LOTTE HOTEL 1979, Restaurant in Your Own Dining Room
Enjoy a Special Dinner with ‘LOTTE HOTEL 1979,’ LOTTE HOTEL’s Premium Meal Kit
Dining out has become quite difficult. What if you could cook and plate food like a chef, and share a delicious meal with the loved ones? If you’re not so sure about cooking at home, then a special meal kit with hotel-quality premium gourmet food should help you a great deal.

LOTTE HOTEL has launched its own premium meal kit brand, ‘LOTTE HOTEL 1979.’ The brand is founded upon LOTTE HOTEL’s fine-dining philosophies and know-how dating back to 1979. And the first item, carefully prepared by LOTTE HOTEL’s chefs, features ‘Herb Lamb Chops.’

About seven or eight Frenched racks of lamb, the most expensive cuts taken from the ribs of the pastured lamb from New Zealand under six months old, will be provided. The French racks feature the 5th to 12th ribs, and they’re best known for their tender texture, fresh meat and succulent flavor.

The kit will also include ratatouille, with a hint of Provence, and cauliflower to be enjoyed with lamb.

The recipe will make it easy for anyone to cook. Just follow the steps on grilling and plating, and learn how to best enjoy your lamb chops.

LOTTE HOTEL 1979’s Herb Lamb Chops are available exclusively at LOTTE ON, the online mall for LOTTE SHOPPING. They will be delivered only once a week in limited quantities. To ensure freshness, the last order will be accepted at midnight Wednesday. The kit will be prepared Thursday and then be delivered Friday. It’s 49,500 won (for two).

LOTTE HOTEL will produce a wider range of premium meal kits through LOTTE HOTEL 1979.

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January 2022 Editor:Lee Youngju

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