A healthy bowl, a nice bite after it
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL and LOTTE HOTEL JEJU has prepared health food and summer dessert festival. What kind of food will satisfy both the health and the taste?
1. Various health food at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, interest regarding one’s health and immunity has increased significantly. You need to maintain a healthy body to increase the level of immunity. At LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, there’s a Chinese restaurant called Toh Lim, Korean restaurant called Mugunghwa and Japanese restaurant called Momoyama. The health food prepared by these three restaurants will easily help you maintain healthy body. All three restaurants will have their food on-sale until August 31.

Toh Lim’s 'Chinese naengmyeon' has been a steady seller, a health food where it’s been requested by every season. Using hens, ducks, chicken feet, seafood soy sauce, black vinegar, to prevent diarrhea, and many other ingredients, their broth has been made by boiling it for over six hours. Along with the broth, they have the noodles. Above the noodles, it is decorated with abalone, shrimp, five spiced sliced steamed pork, duck egg, egg garnish and other seafood salads to complete the taste. Each bowl costs 38,000 won.

At LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Mugunghwa, they present their 'two sets of naengmyeon dishes,' cooked by chef Oh Tae-hyun, who has 30 years of experience. Using home-grown buckwheat from Bongpyeong, they make their noodles. The broth, which has been boiled for a long time using beef brisket, vegetables and fruits, is seasoned by natural soy sauce and salt so it tastes clean.
Their lunch set menu includes snacks between meals, bulgogi, naengmyeon, dessert and tea. It costs 73,000 won.

At LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Japanese restaurant Momoyama, they have their summer special health course. Their menu includes cold potato soup, avocado wrapped salmon and a clear soup made by pike conger, seasonal sashimi, eel crepe, Korean beef sous vide, and abalone cold bean noodle soup. It costs 190,000 won.

Address: 30 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Main Tower
Inquiries: , <LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Toh Lim +82-2-317-7101~2>, <LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Momoyama +82-2-317-7031~2>
Website: LOTTE HOTEL Dining

2. LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL X Acqua di Parma
Since last year, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL has become hugely famous by organizing a promotional dessert with world luxury brands like Moschino, Givenchy, Chantecaille and many more. This year, they will promote it with premium niche perfume brand called Acqua di Parma.
It’ll be presented at the Peninsula Lounge and Bar and the name of this summer’s promotional dessert is called '2020 Must be Tropical: The Perfume.'
The dessert has been made by bakery master Na Sung-joo, a gold medalist from IKA Culinary Olympics.

Acqua Tray is a two-person package where they can enjoy both the dessert and the shaved ice. The welcome dessert, which is three different types of jellies with flavors of coconut, lime meringue stick, green tea financier and basil champagne, is served on a yellow tray, using the Acqua di Parma’s uniquely designed bottle as its design. The moment you see the yellow color tray, it has the visual where it’ll just make you want to grab your phone and take photos.

A total of 14 dessert which includes sandwiches, blue-mellow jelly on top of lime mousse, puff pastry with pineapples and their mango vanilla custard cream, their unique dessert will make you feel just like the Mediterranean summer.
Including the shaved ice (flavor of mango or melon) the price of the dessert set is 67,000 won (for two-person).

Address: 30 Eulji-ro, Euljiro 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Main Tower
Inquiries: +82-2-317-7031
Website: LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Peninsula Lounge & Bar

3. LOTTE HOTEL JEJU, where it’s filled with Jeju’s dessert
Considering the Jeju Island’s characteristics, the most popular summer dessert at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU will be their signature shaved ice called 'Romance Frappe,' at the Peninsula. Using the highest quality of Jeju’s apple mango, the soft shaved ice and the visuality of well-bloomed rose, LOTTE HOTEL JEJU’s Romance Frappe remains as many customers’ life shaved ice dessert. There’s a reason behind it too. Along with the romance frappe, they provide mango puree, and the red beans, which is a must included in the shaved ice, as well as the cubed cheesecakes. Such dessert is on sale for only until August.
Starting last season the mini romance frappe has also been on sale. The regular costs 60,000 won while the mini-version costs 40,000 won.

Address: 35 jungmungwangwang-ro 72 beon-gil, Saekdal-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju
Inquiries: +82-64-731-4240
Website: LOTTE HOTEL JEJU Peninsula
July 2020 Editor:Jung Jaewook

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