‘2021 Must Be Strawberry: Wild Future,’ presented by LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Peninsula Lounge & Bar in collaboration with Chantecaille. You can enjoy it as part of the afternoon tea set or strawberry dessert buffet.

Most Captivating Tea Time
The weather is getting cold as we head into mid-winter, and you find yourself craving for a warm cup of tea. If you can, why not make the tea time extra special? LOTTE HOTEL proposes a fragrant and sweet tea time perfect for this winter.
One of the tell-tale signs of winter’s arrival is that you are inadvertently looking for excuses to drink warm tea. In the winter season when it’s crucial to keep your body temperature to stay healthy, a cup of tea that warms your body is almost like a natural medicine. For that reason, it seems like the best way to greet this season can be found in savoring the flavor and aroma of tea. The continuation of the global pandemic is making us withdraw both physically and mentally, so having a cup of warm tea in a special setting can be a small consolation for yourself. Let’s head over to LOTTE HOTEL for a heartwarming tea experience. The beautifully-decorated space of the five-star hotel will help you enjoy your tea with all five senses.

Two types of signature teas, prepared by LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL in collaboration with the premium tea brand Tavalon Tea

Paying Homage to Korean Princess With Tea
Sogongyeon Waterfall located in the first-floor lobby of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Main Tower is well-known as a place where you can unwind in the middle of a hectic city life. The name Sogong-dong where the hotel is situated originated from its ancient street name ‘Little Princess Street.’ During the Joseon dynasty, King Taejong’s second daughter, Princess Jeonggyeong and her husband, Internal Prince Consort Pyeongyang, had a house in the present-day Sogong-dong. Sogongyeon Waterfall was created in time for the opening of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL as an homage to the Korean princess who was known to be dignified and warm-hearted. You can have an elegant tea time at the hotel lobby with a special blend of tea honoring the princess and the waterfall. Peninsula Lounge & Bar on the first floor or LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL offers the princess tea selection.
The selection consists of two signature tea blends inspired by the Sogongyeon Waterfall story and prepared by LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL in collaboration with American premium tea brand Tavalon Tea. ‘Princess Wedding’ is a mix of white tea and sweet-scented elderflower tea which helps with calming, sleeping, and colds. ‘Princess Wedding’ has a fresh floral aroma with a gentle, clean flavor. ‘Princess March,’ which means a march for the happiness of the princess, is a reinterpretation of Tavalon’s signature ‘Serenity’ tea blending chamomile, lemongrass, peppermint, rooibos, and vanilla beans. Being a caffeine-free tea with a rich flavor, ‘Princess March’ can be enjoyed even late at night.

‘Marry Berry’ ice cream, hollow melon filled with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream

‘Princess Wedding’ and ‘Princess March’ will both bring satisfaction to your senses. If you want to make it even more special, you can try adding ‘Marry Berry’ ice cream to your tea time. In a hollow melon, strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate-flavored ice cream is filled. Whipped cream and fresh strawberries are placed on top for decoration. The unexpected marriage between warm tea and cold ice cream will surprise you. For 86,000 won, you will have a set of one cup of Princess Wedding, one cup of Princess March, and one serving of Marry Berry. You can also order à la carte.

Desserts for ‘2021 Must Be Strawberry: Wild Future’

Sweet Tea Time With Strawberries
Strawberries can be purchased throughout all four seasons, but their flesh is the firmest and sweetest in winter. That’s why a winter tea time should always include strawberries. At Peninsula Lounge & Bar located on the first floor of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, you can have a feast of strawberries. Here are special strawberry desserts to enjoy with a cup of tea.
The strawberry afternoon tea set by Peninsula Lounge & Bar consists of strawberry desserts that LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL presents in collaboration with luxury vegan beauty brand Chantecaille under the title of ‘2021 Must Be Strawberry: Wild Future.’ Korea’s leading pâtissiers offer desserts such as pistachio strawberry dacquoise, strawberry sandwich, and strawberry scone on a three-tier tea tray. For a drink option, ‘Princess Wedding’ and ‘Princess March,’ exclusively made for LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL by Tavalon Tea, as well as 12 other coffees and beverages are available. The set includes two drinks.

Peninsula Lounge & Bar at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL

If you want to enjoy strawberries in more diverse ways, you may choose a strawberry dessert buffet. The buffet includes 24 kinds of desserts including strawberry tarte, strawberry dacquoise, and strawberry panna cotta. The highlight of the buffet, however, is the Wild Future Welcome Tray offered per each table. The limited edition tray features unique strawberry desserts created by LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL head pâtissier Na Seong-ju, an IKA Culinary Olympic gold medalist. Six finger-size desserts including strawberry mousse and rose raspberry mousse are not only delicious but also visually tantalizing and Instagram-ready. The strawberry afternoon tea set is 69,000 won for two. The strawberry dessert buffet is 63,000 won per adult and 33,000 won per child aged between 4 and 12.
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