Get Gourmet Food at LOTTE HOTEL Drive-Thru
If you miss the fine-dining meal you used to have at a hotel, there is a way to enjoy the same course meal in the comfort of your home. LOTTE HOTEL’s Drive-Thru ensures both taste and safety by offering a pickup service of the food prepared by the hotel chef.
The year of 2021 is not going to be exempt from concerns over the safety of restaurant dining. When you want to eat out, being tired of having home-cooked meals all the time, why don’t you take advantage of the Drive-Thru service by LOTTE HOTEL? Implemented for the first time by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, the hotel-food pickup program gets rid of the logistical block to having a quality dining option in the era of coronavirus. From a fine-dining course to a nutritionally-balanced feast, LOTTE HOTEL Drive-Thru presents a menu that fits any preferences or occasions. The taste of gourmet meals will bring back the memories of your best moments at a hotel.
Fine Dining in Late Night, The Night Flex
Have a hotel-level dining in the wee hours. Unlike most drive-thru services at restaurants that end with their business hours, ‘The Night Flex,’ available at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, offers an exclusive late-night menu open from 9PM through 5AM the next day. Three types of platters feature a chef-made beef tenderloin steak salad and assorted cheese making a great marriage with wine. You can choose a type that suits the number of your party. It’s also recommended for those who like to enjoy drinking by themselves or a couple who want to stay home for a cozy date night. 
롯데호텔 서울의 ‘더 나잇 플렉스’

LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s ‘The Night Flex’

The Single Platter offers a beef tenderloin steak salad, assorted cheese, and a caprese at the price of 40,000 won. The Couple Platter arranges a beef tenderloin steak salad, assorted cheese and salami, and smoked salmon for 90,000 won. The Family Platter adds various side dishes to the Couple Platter for 120,000 won. All platters are offered exclusively offline. For pickup, order at least 2 hours in advance and receive the package at the designated Drive-Thru zone on the first floor at the time of your reservation.
Inquiry LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL +82-2-317-7191
Hearty Meals by Chef, Signature Box and BOB To Go Box
As people spend more time in their homes, it is easy to get lazy about preparing healthy food. With the help of LOTTE HOTEL Drive-Thru service, you can have a nutritious and delicious meal. Savor the wholesome food that is flavorful and nourishing with the Drive-Thru arrangement.
롯데호텔 서울의 ‘시그니처 박스’

LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s ‘Signature Box’

LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL offers ‘Signature Box’ for takeout menu of Korean restaurant Mugunghwa, traditional Chinese restaurant Toh Lim, Japanese Momoyama, and Delica-Hans Bakery. The meal boxes present the signature menu of each restaurant. Mugunghwa’s Korean box serves braised short ribs and gamtae bibimbap for 100,000 won. Chinese Toh Lim box arranges shredded abalone and seafood with truffle sauce, chicken drumstick barbecue, and X.O seafood fried rice for 110,000 won. Japanese Momoyama fills the box, available in two types, with its menu of the day, grilled fish, and a skiyaki, along with side dishes, for 78,000 won and 104,000 won. All meal boxes can be ordered offline and online.
롯데호텔 월드의 ‘BOB 투 고 박스’


양갈비와 랍스터, 전복은 단품으로도 주문할 수 있다.

양갈비와 랍스터, 전복은 단품으로도 주문할 수 있다.

양갈비와 랍스터, 전복은 단품으로도 주문할 수 있다.

Lamb chop, lobster and grilled abalone can be ordered a la carte.

LOTTE HOTEL WORLD proposes a meal box by buffet restaurant La Seine which is known for its freshly-cooked dishes using seasonal ingredients for Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisine. The ‘Best of Best To Go Box’ consists of pre-meal bread, creamy mushroom soup, lamb chop, beef, lobster, grilled abalone, shrimp fries, and a futomaki. The price is 88,000 won. Lamb chop, lobster, and grilled abalone can be ordered a la carte for 43,000 won each. The limited-time BOB To Go Box is available until May 31, 2021.
롯데호텔 울산의 드라이브스루 메뉴들

Drive-Thru menu at LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN

LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN has prepared the ‘Affordable Care-free Meal Box’ which will satisfy your epicurean need for reasonable prices, as well as the ‘Gamsa Drink Snack Set’ combining a selection of premium snacks. You can add the ‘At-Home Cocktail Package’ including jin, vodka, and tequila for a special occasion or a romantic dinner. The meal boxes each cost 40,000 won. The cocktail package offering a soft drink and lemon together costs 80,000 won. The three menus are available through February 28, 2021.
롯데호텔 월드의 ‘캠핑 BBQ 박스’


Collaboration for Campers, Camping BBQ Box
Camping food can also be made more special with the touch of a chef. LOTTE HOTEL WORLD partnered with camping brand Luett Biden for the release of ‘Camping BBQ Box.’ The meal is made up of 8 pieces of lamb chop and ten sausages, vegetables for grilling, and Luettbiden milk box, shoulder straps, and a pocketable ice bag. Lamb chop is a great food choice for outdoor cooking. Once you give it a try, you will be tempted to buy it everytime you go camping. There is also a striploin option for those who want to try something different. The Lambchop Camping BBQ Box is 100,000 won and the Sirloin Box is 80,000 won. Both are purchasable at LOTTE HOTEL WORLD through May 31, 2021. They can be preordered and prepaid for online.
February 2021 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Cooperation: LOTTE HOTEL

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  • Editor: Kim Hyewon
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