Mari Hanip Set at Camelia Hanip

Guide to Assorted Dosiraks in Jeju
From long ago, Jeju has had a flourishing dosirak culture. We introduce six dosirak shops in Jeju with distinctive menus that embody the characteristics of the island in a bowl.
In Jeju dialect, ‘charong’ is a round, flat basket-shaped container made of bamboo to put in bingtteok, Jeju-style buckwheat pancakes, or pastry. It compares to the present-day dosirak container. To prevent the food inside from drying out or collecting dust, charong comes with a well-fitted lid. ‘Donggoryang’ is a small container used for a single-serve dosirak. To distinguish charong from donggoryang, the former was also known as ‘ddeokcharong’ or ‘ddeokchabanji.’ What this tells us is that the dosirak culture in Jeju was thriving back then to even name containers differently according to their sizes. We can assume a dosirak box with a tight lid would have been an essential item in the windy island where farmers had to move a long distance to their ranch to attend to horses or cows.
In today’s Jeju, a wide range of dosirak shops are opening for a different reason. More of them offer a picnic set rental complete with a portable table, mat, and wine glasses to meet the demand by an increasing number of tourists who would like to relax in Jeju’s pristine nature while having a pre-packaged picnic box. With this dosirak service, you are free to roam around the island--the mountains, oreums, and beaches--without having to worry about preparing your own snack food or meal.
카페 이피엘 레스토랑의 테왁 도시락

Tewak Dosirak at Café E.P.L. Restaurant

Cafe E.P.L. Restaurant
‘Tewak’ is an essential floatation device for haenyeos(sea women) when they go in the water. A round basketball-shaped float used to be made of dried gourd. Recently tewak is made of styrofoam painted in bright orange so that it can be spotted easily in the vast ocean. The device also has a net called mangsiri to keep the harvested seafood before taking it out of the water. Sometimes it’s called tewak mangsiri as a set.
Cafe E.P.L. Restaurant’s ‘Tewak Dosirak’ is an exact replica of the real tewak mangsiri. Your dosirak order will be placed inside mangsiri. For a takeout order, the dosirak will be served in a box packaging instead of tewak and for an additional cost. Cafe E.P.L. Restaurant has a cafe and a restaurant in a wide open space. There is also a well-kept yard. Overall, the shop provides a great environment for visitors to enjoy their dosirak food at a desired spot.
It’s time to open the dosirak. Surprisingly, the container holds a variety of food seen in a course meal at a proper restaurant. Gwangeojang made of locally-caught flatfish, cold udong, fusion bingtteok, hijiki yubu chobap, black pork gatsusando, and salad are more than enough for two. The fresh idea of incorporating tewak into dosirak was ingenious, and the food was beyond expectation. In particular, fusion bingtteok, reinterpreting the traditional bingtteok of Jeju, was impressive.
Address 8 Wimihanggu-ro, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-70-4244-4022
Reservation Available only through Naver Booking
카페 이피엘 레스토랑

카페 이피엘 레스토랑

Café E.P.L. Restaurant

Camelia Hanip
Camelia Hanip, known as ‘Dongbaek Hanip’ in Korean, is located in the entrance to Camelia Hill Botanical Garden, famously featuring many camelia and other tree species. If you park at the Camelia Hill parking lot and walk toward the entrance, you can easily find Camelia Hanip. When you first hear the restaurant name, you are bound to wonder whether ‘hanip’ should mean ‘one leaf’ instead of ‘one bite’ as ‘ip’ could mean both ‘leaf’ and ‘bite’ phonetically in Korean. However, you realize soon enough that the name signifies bite-sized food sold at the restaurant.
You can order Mari Hanip and Yubu Hanip sets, as well as Onigiri, to go. The restaurant has a spacious hall with enough tables for you to eat there if you want. Some items on the menu, including cold buckwheat noodles, cannot be packaged. If you reserve dosirak, the restaurant offers complimentary entrance tickets to the Carmelia Hill Botanical Garden. Unfortunately, the garden prohibits visitors from bringing in food. You can instead first look around the garden and pick up the dosirak to take it to your next travel destination.
The restaurant is committed to using fresh ingredients from the Jeju local market as much as possible. Peanuts from Wudo Island, carrots from Gujwa-eup, bracken from the middle mountainous areas, tangerines from across the island, and broccoli from Aewol are cooked with eggs, garlic, strawberries directly bought from reliable farms.
Address 166 Byeongak-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-64-794-1633
Reservation Available through phone call or Instagram DM
동백한입의 유부한입 세트

