Mohinga, a local favorite. It’s a rice noodle and fish soup with catfish broth. © Shutterstock

What and Where to Eat in Yangon
The first gateway to exploring the unknown world is through its food. We introduce you to the gourmet community in Yangon, Myanmar, where you can enjoy Burmese milk tea and rice noodles to your heart’s content.
When you are traveling in a foreign country, the easiest and funniest way to get to know the place is through local food. From history and culture to lifestyle, various aspects of a society can be expressed through local food. Even among those with different language backgrounds, food can function as a means of communication. As you try different ethnic foods meal after meal on a trip, you will find yourself feeling less awkward about the foreign culture you’re experiencing, and become more understanding of it.
양곤의 건물들 © 전혜인

Buildings in Yangon © Jeon Haein

미얀마 음식은 주변국인 인도, 중국, 태국으로부터 두루 영향을 받았다. © Shutterstock

The cuisine in Myanmar has been influenced by neighboring India, China and Thailand. © Shutterstock

양곤의 거리 풍경 © 전혜인

Streets of Yangon © Jeon Haein

Myanmar’s food scene offers various eclectic dishes such as ‘mohinga,’ a rice noodle and fish soup using glutinous rice and catfish, ‘kyay-oh’ showing traces of Chinese influence, and ‘lahpet yay,’ Burmese milk tea with over 10 varieties. Let’s embark on an epicurean journey in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar.
A Big, Hearty Meal of Myanmar
미얀마 정식 © Shutterstock

Myanmar meal © Shutterstock

A full Burmese-style meal is similar to the typical home-cooked meal of Korea. Commonly known as ‘Myanmar meal,’ it refers to a set of traditional home foods that is placed on a table. If you order a main dish at a restaurant, it will be served with rice, soup, and vegetables. Being in a tropical region, people of Myanmar use lots of salt to store food longer and enjoy fried food. Other than those differences, you can easily find Burmese dishes similar to Korean food, such as braised short ribs, spicy soup, and salted fish(jeotgal). Also putting rice, soup, and side dishes all on one table is comparable to Korean baekban(rice, soup, and side dishes). A Myanmar meal consists of food that is frequently cooked at home. Thus, by choosing this menu, you can do far more than filling your stomach. You can experience the life and culture of Myanmar people. You can visit ‘Feel Restaurant’ for a quality Myanmar meal.
· Feel Restaurant 124 Pyidaungzu Yeiktha Street, Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar’s National Food, Mohinga and Kyay-Oh
모힝가 © Shutterstock

Mohinga © Shutterstock

‘YKKO’의 채오 © 전혜인

Kyay-Oh at ‘YKKO’ © Jeon Haein

Mohinga is one of the most popular dishes in Myanmar. A fish-based soup uses freshwater catfish broth. Thin rice noodles are cooked with the soup until the fish flesh pulls away from the bone. It could have a fishy smell but you have to embrace even that to truly enjoy the traditional dish. Locals usually eat mohinga for breakfast, so well-known mohinga restaurants usually only open  in the morning hours. It means you need to get up early to enjoy an authentic mohinga dish. ‘Daw Cho Mohinga’ is one of the places with good mohinga.
‘Kyay-oh’ is a rice noodle soup of Chinese origins . The rice noodle is served with various meat, pork intestine, seafood, egg, and fishcake. It’s a popular street food. If you want to find a sit-down place, kyay-oh franchise restaurant ‘YKKO’ is recommended.
· Daw Cho Mohinga 118 D, Old Yay Tar Shay Street, Yangon, Myanmar
· YKKO 10 Thit Sar Street, Yankin Yownship, Yangon, Myanmar and various other locations
Pioneer of Trend, Lahpet Yay and Rangoon Tea House
‘랑군 티 하우스’의 라퍼예 © 전혜인

Lahpet yay at ‘Rangoon Tea House’ © Jeon Haein

Burmese milk tea known as ‘lahpet yay’ is a traditional beverage that plays an important role in the Myanmarese culture. Having gone through 60 years of colonial rule by the British since 1885, Myanmar was naturally exposed to the British tea culture. Local colors were added to that and Burmese milk tea was born. You can easily find milk tea vendors as you walk around downtown Yangon. Just like Koreans drinking coffee after a meal, milk tea is an everyday drink for the Myanmar people. If you want to enjoy an authentic milk tea in Myanmar, head over to the ‘Rangoon Tea House.’
The Rangoon Tea House is one of the must-visit places that represent Yangon. It also is credited for its contribution to the milk tea culture of Myanmar. Although the Rangoon Tea House specializes in milk tea and local food using traditional recipes, the cafe interior is modern and sleek. It’s recognized as a cultural space where tradition inspires the future. It attracts young people from around the world with its contemporary appeal. The Rangoon Tea House represents a rhythmic junction between space and time.
랑군 티 하우스 내부 © 전혜인

