Classy Hotel Comes to Your Home, LOTTE HOTEL e-SHOP
LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS launched ‘LOTTE HOTEL e-SHOP,’ a premium online shop where you can purchase LOTTE HOTEL’s signature products with convenience.
The crisp texture of premium bed linen, warmth of plush goose down pillows, savory dishes, and low, sonorous music filling the air…. These sorts of sensations associated with comfortable and pleasant hotel stays are probably some of the reasons we anticipate traveling and vacationing at hotels all the time. While the pandemic is making us jump through hoops to take a trip, how refreshing would it be if we could enjoy the classy hotel atmosphere at home?

Just like how they feel at the hotels, the he:on Premium Bedding and the SIGNIEL Diffuser

To meet such demands by its customers, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS opened an online shopping service where the signature products used at LOTTE HOTELS can be purchased. The hotel’s official website and mobile application now have the ‘LOTTE HOTEL e-SHOP’ section up and running.

LOTTE HOTEL e-SHOP sells over 100 types of products used or sold at seven LOTTE HOTEL locations including SIGNIEL SEOUL and BUSAN, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, WORLD, JEJU, ULSAN, and BUSAN. ‘He:on,’ a bedding brand owned by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, and popular PB merchandise such as ‘SIGNIEL Diffuser’ carrying the very scent selected for the lobbies of the SIGNIEL hotel are included in the e-SHOP inventory.

LOTTE HOTEL’s ready-to-prepare meal kits, LOTTE HOTEL 1979 Herb Lamb Chops

That’s not all. The e-SHOP presents five categories of Drive-thru, Food, Lifestyle, Premium Bedding, and Restaurant Vouchers so that customers can quickly and conveniently find the LOTTE HOTEL product or service they are looking for. They can also choose from store pick-up, parcel service, text message, or KakaoTalk gifting to receive the purchased item depending on the product type. Additionally, certain products are on a 5-20 percent discount.

A home-party set(left) by La Seine at LOTTE HOTEL BUSAN, available for drive-thru pickups, and a birthday lunchbox(right) by LOTTE HOTEL WORLD Delica Hans

The Cheyul Waterfall for Little Princess tumbler(left) and Cheyul Waterfall for Little Princess pencil case(right) of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Delica Hans

To ensure the safe and convenient use of hotel services by its customers, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS have continued to introduce various non-contact services through drive-thru pick-ups and online express check-ins. Newly launched premium online shop ‘LOTTE HOTEL e-SHOP’ is expected to extend the high-class experience offered at LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS to even more customers and make their homes as special and comfortable as the hotels.

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March 2022 Editor:Lee Youngju

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