Concierge for Wine Aficionados
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL has opened a wine shop in Seoul. It offers a special wine concierge service unique to LOTTE HOTEL, to assist customers to enjoy a more resourceful wine life at home.
More and more people are choosing wine as their favorite drink. As home-cooking and house parties became a new mainstream culture with the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, home-drinking also emerged as a new trend. The millennials and Gen Z took to wine, and the number of wine shops in Seoul alone went up by 130 over a year. Compared to 2019, wine imports also jumped 27 percent in 2020. Korea was selected as the second most attractive wine market in the world last year.

Smart Wine Life
Responding to the growing popularity of wine, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL opened an offline wine shop in December catering to those who seek a high-class concept. Located on the first floor of the Main Tower of the hotel, the 89㎡-wide wine shop proposes a selection of wine that fits the personal tastes of the customers perfectly, while focusing on communicating and relating with customers. From wine for casual drinking with friends to old vintage labels to celebrate a special occasion and hard liquors such as cognac, there is a wide spectrum of wine at the shop. It is crucial to have a good understanding of what you like and what suits your palette. The wine shop has taken into consideration product origins and brands, along with various other criteria, to categorize its selection thematically so that customers can easily locate them.

LOTTE HOTEL Wine Curation
There are some noticeable services exclusively available at the LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL. The wine shop offers a year-round service of wine curation recommended by national sommeliers at LOTTE HOTEL for the customers wanting professional help in choosing wine either for personal consumption or for social gatherings. The shop is also contemplating a wine subscription service.
In continuation of the grand opening celebration, which began with a special sale event involving 13 rare, expensive wines that ended last month, the LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL wine shop is currently offering a promotion that combines wine with strawberry desserts featured at the hotel’s own ‘Must Be Strawberry’ dessert buffet. It’s part of the series introducing wines by theme, for example, suggesting the one that pairs well with strawberries or even traditional holiday foods for the Lunar New Year’s Day, adding fun and in-depth knowledge for participating customers.
It is why we have high hopes that the LOTTE HOTEL wine shop will play the role of wine concierge impeccably, at the same time as serving as a space for communicating and relating with wine devotees.

Inquiry: +82-2-317-7151
February 2022 Editor:Lee Hyunjung

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