Shopping at Art Museums
You’ve seen an art exhibition at a museum. You’ve had enough artistic inspirations. Then your next course of action is shopping. We’ve handpicked must-shop items from art shops at five museums and galleries in Seoul.
People head to the art shop at a museum when they are reluctant to go home after an exhibition because of a lasting impression. Art shops offer the easiest way to bring home the art you saw at the museum. They sell exhibition brochures and various signature goods that are released in time for new exhibitions. Sometimes those merchandise are so tempting that they make bigger headlines than the exhibition itself. Once an eco bag featuring a print of Paul McCartney and his family was a big hit and it was often spotted in the street. It was actually designed for the Linda McCartney photo exhibition. Art shops at a museum or gallery also deal with Korean cultural items. They guarantee a successful shopping trip if you are looking to buy some souvenirs from Korea or gifts for your foreign friends. Many of the goods focus on harmony between traditional and modern, with a uniquely Korean design. The shops also engage in collaborations with craft artists through the sale of their works or design of new products. If you need to have a fresh daily inspiration or an item with a uniquely Korean sentiment, here is the list of our Art Shop purchase recommendations for everybody.
1. National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA)
국립현대미술관 문방사우 키트

“The Modern and Contemporary Korean Writing” Four Treasures of the Study Kit
“The Modern and Contemporary Korean Writing” was an exhibition aimed at searching for the role and meaning of Korean calligraphy in the nation’s modern and contemporary art. Held at MMCA Deoksugung, it featured the works by the first-generation calligraphers in modern history of Korea, as well as various contemporary and design calligraphy works which have been evolving in diverse forms. ‘Four Treasures of the Study Kit’ will allow you to experience calligraphy directly, as it provides a writing brush, ink, inkstone, and memo pad neatly arranged in a box made of Paulownia coreana tree. KRW52,000.
국립현대미술관 마그넷

국립현대미술관 아트 프린트, 플레이트

“MMCA Collection Highlights 2020+” Magnet, 4 Types
Collecting is an inspirational act. Magnets are one of the more accessible collector’s items. If not during a trip, we can buy magnets as souvenirs pretty much anywhere. At ‘Art Zone’ located in MMCA Seoul, some artworks can be found on magnets. They are specially designed as part of the ongoing “MMCA Collection Highlights 2020+” exhibition. You can also own various paintings on display at MMCA in the form of a magnet. (Clockwise from top-left) Yun Hyong-keun ‘Umber-Blue(1973)’, Chang Uc-chin ‘The Village’, Kim Jong-tae ‘Woman Wearing a Yellow Blouse’, Yun Hyong-keun ‘Umber-Blue 82-86-32’, KRW7,000, each.

“MMCA Collection Highlights 2020+” Art Print & “Park Seo-bo: The Untiring Endeavorer” Plate, 4 Types
“MMCA Collection Highlights 2020+” focuses on some 50 iconic works by Korean artists since the modern era to present day, arranging them by period and characteristics. Artist Yun Hyong-keun’s 1982 work ‘Umber-Blue 82-86-32’ is also on display. Idol group BTS member RM is known to be a fan of Yun’s works. He reportedly visited the exhibition and stayed in front of ‘Umber-Blue 82-86-32’ for a long time. Now you can enjoy the famous painting at home by purchasing it in an art print form. Works by artist Park Seo-bo, who pioneered Korea’s contemporary abstract art, have been remade into plates. The practical goods were designed as part of a retrospective exhibition titled “Park Seo-bo: The Untiring Endeavorer.” Simply by placing the plates on the dining table, your daily life can be made more beautiful. Art print of Yun Hyong-keun’s ‘Umber-Blue 82-86-32,’ KRW38,000. (Frame is not included.) Park Seo-bo’s ‘Ecriture No. 160928’ Square and Rectangular plates, ‘Ecriture No. 41-75’ Square and Rectangular plates, KRW35,000, each.
MMCA 비치 타월과 버킷 햇

MMCA Beach Towel & Bucket Hat
In addition to the exhibition-related products, MMCA offers various museum goods including stationery, accessories, and living items that use designs representing the identity and symbolism of MMCA. Recently it showcased fabric products by reinterpreting the existing identity of the museum. ‘MMCA Beach Towel’ features a design mixing the museum identity colors and motifs and has a good length and weight to carry around, while the vivid color scheme is decorative. ‘MMCA Bucket Hat’ has the museum keyword printed on its brim and comes in two sizes for adults and children. MMCA Beach Towel in Blue, KRW32,000. MMCA Adult Bucket Hat, KRW42,000. MMCA Kids Bucket Hat, KRW40,000.
MMCA Seoul Art Zone
MMCA Seoul, 30 Samcheong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Phone +82-2-3701-9871
Homepage shop)
2. Arumjigi
아름지기 노방 봉지