Yubu Hanip Set at Camelia Hanip

Jeju Ddosirang
At ‘Ddosirang,’ a dosirak shop with a lovely name that sounds quite similar to dosirak, its signature menu is Doldam Gimbap. Having been featured on a TV program, Ddosirang has become so popular that it is difficult to have a same-day reservation. Its vegetable gimbap stuffed with fresh Jeju carrots also sells well. It may sound like a gimbap place with its best-seller being a gimbap, but the menu includes yubu chobap(fried tofu rice balls), sandwiches, and dessert dosirak. living up to its status as a dosirak maker.
Using a range of dark-colored ingredients such as black pork, hijiki, black rice, and laver, Doldam Gimbap has the color of Jeju basalt. The cut surface of gimbap forming a huddle in the dosirak box also resembles ‘doldam,’ the iconic stone walls of Jeju Island. Eating food that depicts Jeju’s characteristics in various ways adds fun to the trip. For a fuller flavor, dip the gimbap in a wasabi mayo sauce that comes with the main dish.
At ‘Ddosirang,’ only takeout orders are accepted. If possible, try to make a reservation ahead of time to make sure you get to enjoy the famous gimbap. Once you arrive at the shop on time, press the buzzer at the door and your dosirak order will be brought to you. Don’t forget to wire money to the assigned account to finalize your reservation.
Address Mangyeongville 102, 72-1 Gija-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-10-2600-8891
Reservation Available through phone
제주또시랑의 돌담김밥과 야채김밥

제주또시랑의 돌담김밥과 야채김밥

Doldam Gimbap and Vegetable Gimbap at Jeju Ddosirang

Located near the airport and Port of Jeju, Donggoryang is a perfect dosirak place for an easy pickup if you pre-order via phone right after arriving at the airport. As mentioned previously, donggoryang is an expression in Jeju dialect referring to a single-serve dosirak. The shop’s signature ‘Donggoryang Dosirak’ is an assortment of seasoned canola herbs and tuna mayo-filled rice balls, a black pork muffin, egg roll and salad served in a round dosirak container.
With over six items of food in one lunch box, you have to move your chopsticks diligently to taste them all. Soon enough, you will feel full. The dosirak has as many flavors as its contrasting color scheme. Black port muffin is made with a slice of yellow cheddar cheese on top of black pork tenderloin, and bacon egg roll presents the red bacon wrapping the white egg. The rice balls are wearing green perilla-leaf coats. The shop accepts only takeout orders.
Address 11 Jungang-ro 8-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-70-7868-2549
Reservation Available through phone or Baemin application
동고량의 동고량 도시락

Donggoryang Dosirak at Donggoryang

Shrimp Box
Shrimp Box is a dosirak maker specializing in shrimp dishes. There could be people who would reminisce about their trips to Hawaii while standing on a beach in Jeju. One of the most iconic foods of Hawaii is grilled shrimp dishes available at numerous food trucks along the coastline. That’s where the idea was born for Shrimp Box. The beginning was in a truck. What was once the most famous food truck in Jeju now has a storefront near Pyeongdae Beach Park and chain stores across the country. You can see the original food truck parked in the yard of the Shrimp Box store at Pyeongdae-ri. 
Nine large shrimps are laid on the seasoned white rice in three rows. You only need to eat a big spoonful of rice and shrimp together. Repeat that eight more times and you’ll be done with your meal. The perfect seasoning is the finishing touch to the combo of grilled shrimps and the rice. If you only get to see the ocean at Pyeongdae Beach Park eating this dosirak, it may be a worthwhile time to remember. Whether it’s the scenery or the flavor of the shrimp, or both, you might find yourself murmuring, “This is better than Hawaii.”
Address Haean-doro, 2033-7 Pyeongdae-ri, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-507-1438-0228

Shrimp Box

A small dosirak vendor that opened less than a year ago. If you guessed that it is a samgak gimbop place because of the store name, you are almost right. The shop offers rice balls in a triangular shape. Located near the village of Haengwon-ri, next to the famous Woljeong-ri Beach in the eastern Jeju, the shop is such a cute, lovely place even to its triangular logo.
You can make a takeout order by selecting two or three out of the five rice balls including black pork gochujang, black pork garlic soy sauce, conch teriyaki, tuna cream cheese, and hijiki tuna mayo all made of local ingredients. For a young child, black pork garlic soy sauce and tuna cream cheese are recommended, while conch teriyaki has pepper for a spicy flavor.
Ordinarily a rice ball has laver in it, but at semo, gamtae(sweet laver) is used as a wrap. With regular laver, the food might feel stale if the laver absorbs moisture and loses its crispness. On the contrary, gamtae retains its form regardless of time. The steamed rice is also soft to swallow without being dry. With the carrot juice from Semo, the dosirak becomes a good, nutritious meal. The scenic coastal drive connecting Woljeong-ri, Haengwon-ri, Handong-ri, and Pyeongdae-ri is not far away. Prepare our dosirak at Semo, drive along the coast, and stop at a quiet beach to enjoy your simple meal.
Address 121 Haengwon-ro, Gujwa-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-10-5036-2197



Where to Stay in Jeju: LOTTE HOTEL JEJU
LOTTE HOTEL JEJU is a resort hotel with 500 rooms and suites. Inspired by ‘Palace of the Lost City’ in South Africa, the hotel’s architectural design creates an exotic atmosphere as it blends into the pristine natural environment of Jeju Island. There are four restaurants and the lounge, as well as various high-end facilities including a year-round outdoor spa pool, offering the perfect getaway for visitors who want to enjoy Jeju and relax.
Address 35 Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-64-731-1000
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롯데호텔 제주

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