korean cosmetics brands are actively promoting themselves, either by targeting overseas customers from the brand launching or by participating in global beauty fairs. Among them are Huxley Cosmetics, with over 40 online and offline stores in 18 countries including the United States and Japan; Yunjac with formulas using herbal ingredients that appeal to the overseas market; and Cremorlab which recorded a sharp increase in sales after recommendation by a famous Chinese content creator. Here is the list of K-beauty brands and products that we recommend, without reservation, to visitors coming to Korea for their unregrettable shopping experience.

1Huxley Oil Essence


Cosmetics brand Huxley has been in spotlight in domestic and overseas markets even before launching. Using the prickly pear seed oil, Huxley’s Oil Essence featuring the optimal balance of oil and essence has drawn attention and popularity with its rich nourishment and fast absorption. 30ml, KRW43,000, Huxley

2O HUI The First Geniture Ampoule Oil


The First Geniture Ampoule Oil by O HUI helps remove the dead skin cells and strengthen the skin barrier using a hypoallergenic amino acid peeling technology. 40ml, KRW180,000, O HUI

3Yunjac Whole Plant Effect Concentrate


The Yunjac Whole Plant Effect Concentrate protects the skin from within by fortifying the skin density using the concentrated energy from the sprouting, growing, and blooming of a whole plant. 75ml, KRW115,000, Yunjac

4Donginbi 1899 Signature Oil


The 1899 Signature Oil by Donginbi contains red-ginseng oil of high purity to have anti-aging effect on the deep wrinkles. 1899 Signature Oil, 25g, KRW180,000, Donginbi

5Age 20s White Synergy Ampoule Cream


Popular among foreign tourists looking to buy whitening care products in Korea, Age 20s’s White Synergy Ampoule Cream is a gel moisturizer offering skin hydration, whitening and tone-up effects. 50ml, KRW55,000, Age 20s

6Cremorlab Eau Thermale Cushion Dazzling Therapy


For easy-to-use cushion foundation, Cremorlab’s Eau Thermale Cushion Dazzling Therapy SPF 50+ PA3+++ restores the natural glow of the skin and gives a more transparent, lustrous look. 15g x 2ea, KRW42,000, Cremorlab
March 2019 Editor:Ha Jaekyung
Writer:Kim Hyunju
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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  • March 2019
  • Editor: Ha Jaekyung
    Writer: Kim Hyunju
  • Photographer: Park Sungyoung
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