Nobang Bags & Hanji Table Mat
Arumjigi is a non-profit organization seeking to put the beauty and value of Korean traditional culture into proper use in the present age while promoting it to the world. Since 2004, the organization has held special exhibitions themed on the necessities of life, and also has been working on a design project reinterpreting Korean traditional items for modern use. ‘Nobang Bag’ is one of the products made with such ideas. It is a multi-use bag intended to reduce the use of plastic bags. Nobang, a type of silk yarn originally used to make hanbok, was used. The range of color choices is quite big with a variety of uncommon shades such as rose, jade, and sulfite. ‘Hanji Table Mat’ has the beautiful tone and texture of traditional Korean paper. The edges were handsewn for a natural-looking finish and the fabric surface was coated for waterproofing using a lacquer-varnishing method. Five colors are available. Nobang Bag, KRW24,000, 1set(3ea). Hanji Table Mat, KRW16,000, each.
방짜 백동 트레이

Bangjja Nickel Tray
This is a nickel tray made with Korea’s unique Bangjja method in which melted copper and tin gets pounded with a hammer into shape. It can be used either as a desk organizer to place pens or a napkin holder for the dining table. KRW95,000.

Arumjigi Art Shop
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3. National Museum of Korea
국립중앙박물관 기념품

Maitreya Mask and Goryeo Celadon Airpods & Smartphone Case
Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea sells all the exclusive products sold at national museums across the country. Diverse patterns on Gilt-bronze Outer Sarira Urn, the best-known artifact in the Iksan National Museum, were used as motifs for a silk scarf manufactured by the museum. It has a perfect size to be worn around the wrist or head. In this pandemic era when protective masks are essential, the museum also came up with its own mask design. The outer fabric is a mix of cotton and linen while the inner material is 100-percent cotton for easy breathing. In one corner, the Gilt-bronze Maitreya in Meditation is embroidered. The mask also comes with a bag made of nobang fabric. The two best-selling goods are the Airpods and Smartphone cases inspired by Goryeo Celadon. To buy them from the online shop, the waiting time could be up to two weeks including delivery. Cranes symbolizing longevity and good omen and clouds are printed in white on the celadon blue background. (From left) Outer Sarira Urn Scarf, KRW48,500. Museum Legacy Mask, KRW22,000. Goryeo Celadon Airpods Case, KRW18,000. Goryeo Celadon Smartphone Case, KRW19,000.

Cultural Foundation of National Museum of Korea
NMK, 137 Seobingo-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone +82-2-2077-9000
Homepage shop)
4. D Project Space
구슬모아당구장 굿즈

Some exhibitions highlight their goods up front. It’s a story of “GOODS FOR YOU” at D Project Space, also known as Guseulmoa Billiard Hall in Korean. It’s the first exhibition at D Project Space, after its move from Hannam-dong to Gwanghwamun. Initially, the Hannam-dong venue was a closed billiard hall which was renovated into an exhibition room to support a group of young artists with their experimental creative activities. The exhibition, open till the end of December, presents the reinterpretation of our lifestyle with family events in the center via space and goods design by rising artists in the areas of illustration, graphic design,and installation. As a witty gesture for spectators, they have come up with a party set offering a hat and cake toppers inspired by illustrator Ki Young-jin and designer ahmugae_c. The set includes one party hat and five cake toppers for the price of 7,000 won.

D Project Space
126, D Tower, 17 Jong-ro 3-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Phone +82-2-3785-0667
디뮤지엄 굿즈

“SOUNDMUSEUM: Your Emotions and Memories” Mini Eco Bag, Art Brochure, Airpods Case
Keeping an exhibition brochure is a surefire way to remember the event. The art brochure of “SOUNDMUSEUM: Your Emotions and Memories” scheduled till the end of December at D MUSEUM contains information on each exhibit in the form of an individual poster, which makes it more desirable. Mini eco bags and Airpods cases featuring the exhibition logo are also popular. Its three-dimensional logo and LP-inspired design are perfect for the exhibition that brings the elements of sound, light, and space to reinvent our visual and aural perception into a multi-sensory experience. The eco bag is a good size to hold a wallet, planner, and smartphone or to carry a lunchbox in. (From left) Mini Eco Bag, KRW8,500, each. Art Brochure, KRW9,800. Airpods Case, KRW11,000.

ReplaceHannam Fm 5-6 Dokseodang-ro 29-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Phone +82-70-5097-0020
November 2020 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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