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Travel-Worthy Grocery Shops in Seoul
Grocery stores fully stocked with beautiful kitchenware and delicious flavors that will enrich the stories about unfamiliar cities and our tables.
It certainly became difficult to explore restaurants for gourmet food as the pandemic has brought restrictions on traveling. That absolutely does not mean that there is a shortage of intriguing places for your gourmet food exploration. Instead, there are exotic grocery stores in the streets of Seoul, specializing in a type of cuisine and playing the role of a mini supermarket in the neighborhood, which was quite common in the 1990s in Korea. We fortunately live in a world where food is easy to find, but for those people who seek more than what is ordinary, we have lined up a handful of grocery stores in Seoul that offer a travel-like experience to customers.
Home-Cooked Meal from Tuscany, Alimentari Conte
In a quiet street in Buam-dong, on the first floor of a quaint building covered in ivy sits ‘Alimentari Conte.’ The Italian grocery store(which is ‘alimentari’ in Italian) is run by Park Man-young, who studied art for 10 years in Sienna, Tuscany. After coming back to Seoul, she realized that it was hard to find authentic Italian ingredients in Korea, not to mention proper cooking instructions for those items. So she opened her own grocery business. “I was always fond of Buam-dong because it has a similar vibe to Sienna. Then I thought of opening a small shop offering the items that I found lacking here—just like the store I used to go in Sienna.”
알리멘따리 꼰떼 내부

Inside Alimentari Conte

알리멘따리 꼰떼 외부 전경

View of Alimentari Conte

홈메이드 무화과 잼과 이탈리아식 모둠 채소, 버섯 절임

Homemade fig jam, Italian-style assorted vegetables, marinated mushroom

박만영 대표가 엄선한 다양한 제품을 구매할 수 있다.

A wide range of products carefully picked by CEO Park Man-young is on sale.

Her store sells the same olive oils and pastas she used to cook with in Italy and the home-made sauce cooked by herself using the recipe she learned from the landlady of her boarding house in Italy. The sauce can simply be applied on top of the bread served with salad, marinated mushroom, basil pesto, and fig jam. When business is not too hectic, CEO Park would go over some of her ingredients and relevant recipes with her customers visiting the shop. Sometimes she adds stories of her experience with real Italian food, which raises their appetite. Meanwhile, there is one more ‘Conte’ in Buam-dong. It’s a restaurant called ‘Trattoria Conte’ operated by Park’s sister who studied cooking in Italy. Visit the two Contes one after another, and you will feel like you have just come back from Italy. ‘Conte’ happens to mean together in Italy.                                                                      
Address 133 Changuimun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-2-395-6466
Instagram @alimentari_conte_
Putting Danish ‘Hygge’ on the Table, Edition Denmark
One of the ideas often associated with Denmark is ‘hygge.’ It is a feeling of ‘cozy contentment and well-being,’ and is considered an iconic expression that sums up the Danish culture and lifestyle prioritizing comfort and ease-of-mind. Such vibes are found in various parts of daily living in Denmark, and also at Edition Denmark. Under the motto of “Danish lifestyle on your table,” Edition Denmark curates Danish products featuring a simplistic design, supreme quality, and sustainable value. It also designs and sells its original brand merchandise that embraces the three keywords.
에디션덴마크 외부 전경

View of Edition Denmark

채광이 좋은 에디션덴마크 내부

The well-lit look inside Edition Denmark

틴케이스가 예쁜 덴마크 왕실 차 브랜드 A.C. 퍼치스 티핸들의 차

Tea by the Danish royal tea brand A.C. Perch’s Thehandel, famous for pretty tin cases

커피콜렉티브의 원두로 내린 커피와 대니시비키퍼스의 여름꿀을 활용한 ‘여름꿀 마스카포네 크래커’

Coffee made of beans from Coffee Collective, and ‘Summer Honey Mascarpone Cracker’ with Danish Beekeepers’ summer honey

Located in Seochon, the Edition Denmark showroom offers a chance to immerse yourself in everything from Denmark and the brand Edition Denmark, such as the lighting and furniture by Danish designers filling the space and the music by Danish musicians pumping out of the speakers. ‘A.C. Perch’s Thehandel,’ the tea brand with a 186-year history selected by the royal family of Denmark and ‘Coffee Collective,’ a Copenhagen-based roastery cafe provide specialty teas and coffee beans for a perfect Danish ambience for those with a delicate palate. A sip of warm tea in the sunshine coming in through the large front window makes you all cozy and comfy. It may be the very moment of hygge style that Edition Denmark has intended all along.
Address 24 Jahamun-ro 9-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-10-2668-1866
Instagram @editiondenmark
Monday is a Fun Day, Monday Morning Market
Office workers mostly dread Monday, but there is a store that defies such a phobia. ‘Monday Morning Market’ is the name of an F&B consulting group proposing the concept of ‘a market filled with fun ingredients’ and that of an offline space where the group showcases its new projects. The group is formed by four friends—a chef, a package designer, an art visual director, and a vintage furniture buyer —who decided to “do something that gives joy and fun” and opened a pop-up deli-cum-restaurant called Monday Morning Market Hyochang Branch in May 2021. Their personal careers and the joint consulting business made them choose ‘short but powerful’ pop-up store business as their new challenge. (The Sinsa-dong branch opened in November to serve as a deli-cum-gift shop where a selection of visually pleasing ingredients and natural wine can be purchased for reasonable prices.)
먼데이 모닝 마켓 효창점 © 먼데이 모닝 마켓

