Eating Meat Ethically in New York
The interest in animal welfare and sustainable food taken by New Yorkers is now extending into a global trend of ethical meat eating.
According to Greenpeace, industrial livestock agriculture accelerates climate change. If left unchecked, agriculture will account for over 50 percent of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, 70 percent of which will come from the meat and dairy sector. Currently, there are 40,000 lions and half a million elephants on earth, drawing a sharp contrast to the 1 billion pigs, 1.5 billion cattle, and some 20 billion poultry raised on livestock farms. Methane produced by 1.5 billion cows generates a larger greenhouse effect than the combined emissions of carbon dioxide from all automobiles, trains, and planes on earth. Raising livestock for meat consumption and producing dairy products are an important aspect of our lives. However, it is also true that an overzealous meat diet leads to massive animal waste from large-scale farms, contaminating the planet’s water, causing climate change, and damaging the environment.
Methane produced by 1.5 billion cows generates a larger greenhouse effect than the combined emissions of carbon dioxide from all automobiles, trains, and planes on earth.
That’s not all. In order to meet growing demand, many meat suppliers are practicing factory farming methods, where animals are crammed into tiny pens and cages to churn out meat, eggs, and milk. Raised in these high-stress settings, the animals grow a tendency to attack each other. To avoid potential damage to their products, factory farms often cut off the beaks of poultry and the teeth and tail of pigs. Antibiotics are injected into the animals at factory farms to maintain their weight in a highly unhygienic environment, and growth hormones are given to dairy cows to increase the production of milk. These animals, solely raised for consumption, are sick. It can’t be good for the human body, either. Concerns over factory farming have been voiced for quite some time now, but the reliance on this controversial system is still high, with over 90 percent of  U.S. meat production depending on factory farms.
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Meat Hook serves produce from farms with healthy soil and pastures © Meat Hook

This is why we must consider animal welfare and sustainable food options. Not just for animals or the environment, but for human health, ethical meat eating is necessary. In New York, the awareness of these circumstances has led to a culture prioritizing animal welfare and the use of local food products for a few years now. Having great interest in their community as well as the environment, New Yorkers are often willing to pay extra for the consumption of products that have been vetted as ethically grown or made. They prefer meat from farmers who are against animal cruelty even if it means more money out of their pocket. This also means it has become easier to locate products such as grass-fed meat or butter and cage-free eggs in supermarkets and restaurants in the city. There are now quite a few boutique butcher shops selling meat from animals that have been raised happily in a carefree environment, slaughtered ethically, and utilized from head to tail so no parts go wasted. These shops, often offering both butchery and restaurant services, enable healthy meat eating by consuming whole livestock without waste and promote eco-friendly farming methods.
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© Meat Hook

Not just for animals or the environment, but for human health, ethical meat eating is necessary.

1Marlow & Sons

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Food from Marlow & Sons © Mel Barlow

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Marlow & Daughters, selling ham, chorizo and sausage © Mel Barlow

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Outside Marlow & Daughters © Mel Barlow

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Inside Marlow & Daughters © Mel Barlow

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Marlow & Sons is a local restaurants loved by New Yorkers. The diner became a staple in the community not only because of the fine taste and low prices of the food on its menu. Marlow & Sons supports animal welfare and only uses ethically produced meat for dishes. Their meat supply comes from local farms in the state of New York and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania and New England. The restaurant stocks grass-fed meats on a regular basis, including beef, lamb, chicken, duck and rabbits, maintaining a close working partnership with the providers. A block away from the diner sits Marlow & Daughters, a butcher shop selling meat and prepackaged meat items such as charcuterie, including hams, chorizos, and sausages that are all made using ethically-grown livestock.

Address 81 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11249
Phone +1-718-384-1441

2The Meat Hook

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Meat Hook © Meat Hook

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Meat being butchered © Meat Hook

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Assorted local ingredients © Meat Hook

“In a traditional grocery store, approximately 10 cents of every dollar actually makes it back to the farm, the rest being absorbed by multinational corporations trying to cheapen meat by producing it in a factory-like setting. We want what we do to benefit those who work with the farms.” As can be seen in their mission statement, the Meat Hook puts a great deal of effort into fostering partnerships with selected local farms that value soil health and pastureland. Part of their profits actually goes toward sponsoring small farms. They rely on their skilled butchers to cut up premium-grade beef from local farms in upstate New York for various meat dishes such as steaks and stews. Apart from meat, they also sell locally-produced eggs, chicken broth, beef stock, cream cheese, milk, vegetables, and even hot sauce, all of which are also available through their online shop. They even hold butchering classes where you can experience the profession. To have a taste of dishes cooked with meat from the Meat Hook, go to the Meat Hook at Threes, located inside Threes Brewing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Address 397 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone +1-718-609-9300

3Honest Chops

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Honest Chops Butchery © Honest Chops

어니스트 찹스

어니스트 찹스

You can enjoy food made of Honest Chops Butchery's meat at Burgers by Honest Chops © Honest Chops

Three friends from Muslim countries-Russell, Khalid, and Bassam-joined hands to open both a butcher shop and a burger place in New York City. They slaughter locally-grown meat and provide prepared meat products at Honest Butchery located in the East Village, while offering burgers cooked with their meat at Burgers by Honest Chops in the West Village. Selling only local and organic meat, butchered ethically in accordance with Islamic guidelines, they fully disclose the origin and slaughtering process of their meat. The name “Honest Chops” also signifies their support of Islamic philosophy promoting ethical and healthy consumption. The shop features various meat parts, including filet mignon, NY strip steak, and brisket, as well as beef bones and processed items like sausages. You can order through their online site and have it delivered straight to your doorsteps at a pre-arranged time.

Address 99 MacDougal St., New York, NY 10012, Burgers by Honest Chops
Phone +1-212-677-2110
April 2019 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Writer:Oh Youngjei

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