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Hotel Room Unfolds Before Your Eyes
It is possible to enjoy the silky texture of hotel linens without staying at a hotel. Simply visit the he:on Premium Shop newly launched by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS.
If you can take home one thing from your hotel room as a souvenir, what would it be? There will be those who pick the hotel bedding set for their answer. If you have ever tried to find out what brand the mattress or pillow helped your sleep after waking up in a hotel room, you are likely one of them. “Sleeping is the cure” may sound like a cliche, but nobody argues that sleeping well is important in maintaining one’s body and mind healthy, as well as keeping calm throughout the day. People’s desire to have a good night’s sleep in a comfortable setting is growing bigger day by day, but it’s not an easy task to find a perfect fit to their needs. It is thus only natural that they wish to continue the perfect relaxation they had in a hotel room, even in their own home.
What he:on Premium Shop Offers
At he:on’s retail store, you can purchase the same mattress and linens used in LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS like you would buy a souvenir at a shop. The he:on Premium Shop presenting the he:on bedding set was opened on the first floor of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL this May. The luxury bed linens had been available exclusively online, but with the launch of its offline location, customers are now able to examine first-hand the premium bedding set that has received favorable evaluations from LOTTE HOTEL guests with regard to the quality of sleep it offers. The he:on Premium Shop offers a selection of the six-item bedding set which includes a duvet, a pair of pillows, and a bedsheet, along with three types of towels, two bathrobe designs, two sorts of floor mats, and a mattress and bed combo. Most recommended by the LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL employees is by far the bedding set. It consists of a duvet, a bedsheet, two pillows, two bath towels, and two face towels. The price is 2.8 million won for a king size, 2.6 million won and 2.4 million won for a queen and a single, respectively. With the hotel linens from a five-star hotel, you can enjoy the same level of classy comfort at home.
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He:on Premium Shop

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He:on bedding

롯데호텔서울 이그제큐티브 타워의 해온 프리미엄 베딩

He:on Premium Bedding at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Executive Tower

Top-Quality Sleep by he:on
In a literal sense, the word ‘he:on’ means “the sun that lights up the entire world.” Like the name indicating both the warmth of a motherly embrace caring for your fatigued body and soul and the shining sun overseeing the world, he:on products are designed to turn your bedroom into a cozy shelter. The covers of he:on bedding are made with the finest linen textile provided by Italian luxury linen brand Gastaldi with 120 years of tradition for its heavenly smoothness. The fabric is exceptional in its durability against abrasion, having used the top-quality Egyptian cotton. The superior sheen of their fabric also adds classiness to the he:on products. For towels and goose-feather items such as duvet inserts and pillow toppers, Turkey’s Bene La Vita is the provider. The company’s product line is known for its superior quality that promises zero irritation to even the most sensitive skin thanks to its quick-drying method, and can be found in luxury hotels around the world. The he:on bed and mattress combo was jointly developed with the Simmons Bedding Company. The double pocketed-coil mattress offers a firm support with each coil responding individually to the curves in your body, while the pillow top on the upper section of the mattress spreads your weight out evenly, which results in a comfortable bed experience and a quality sleep.

The he:on Premium Shop
1F LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, 30 Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-2-759-7531 (LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL he:on)
Hours 10:00-19:00 everyday
June 2020 Editor:Kim Hyewon

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