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Luxury at its finest with all the options you need. Let LOTTE HOTEL weddings give you the most special day of your life.
Although these days people have the freedom to have whatever wedding they want, if you’re still looking for that fairytale day you’ve dreamt of since you were a child, a hotel wedding might be the best choice for you. You might think where you hold your wedding can’t make that much difference, but often the smallest details end up being the most important things. Here are the reasons why the four wedding venues at LOTTE HOTEL are so special.


Down to the smallest details
If a couple is looking for the perfect wedding, every little detail matters. SIGNIEL SEOUL’s SIGNIEL wedding is the perfect choice for couples stressing about the small details. Globally recognized event designer Kristin Banta and Michelin three-star chef Yannick Alleno will create a beautiful wedding that is close to perfect.

A table with gorgeous floral arrangements

Reception bar

Most of the concepts and details at SIGNIEL weddings have been created in collaboration with Banta. She is one of the best event designers in the world, having hosted everything from hollywood star’s weddings to luxurious brand parties and more. Working with SIGNIEL wedding, Banta suggests the most elegant and luxurious wedding. The cream-tone ballroom has gold and golden onyx design highlights, designed with the intention of creating a special wedding that tells the story of the actual bride and groom, not just an impersonal pre-packaged traditional ceremony. Banta’s styling reflects every little detail of the bride and the groom’s taste.
As a top class hotel wedding, SIGNIEL also goes beyond a regular wedding menu. Based on the world class star chef Yannick Alleno’s creativity, accuracy, boldness, inspiration and sensibility, he has recreated a traditional French-style menu. SIGNIEL wedding is the only place in Asia where Alleno’s special ending menu is available. The menu, which combines luxury and sensibility, has upgraded the wedding experience even further. Wedding planning isn’t the only time the details matter — the smallest touches included in Alleno’s menu will keep guests excited until the last bite.

Floral decoration in beautiful pink

Menu, plates and flatware

Alleno’s dishes are served in Bernardaud crockery, a luxurious French porcelain brand which was loved by European royalty, alongside cutlery from luxurious brand Robert Welch.
SIGNIEL SEOUL’s wedding hall has to be one of the highest in the world. It is located on the 76th floor, with Seoul’s skyline as a backdrop. As the room is covered in windows, the natural light will make the bride and groom shine brighter. The cloud-like white flower decoration and the 27-meter long aisle under a chandelier makes the bride look like she’s walking on the sky.

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LOTTE HOTEL WORLD’s Crystal Ballroom

All about the color
LOTTE HOTEL WORLD’s Atrium wedding has a classic atmosphere balanced with a modern edge. The theme of the wedding hall comes from the word “Atrium,” which was an open-roofed entrance hall or a central court of ancient Roman house used for ceremonies or events. The Atrium is not only suggests a special event like a wedding, but it also highlights the classy mood of the banquet rooms. The banquet hall is surrounded by fabric curtains and the shiny gold chandelier gives it a classical feel, but it could never be called old. In addition, the modern black aisle will allow the guests to focus on the couple.

LOTTE HOTEL WORLD’s Emerald Room and Sapphire Ballroom

An Atrium wedding has four main colors - glamorous gold, royal and romantic purple, purest white and refined and calming navy. Based on the couple’s choice, the decoration and the details of the wedding hall will also change. By choosing one of the main colors, the couple can create their own special wedding.

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LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Crystal Ballroom

A wedding hall that changes to suit the number of guests
Location and size tend to be the main standards when choosing a wedding hall. The LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL wedding, located in the center of Seoul, offers a luxurious style and, depending on the number of guests, they can choose the right wedding hall. The LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL has the “Crystal Ballroom,” which can hold up to 500 guests for a grand gala-like wedding and the “Sapphire Ballroom,” designed for 200 to 300 guests for a mid-size wedding. There are two other options for a small wedding called the “Emerald Room,” and the “Belle-Vue Suite,” for a more private ceremony.

Athene Garden. It serves as the waiting room for the bride for weddings at Crystal Ballroom.

Bellevue Suite, perfect for a small, private wedding

The famous Crystal Ballroom has a black aisle and black tables, making the bride and her wedding dress stand out even more. The Belle-Vue Suite is very popular with couples looking for a small and private wedding. Located on the 36th floor of the LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, the hall may be small, but has been designed down to the finest details. The hall can house up to 120 guests, with ceremonies and meals being held at the same time. The 36th floor location offers a view of Bukhansan and Namsan mountains during the ceremony. When ceremonies are scheduled at night, the night view of Seoul is even more impressive.

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A wedding hall with both indoor and outdoor option available
Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city in Vietnam and one of the most popular vacation sites for those who want a break from their tough daily lives. As a hotel that represents Ho Chi Minh City, LOTTE LEGEND HOTEL SAIGON is a place where you can enjoy the Saigon River and beautiful scenery at the same time. Not only that, it is also an ideal place to hold any kind of wedding that a couple can possibly dream of, as both indoor and outdoor ceremonies are available. It has a fancy Grand Ballroom that can hold up to 360 guests. Outdoor weddings can be held in a secret garden within the hotel or also available at an outdoor pool, the biggest and the most beautiful one in Ho Chi Minh City.

View of poolside wedding from above

Weddings of different concepts take place indoors and outdoors.

If a couple is dreaming of a romantic wedding in an exotic location, then a poolside or outdoor wedding in a garden might be just the thing. LOTTE LEGEND HOTEL SAIGON’s poolside and outdoor garden exudes an exotic atmosphere, filled with palm trees. It can hold up to 600 people or guests. When you make your wedding vows in the outdoor garden or next to the pool right at sunset, it can’t get any more romantic. That moment will not only be memorable to the couple but also remain as beautiful memories for guests who traveled there to celebrate.
One of the reasons the LOTTE LEGEND HOTEL SAIGON is so popular is its dining place, where chefs cook the best food from ingredients selected carefully. To ensure the goal of allowing the guest to experience the excellent taste of the food, they can never be careless with their menu for weddings. The team of talented chefs will offer various dishes from Asia and western cuisines, served with wine and champagne.

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February 2020 Editor:Kim Hyewon

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