Futuristic Hotel Service by Delivery Robot
In future hotels, what kind of experience should we expect? Communication is of the utmost importance in hotel business, and fast-growing information technologies naturally draw a lot of interest among industry players. To keep up with the times, LOTTE HOTEL has adopted a new service utilizing one of the latest technological developments.
A car drives itself without the driver maneuvering the steering wheel, and a robot vacuum cleans the house. The word robot may still feel unfamiliar to some people, but there are more robots performing tasks in various aspects of our lives than you would think. Science fiction writer William Gibson once famously said, “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.” So we went to a LOTTE HOTEL.

Busy as Usual, Robot Employee
One late night, the elevator door opens and a white robot quietly glides along the hallway. There is no sign of hesitation as it turns a corner and finds the right room. This robot, a reminder of R2-D2 from the movie ‘Star Wars’ series, is a ‘delivery robot’ tasked with bringing hotel amenities to guests. At a time when the need for and preference of untact services are greater than ever before due to ongoing COVID-19, LOTTE HOTEL made a bold move introducing the Delivery Robot Service in a bid to safeguard the privacy of hotel guests and enhance their convenience. The first location to operate the Delivery Robot Service is L7 GANGNAM, a lifestyle hotel brand of LOTTE HOTEL.

The delivery robot is equipped with cutting-edge technologies such as space mapping and autonomous driving. When a request is made by a hotel guest, the staff puts in the room number and places necessary items in the robot’s compartment. It could handle multiple items at onc, e.g. a bottle of water for the 12th floor guest and a towel for the 23rd floor guest. The delivery robot carrying the items will take the elevator and arrive in front of the designated room. It then calls the guest to notify its arrival. The guest can get the amenity safely without any contact.
The response to the Delivery Robot Service has been favorable. “We are fully utilizing our robot during late nights or early mornings to answer to amenities requests. The fast and accurate service is very efficient and our customers are satisfied with it. Like catching two birds with one stone, we are getting results much better than our expectation.” L7 GANGNAM’s general manager Lee Jeong-eun explained. The delivery robot does not look like a human, but carries out its task superbly. Twenty-four hour, from the 9th floor to the 27th, LOTTE HOTEL’s robot employee roams around each floor of L7 GANGNAM to make sure its job is done.

415, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Phone +82-2-2011-1000

Quick, Safe Check-In
Mr. A from Busan is taking a business trip to Seoul today. He thinks he will be pressed for time after he arrives at the hotel. So while heading to Seoul on KTX, he accesses the hotel’s website at around 10am. As soon as he arrives at the hotel, he steps ahead of people waiting for check-in, and directly speaks to the front desk. It was possible because he used LOTTE HOTEL’s online check-in service.

LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL launched the ‘Online Express Check-in’ service in March, which allows guests to finish the check-in process on the hotel’s official website or LOTTE HOTEL mobile app before their arrival. When a guest who has booked a room with the hotel completes check-in between 9am and 12pm on the day of arrival, the hotel makes sure that the room and any request made by the guest are prepared. The guest can get the room key at the front desk after a simple confirmation of booking information.
The Online Express Check-in reduces the unnecessary contact between busy people of today who still wish to keep a safe distance from others. The hotel industry welcomes the trend that helps change the perception of hotel experiences in the pandemic era. LOTTE HOTEL has already been using unmanned self check-in and check-out kiosks at L7 GANGNAM and L7 HONGDAE locations since their openings in 2017. Now the entire check-in process can be done with a touch of your finger, without your physical presence at the hotel. The express service is widening the horizon for hotel services that continue to evolve.

New technologies allow customers to keep a safe distance from hotels. On top of that, hotels are making efforts to overcome the psychological distance their customers may feel in regards to hotel stays. A convenient yet comfortable stay. That’s how a truly future-oriented hotel will make you feel.

30, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Phone +82-2-771-1000
April 2021 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Park Sungyoung

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  • April 2021
  • Editor: Kim Hyewon
  • Photographer: Park Sungyoung
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