The World’s best lifestyle shop finally opens in Seoul
Designed by Sir Terence Conran of UK in 1973, The Conran Shop has finally opened in Korea. Before the shop made its arrival in Korea, it was already open in the UK, France and Japan. The scale and everything about the store is above expectation.
If you’re interested in design, living and lifestyle, you’ve probably heard of his name at least once. Sir Terence Orby Conran is the most influential designer in the UK and was knighted in1983 by Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions in design and retailing. Having started his career as a furniture designer, under the goal of “modern design within reach of the general population,” he established “Habitat” in 1964, a lifestyle brand. The practical and affordably priced lifestyle products by Sir Conran gained big popularity and this led to the creation of The Conran Shop. In 1973, the first The Conran Shop opened in London. The store sold products from traditional lifestyle, furniture and various lifestyle products and become a premium lifestyle multi shop. Sir Conran’s belief and his taste that a good design will improve the quality of daily life has spread around the world quickly. Currently, there are 11 The Conran Shop being operated in the UK, France and Japan. On Nov. 15, 2019, The Conran Shop opened in Seoul. This became the fourth country and the 12th The Conran Shop in the world. But of all The Conran Shop, this one in Seoul is the biggest one yet.

Tableware displayed on the first floor of the Conran Shop


Home Decor section on the first floor


A matchbox with a cute drawing on top

Seoul’s The Conran Shop
From furniture by architects Charles Eames, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Carl Hansen and many more famous designers, there are about 300 premium living brand produces, including lights, tableware, perfume, fabric and many more.  After four long years of preparations, The Conran shop has opened at LOTTE Department Store in Gangnam. It has two different floors with an area of about 33,000 meters square. This is like a playground for adults. Under the concepts of “premium, luxury, high-end,” you can touch and experience all the lifestyle products at The Conran Shop.

The first floor of the Conran Shop



A shell chair by Carl Hansen & Son and a rug by Nanimarquina, both exclusively sold at the Conran Shop

The first floor, which is built like a laboratory, has home decoration products as well as bath and kitchen products. At one side of the shop, there’s the wall painting of English artist John Booth and the products made in collaboration with him are presented. The Conran Shop’s own brand is also prepared on the first floor, and to celebrate the opening of The Conran Shop in Seoul, you can also meet the “LSX Soundwave Edition,” which was designed by Sir Conran and UK’s high-end speaker brand KEF. But the real shopping starts on the second floor. The big furniture, lights, chair and bed are exhibited just like the hotel lounge. Depending on the furniture, they are created like a living room, office, or a bedroom. George Nelson’s bubble lamp, Louis Poulsen’s PH series, Artek and other lights are demonstrated in darker area. The shop also has a little section for books where they have art books, novels, essays and other genres.

The first floor of the Conran Shop


The second floor of the Conran Shop

At The Conran Shop, there’re products ranging from 1,000 won to furniture priced at 10 million won. For products where you need to pay close attention to, there are detailed explanation about the design which fulfills our curiosity. Just walking around the shop will excite your daily life. As our personal taste is the most important thing of all, just the fact that you can see different lifestyle products at one shop already gives you another reason to visit The Conran Shop.
Top 3 attractive areas at The Conran Shop

The VVIP room

1.VVIP Room, just like Sir Conran’s office
For customers who are purchasing higher priced furniture, the VVIP room on the second floor is used as their waiting room. It is designed just like Sir Conran’s office. It has a whiskey bar with whiskies that Sir Conran likes, books of Sir Conran, an objet and his signature furniture. It may make you feel like you’re taking a sneak peak at designer Sir Terence Conran.


Café Orby

2. Café Orby, where you can experience the brand
The first floor of The Conran Shop is feasted with the Conran Blue, which represents the shop. In between, there’s a place that catches everyone’s eyes with the red dotted pattern. It is Café Orby, which was created in collaboration between The Conran Shop and Taylor Coffee. Using Sir Conran’s middle name, the café is designed with Carl Hansen’s furniture and Nelson’s lights. Enjoy the luxury of sitting of Carl Hansen’s chair and try Taylor Coffee’s signature menu of cream mocha.


3. Instagramable bathroom
It may sound weird but The Conrad Shop’s bathroom or its powder room located on the second floor is another attraction to look out to. Just like the total area of the store, it also has a big bathroom and inside it, there’s a large space with chair, sofa and table. In each stalls in the bathroom is created in differed tile colors like orange and blue. You cannot miss it without taking an Instagram photo. The products that are in the bathroom are also on sale at the store.

A view of the Conran Shop

The Conran Shop
Address 401 Dogok-ro, Daechi 4(sa)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone +82-2-531-2591
March 2020 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Cooperation: The Conran Shop

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