Apple mango bingsu at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU

Where to Get Mango Bingsu This Summer
The season of bingsu, or shaved ice, has returned. It is time to taste premium bingsu desserts presented by LOTTE HOTEL, including coconut mango bingsu.
From red beans to cakes, cookies, and all sorts of fruits, various bingsu toppings garnish the Korean-style shaved ice that dominates the dessert orders in summer. People are now used to seeing all sorts of bingsu once the weather gets hot. One big scoop is all it takes to cool off the body. Some people wait for summer to come so that they can have all the bingsu they want. Most five-star hotels present a summer special menu including a premium bingsu. LOTTE HOTEL is no exception. Let’s look at its bingsu options and choose where, what, and with whom you’ll share that cool moment.
Coconut Mango Bingsu at SIGNIEL SEOUL
At SIGNIEL SEOUL where 3 Michelin-starred chef Yannick Alléno oversees the food and beverage menu, three types of shaved ice reflecting this year’s French dessert trend are offered. First, two signature tropical fruits have met. ‘Coconut mango bingsu’ is a blend of ice made from coconut flesh and fresh mango on top of mango sorbet. The empty husk of coconut plays the role of a bowl, drawing people’s attention. ‘Melon vanilla bingsu,’ which combines ground ice and melon flesh with vanilla ice cream, fresh melon, and a mint leaf, is characterized by its sweetness that the perfectly-balanced fruit and ice cream flavors create. There is also ‘milk pineapple bingsu’ on the menu. Prices start from 52,000 won.
Inquiry SIGNIEL SEOUL The Lounge +82-2-3213-1212

Coconut mango bingsu at SIGNIEL SEOUL

Apple Mango Bingsu at SIGNIEL BUSAN
Opened last year, SIGNIEL BUSAN occupies the 3rd-19th floors at Haeundae’s landmark LCT Tower. It is situated in a prime location where guests can enjoy the views of a fantastic Haeundae Beach and sparkling Gwangandaegyo Bridge at night. A bowl of shaved ice will be sweeter and more refreshing, if you have a panoramic ocean view as well. SIGNIEL BUSAN presents ‘traditional patbingsu’ and ‘apple mango bingsu,’ which comes with dried bits of raspberry and apple mango. The tart and sweet flavor of raspberry forms a great harmony with the sweet flavor of apple mango. Prices start from 40,000 won.
Inquiry SIGNIEL BUSAN The Lounge +82-51-922-1212

Classic patbingsu and apple mango bingsu at SIGNIEL BUSAN

Yellow, ripe mangoes are delectable in and of themselves. When they are combined with shaved ice, they are doubly mouth-watering. LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL·WORLD·JEJU present ‘apple mango bingsu,’ chosen by many people as the ‘best of the best’ or ‘bingsu of a lifetime.’ On top of frozen mango puree, chucks of apple mango will be placed. Once you dig your spoon into it, there will be no turning back. Homemade ice cream and red bean paste will be also provided so that you can have some classic flavor if you’d like. The hotels will each offer existing steady-sellers such as patbingsu and melon bingsu. At LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, the bingsu menu can be preordered and picked up via drive-through. (Place an order by phone or on Naver booking at least 3 hours before the pickup time.) Prices start from 58,000 won.

2021 Must Be Mango Buffet at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL

If you are a big fan of mango and mango shaved ice, we recommend ‘2021 Must Be Mango Buffet’ opening every weekend at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL through August 29. All tables will be offered a yellow three-tiered tray, apple mango bingsu, fresh and sweet mango welcome dish, and coffee or tea. In addition, over 30 kinds of mango desserts will be available, including mango cheese cake, mango macaron, and mango choux. Prices are 67,000 won per adult and 35,000 won per child aged between 4 and 12.
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Peninsula Lounge & Bar +82-2-317-7131
LOTTE HOTEL WORLD Lounge & Brasserie +82-2-411-7751
LOTTE HOTEL JEJU Peninsula +82-64-731-4240
July 2021 Editor:Kim Hyewon

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