Seoul Made, Different Ways to Collect Seoul
To find the most quintessential Seoul brands and products, we head to Seoul Made Space.
When you look into the first floor of the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) headquarters in Sangam-dong, you will spot what appears to be an ordinary café. The ceiling has exposed pipes, and the walls with rough, concrete texture has an industrial feel to them. Order a warm cup of coffee, made of beans from ‘Fritz Coffee Company,’ and from a wall lined with books, pick one that piques your interest. After reading for a while, get up and take a look around the place. There are cups with prints of funny expressions, ramyeon packages, mats and pens. Is this a half café and a half shop? And all of those items have the ‘Seoul Made’ tags on them. At first, the logo looks like the face of a mischievous kid. So just what are Seoul Made and Seoul Made Space?
‘당인리책발전소’의 김소영 대표가 큐레이션 한 책

Books curated by Dangin Book Plant CEO Kim So-young

브랜드 ‘누누’의 스툴

Stool by the brand ‘Nounou’

서울메이드 스페이스 외관

Façade of Seoul Made Space

Experiencing Seoul’s Brands
Seoul Made Space should be the top destination for those who want to discover small but charming brands of Seoul and items that just scream ‘Seoulness.’ Seoul Made is a lifestyle platform brand that works with Seoul-based brands to create products and contents that represent the city’s sensibilities. The SBA, which has been supporting promising small and mid-size enterprises, launched Seoul Made in the winter of 2019 in search of new ways to back brands.
서울메이드 스페이스 내부 전경

Inside Seoul Made Space

“Seoul Made is a brand that represents the transformation of Seoul’s industry from manufacturing to knowledge-based,” says Kim Joo-wan of the SBA. “To create the industrial feeling, we used elements of industrial design at Seoul Made Space.” Seoul Made has joined forces with the passionate and creative brands that work a step or two away from the limelight, on streets of Uljiro, Yeonnam-dong and Seongsu-dong. Together, they make products that real Seoulites enjoy. Seoul Made promotes values of Seoul and uncovers diamonds among Seoul-based brands. Their products are on display at Seoul Made Space.
And there are a lot of other things to enjoy at Seoul Made Space, especially if you’re a fan of some java and books. Books at Seoul Made Space are curated by Dangin Book Plant CEO Kim So-young. She transforms bookshelves at Seoul Made Space every month, based on the given theme. The café serves coffee made of beans from Seoul’s leading coffee brands. Pop-up stores featuring different brands open each month.
서울메이드 스페이스의 한쪽 벽면에는 매거진 <서울 메이드>와 협업 상품이 진열되어 있다.

< Seoul Made > magazine and collaborative products are on display on one side of Seoul Made Space.

브랜드 ‘누누’와 함께한 지난 팝업 스토어 현장 © 서울메이드

A recent pop-up store, built in collaboration with ‘Nounou’ © Seoul Made

서울메이드 스페이스의 한 공간을 캠핑장으로 꾸민 브랜드 ‘하이브로우’의 팝업 스토어 © 서울메이드

A pop-up store by ‘Hibrow,’ which turned a corner of Seoul Made Space into a camping site © Seoul Made

Products of Seoul
When you think of food that represents Seoul, what comes to your mind? Samgyeopsal, fried chicken and bulgogi would be on many people’s lists. But Seoul Made and ‘Going Mary,’ a media commerce platform, came up with ramyeon noodle. Together with Seoul Made, Going Mary added two new flavors to its signature ‘Wicked Ramen’ line: ‘Noryangjin anchovy and soybean sauce’ and ‘Itaewon sesame mazesoba.’ By offering both the distinctively Korean taste and an exotic taste, Going Mary reflected the cultural diversity of Seoul. ‘Monami,’ Korea’s leading stationery brand, produced pens in 10 colors that best represent Seoul. The outdoor lifestyle brand ‘Hibrow’ borrowed colors from top five parks in Seoul to produce picnic mats and milk boxes that people can take to those places.
‘고잉메리’의 두 가지 맛 요괴라면

Wicked Ramen by ‘Going Mary’ in two new flavors

서울을 상징하는 10가지 색의 펜이 담긴 ‘모나미’의 트래블 키트

A travel kit by ‘Monami’ with pens in 10 colors that represent Seoul

도심 속 피크닉을 콘셉트로 만든 ‘하이브로우’의 피크닉 매트

A picnic mat by ‘Hibrow,’ made on a concept of an urban getaway

‘하이브로우’의 피크닉 후 쓰레기를 담는 백

A trash bag by ‘Hibrow’

Tea brand ‘Gong Dreen’ has come up with new products inspired by a Seoul neighborhood. You can now order tea blended in colors of Mangwon-dong, or green tea bags with images of stray cats in Mangwon-dong. After a two-year hiatus, illustrator Jean Jullien and creative director Huh Jae-young launched their brand ‘Nounou’ in collaboration with Seoul Made. Their hats and cups were sold out immediately. Seoul Made Space displays some 20 other products jointly made by Seoul Made and local brands. They allow us to look into and own different parts of Seoul, and also to develop fresh perspectives on the city.
‘상원미술관’의 서울 거리와 명소 컬러링 북

A coloring book by ‘Sangwon Mueum of Art,’ featuring streets and landmarks of Seoul

망원동의 색채가 담긴 ‘공드린’의 티백

A tea bag by ‘Gong Dreen’ with colors of Mangwon-dong

‘누누’의 유리잔과 모자

Glass and hat by ‘Nounou’

400 World Cup Buk-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
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February 2021 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Ahn Garam

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  • February 2021
  • Editor: Kim Hyewon
  • Photographer: Ahn Garam
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