Shine Muscat Dessert Festival
Shine muscat is famous for the catch phrase, ‘There are people who haven’t had it yet, but there is none who had it just once.’ LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL is hosting a fruity event titled ‘2021 Must Be Shine Muscat.’ The first visit will show how challenging it is to resist going again.
The season of shine muscat has returned. The so-called emperor grape has recently been highly popular thanks to its thinner-skinned seedless grains that are much sweeter than regular grapes. The fruit is delectable to eat in its fresh state, but freezing also works thanks to the relatively firm grains of shine muscat. It is often used as a baking ingredient as well, having a flavor that goes well with cheese or cream.

Must Be Shine Muscat
At LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, this year’s fruit dessert event is ongoing currently with shine muscat which is in season. Every time a season changes, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL selects a main seasonal fruit, such as strawberry or mango, to be made into a wide variety of dessert menus, and presents them through an event dubbed ‘Must Be.’ Whenever the event takes place under the title, ‘Must Be Strawberry’ or ‘Must Be Mango,’ social media would be filled with photos taken at the fruity paradise created by LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL.
Open since the beginning of September, the ‘2021 Must Be Shine Muscat: Fall in Farm’ event is taking place at Peninsula Lounge & Bar on the first floor at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL.

The noteworthy menu is ‘Shine Muscat Afternoon Tea Set.’ It comprises a shine muscat dessert as well as a premium dessert set made of seasonal ingredients that exude the vibes of fall. The names of the desserts alone will make you happy with its sugary goodness. ‘Shine Muscat Tart’ is an almond cream-based tart with shine muscat and jelly on top. ‘Sablé Muscat’ is a vanilla-flavored cookie decorated with shine muscat. There are also madeleine and sweet potato manju made of sweet potatoes from Haenam, and fig scones. About 10 or more desserts deck a three-tier tray to be served with two cups of tea or coffee. The price of the dessert set is 79,000 won including tax and service fee. Season-special drinks such as shine muscat ade and shine muscat cocktail are also available.

Try a Piece of Shine Muscat Paradise
If you are ready to fill your stomach with just shine muscat, we recommend the ‘Shine Muscat Buffet’ available every weekend at Peninsula Lounge & Bar during the event period. The venue has track records of giving a taste of paradise to strawberry lovers and mango maniacs in the past.
The buffet includes an assorted ‘Special Welcome Dessert’ menu which offers nine different desserts such as shine muscat lemon tart, chocolat tart, and pistachio pastry, and it gives you unlimited access to some 30 other menu items including tea and coffee.
Those items mean there are more shine muscat and dessert combos to drool over, such as shine muscat tiramisu, shine muscat choux, shine muscat vanilla tart, and shine muscat macaron. For those who may need a fuller meal, the buffet has hot dishes including chili shrimp, mushroom cream soup, and omelet, along with salad menus. The price is 67,000 won per adult and 35,000 for children aged 4-12, including tax and service fee.
What if you are curious about a cake featuring the rich aroma and luscious flavor of shine muscat? Delica Hans pastry boutique at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL has the answer. Its shine muscat cake features French premium chocolate Valrhona, fresh cream, and three-layer, velvety soft white cake densely topped with shine muscat grains. The price is 60,000 won including tax and service fee.

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October 2021 Editor:Jung Jaewook

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