먼데이 모닝 마켓 효창점 © 먼데이 모닝 마켓

Monday Morning Market’s Hyochang Branch © Monday Morning Market

The criteria for the store’s merchandise selection are whether the product has a fun and pretty package and its flavor. Once a month after opening the pop-up restaurant, the deli shop sells sauces or condiments used at the restaurant, along with recipe cards. There was a chipotle chicken steak sauce presented at ‘Can Bar,’ the first pop-up with a canned food theme, and a curry spice at the second pop-up ‘Mangos.’ The unusual business name of ‘Monday Morning Market’ was suggested by a member named Maemi who is in charge of cooking and has experience in the restaurant business. Most restaurants close on Mondays, so she used to think Monday marked the beginning of her weekend. So Maemi picked the name hoping more and more people would become fond of Monday like herself. Try using a sauce from the shop’s aisle to cook your own breakfast. It may bring you a fun Monday.
Address 1F Little Forest, 8 Wonhyo-ro 71-gil, Yongsang-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-10-2121-7873
Useful Home Goods, Bomarket
The shop focuses on small home goods. It was in 2014 that ‘Bomarket’ opened in a corner of Namsan Mansion ground in Hannam-dong. Back then, CEO Yoo Bora decided to open a small supermarket for the residents of Namsan Mansion, located far from any commercial district, let alone other residential neighborhoods. She sold groceries from home and abroad that she liked to use, along with household items, baked goods, and coffee. Since then, Bomarket has become an integral part of the neighborhood community, going beyond a grocery store. Imported goods such as Cambro’s trays, Helios’ thermal jugs, and La Rochère’s cups are not just pretty to look at, but highly practical, and such curation has turned Bomarket into a supermarket you want to visit.
보마켓 경리단점 외부 전경

View of Bomarket Gyeongridan

아침 햇살을 맞으며 브런치를 즐기기 좋다.

It’s a perfect spot to enjoy brunch under the morning sun.

매장에서 직접 굽는 빵들

Pastries baked at the café

치약, 칫솔 등 일상에 필요한 물건들이 한자리를 차지한다.

Toothpaste, toothbrush and other everyday items are on sale.

The second shop, Bomarket Gyeongnidan-gil, opened in 2020 in Jugong Apartment Complex in Itaewon. The neighborhood ambience and whether Bomarket can embrace it properly are important factors in opening a new branch. Sitting at the foot of Mount Namsan, the Gyeongnidan-gil store is a great venue for you to leisurely eat brunch. You can find a table in the outdoor terrace surrounded by trees and enjoy a variety of food on the menu. The sandwich using bread that is freshly baked at the shop is particularly delicious. Located in Itaewon where diverse cultures coexist, you will also encounter diverse types of families while sitting at the restaurant. The shop always has a separate water bowl for customers with a pet.
Address Bomarket Gyeongnidan-gil, 286 Noksapyeong-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-2-792-3380
Instagram @bomarket
An Experimental Space, Super Stitch
‘Super Stitch’ is located on the first floor of the building housing coworking studio Local Stitch’s second space. Super Stitch is an experimental supermarket for residents of Seogyo-dong, created by Local Stitch which runs coliving, coworking spaces and services. Considering the large number of single-person households, the supermarket features a lounge-like space that is also pet-friendly. The clean, wide table is great for meetings and projects. There’s a liquor corner on one side offering natural wine as well as makgeolli from micro breweries so that people living by themselves do not have to go out far to have a gourmet life. Natural wine is a popular choice for a housewarming gift. Bright-colored cleaning supplies by Vikan that are known to be durable and eco-friendly plastic container Silikal are among the items selected for single-person households. The store has stationery for unexpected work meetings.
슈퍼스티치의 그로서리 판매 존

Grocery corner inside Super Stitch

슈퍼스티치 외부 전경

View of Super Stitch

베스트셀러인 컬러풀한 바이칸의 청소용품

The colorful Vikan cleaning tools are popular here

슈퍼스티치의 그래픽 포스터들

Graphic posters at Super Stitch

Super Stitch also sells coffee using beans from Cafe Yoho. You can also make a food order at the kiosk. There are eight food brands in the shared kitchen called ‘City Kitchen’ on the B1 level. Every month, on the first Monday, Marche@ holds an event market where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables directly from participating farmers. Once you visit Super Stitch, you will find yourself having fun as you shop for groceries and prepare to cook.
Address 118 Jandari-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-10-9509-0084
Instagram @superstitch_seoul
December 2021 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Photographer:Ahn Garam

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