Inside Rangoon Tea House © Jeon Haein

“Rangoon Tea House is a celebration of the cities’ cultural history and culinary diversity. A tea house is not a restaurant – it’s an institution.”
The Rangoon Tea House has a few principles that are aimed at ensuring the best milk tea service. Only the first batch of tea leaves harvested from organically-grown trees in the same year is used to make tea. In order to keep the freshness, tea leaves are not to be brewed for over half a day’s time. Thanks to these rules, lahpet yay of the tea house has a gentle floral aroma around it. The tea shop proudly presents different types of milk tea. Customers can choose their tea from the four categories of Basic, Ceylon, Chai, and Singaporean. There are 16 sub-categories depending on the sugar/milk ratio of your preference. After the selection and ordering are done, the highest-quality milk tea, perfectly tailored to the customer’s liking, is served.
랑군 티 하우스의 감각적인 디저트 © 전혜인

Delicious desserts at Rangoon Tea House © Jeon Haein

세계 각국의 젊은이들을 불러 모으는 공간 © 전혜인

Young people from around the world gather here © Jeon Haein

Htet Myet Oo, founder of the Rangoon Tea House, spent his childhood and teenage years in the U.K. and returned to Myanmar after finishing college education. He opened the Rangoon Tea House in 2014 in the center of Yangon city. It was a bold move, but he believed that food had a formidable power to draw in and connect people. The Rangoon Tea House is rapidly transforming the food culture of Yangon. It is also doing a superb job promoting traditional Burmese cuisine and milk tea to travelers from around the world.
· Rangoon Tea House Ground Floor, 77-79, Pansodan Street, Lower Middle Block, Yangon, Myanmar
Made With Love, Shan Noodle and 999 Shan Noodle Shop
‘999 샨 누들 숍’의 샨 누들 © 전혜인

Shan noodle at ‘999 Shan Noodle Shop’ © Jeon Haein

999 샨 누들 숍 © 전혜인

999 Shan Noodle Shop © Jeon Haein

깔끔하고 담백한 맛을 내세우는 샨족의 음식은 한국인들의 입맛에 대체로 잘 맞는 편이다. © Shutterstock

The Shan cuisine, known for clean and neat flavors, suits the Korean taste bud. © Shutterstock

‘Shan noodle’ is a type of rice noodle, traditionally consumed by the Shan ethnic group whose population comes in second after the Burmese among ethnic minorities in Myanmar. ‘999 Shan Noodle Shop’ is considered to be the best place to enjoy the noodle soup in Yangon. Established in 1978, it is the first shan noodle house to open in the city. The owner of this family-run business welcomes you with a big smile as you enter the restaurant. The warm reception instantly makes you lower your guard against the unfamiliar place and food.
At 999 Shan Noodle Shop, over 10 shan noodle dishes are available. Thin noodle, flat noodle, or sticky noodle can be either put in the broth or mixed with salad dressing. If the extensive menu is overwhelming, you may want to start with the sticky rice noodle option. Thanks to the savory seasoning and the chewiness of rice noodle, the dish always gets positive reviews. Some even say they are visiting the restaurant again just for the sticky rice noodle. Shan noodle, cooked with care and affection, is without doubt the best meal to have while staying in Yangon.
· 999 Shan Noodle Shop 130B, 34th Street/Behind Cityhall, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Where to Stay in Yangon: LOTTE HOTEL YANGON
롯데호텔 양곤

롯데호텔 양곤

롯데호텔 양곤

LOTTE HOTEL YANGON is located to the north of Myanmar’s iconic Buddhist temple Shwedagon Pagoda and to the west of Inya Lake, a top recreational area of the city. Thanks to the closeness to the lake, hotel rooms offer fantastic views. The hotel presents an array of dining options including Korean, Chinese, and other international cuisines. The outdoor swimming pool with an infinity pool and a poolside bar makes it convenient for families or couples to enjoy their vacation. 
Address No. 82, Sin Phyu Shin Avenue, Pyay Road, 6½ Mile, Ward 11, Hlaing Township, Yangon, Myanmar
Inquiry +95-1-9351000
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