Autumn menu at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Chinese restaurant, Toh Lim

Taste of Fall at LOTTE HOTEL
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL presents a brand-new fall menu cooked with fresh seasonal ingredients such as mushrooms and abalone.
Eating by the seasons guarantees the food is full of flavor and nutrients and is one of the many joys you can find in daily life. Food is also indicative of seasonal changes, like how you know when spring begins if you find shepherd's purse, and that peaches come out in summer. The season of fall when crops ripen and the wind feels cooler is also the best time to go on a gourmet trip. It doesn’t have to be some remote place. You can find the taste of fall at locations closer than you’d think.

Taste of autumn at the Korean restaurant Mugunghwa

Korean, Chinese, Japanese Flavors Representing Fall
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL has an abundance of seasonal cuisine this fall. In order to maximize the season’s rich offering, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL opens diverse menu options using fresh fall food until November 30. Fall is famously the season of mushrooms as a variety of flavorful wild fungi become available in the market. At LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, you can choose your preferred cuisine among Korean, Chinese, and Japanese to satisfy your mushroom craving.
Firstly, Korean restaurant Mugunghwa, known for its reinterpretation of traditional food that ancient Korean nobilities had, offers ‘Seasonal Mushrooms Dumpling with Broth,’ along with ‘Chilled Shrimps with Jeju Green Tangerine Sauce,’ ‘Steamed Tofu Topped with Sea Urchin,’ ‘Abalone and Grilled Duck Patties with Deodeok Sauce,’ and ‘Steamed Rice Wrapped in a Lotus Leaf with Pickled Small Octopus.’ The price is 125,000 won for the Kum Kang course meal and 159,000 won for the Tae Baek course meal(inclusive of tax and service fees).

Autumn dishes at the Chinese restaurant Toh Lim with pine mushrooms

If you want to enjoy the cinnamon-like scent and flavor of pine mushrooms in season, we recommend Chinese restaurant Toh Lim. Its menu choices combine wild pine mushrooms with food from land or the sea, including ‘Angel Hair Noodle with Pine Mushroom in Chicken Broth,’ ‘Sauteed Sea Cucumber, Pine Mushroom, Abalone and Asparagus with Oyster Sauce,’ and ‘Sauteed Korean Beef and Pine Mushroom with Asparagus.’ At Toh Lim’s dinner table, you can enjoy ‘Bul Do Jang with Wood Cultivated Ginseng,’ a signature healthy food in Chinese culture cooked with premium-quality wild pine mushrooms and wood-cultivated ginseng. The lunch course meal is 145,000 won, and the dinner is 210,000 won(inclusive of tax and service fees).

Special autumn course at the Japanese restaurant Momoyama

Presenting the ‘Seasonal Special Course,’ Japanese restaurant Momoyama prioritizes the harmony between seasonality and ingredients. The seasonal course menu consists of five types of appetizers, ‘Five Types of Seasonal Sashimi,’ ‘Grilled Sous Vide Korean Beef and Mushroom,’ ‘Tile Fish and Mushrooms Hot Stone Pot Rice,’ and ‘Lotus Root Dumpling with Cordyceps and Truffle’ for the price of 210,000 won(inclusive of tax and service fees).

Inquiry LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Mugunghwa +82-317-7061~2, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Toh Lim +82-317-7101~2, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Momoyama +82-317-7031~2

Shine muscat cake at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL

Taste of Season Lingers
Meanwhile, shine muscat represents the taste of late summer that we are still reluctant to let go. The grand finale of the shine muscat season, which peaked around mid-October, can be enjoyed at Peninsula Lounge & Bar located on the first floor of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL. Having started on the first day of September, the ‘2021 Must be Shine Muscat: Fall in Farm’ event continues until November 30. The dessert bar will also have sweet potatoes from Haenam and figs from Yeongam to incorporate the seasonal aspect.

Shine Muscat Afternoon Tea Set

The signature item is ‘Shine Muscat Afternoon Tea Set’ offering over 10 types of desserts, such as ‘Shine Muscat Tart,’ serving shine muscat and jelly on top of almond cream-based tarts; ‘Sablé Muscat,’ a vanilla-flavored cookies garnished with shine muscat; madeleines and manjus made of sweet potatoes from Haenam; and fig scones, together with two cups of tea or coffee. The price is set at 79,000 won for two(inclusive of tax and service fees).
If you want to have even more shine muscat options, visit Shine Muscat Buffet available only on weekends. You can gain unlimited access to over 30 types of shine muscat dishes including tea and coffee. The buffet costs 67,000 won per adult and 35,000 won per child aged between 4 and 12(inclusive of tax and service fees).

Inquiry LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Peninsula Lounge & Bar +82-317-7131~2
November 2021 Editor:Kim Hyewon

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