A dinner sample of Eden Hill. Photo by Feed It Creative

Taste of Seattle, from Farm to Table
When it comes to offering fine dining experience in America, Seattle is as great as they come. The city is home to people who are convinced there’s nothing more delicious than fresh ingredients. We took a tour of farm-to-table restaurants in Seattle.
“Seattle is an amazing place for food. We’re situated in a perfect location sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Cascade mountains. We have fresh seafood, organic ingridients supplied by farmers and ranchers from the Washington State desert in Eastern Washington, and fresh mushroom foraged from the wet rainforests. As a restaurant owner, we never run out of food options.”
Jennifer Petty, a co-owner of ‘Eden Hill Restaurant’ in Queen Anne, Seattle, will take us through the farm-to-table scene in her city. Petty once lived on the East Coast, but spotted a place for a new restaurant in Queen Anne while visiting her family with her husband, Maximillian Petty. Eden Hill Restaurant (Eden Hill henceforth) opened in 2015.

Staff at Eden Hill, never afraid to try new flavor combinations or techniques. Photo by Feed It Creative

Eden Hill, Experimental New American Cuisine
Eden Hill, using fresh local ingredients, brings you an entirely new combination of flavors and techniques. There’s a hint of experimental spirit to its overall farm-to-table concept. Eden Hill has forged close relationships with farmers in and around Seattle in the Pacific Northwest. It helps the restaurant secure freshest of ingredients each season. Eden Hill also prefers to directly acquire ingredients off trucks, so that they can go straight from the refrigerated trucks to the kitchen.

Cocktail made specially for Valentine’s Day. Photo by Feed It Creative

Roasted sun choke with labnah, pomegranate. Photo by Feed It Creative

Eden Hill serves about 12 small dishes and a five-course tasting menu, as recommended by the chef. The tasting menu includes cod with sunchokes, wagyu short rib and pasta with squid Bolognese, plus an appetizer with foie gras and a dessert. Eden Hill has established itself as a perfect fine dining destination for a special occasion in Seattle. Eden Hill’s artistic approach to cooking blends in perfectly with the diversity and free-spirit vibes of Queen Anne, and those who shun the predictable when it comes to dining will fall in love with Eden Hill.

Address 2209 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone +1-206-708-6836

Sumptuous grain dishes at Bounty Kitchen. © Bounty Kitchen’s Instagram

Bounty Kitchen, Creative Salad and Bowl with Organic Vegetables and Grains
Eden Hill is surrounded by other farm-to-table restaurants. Standing next door is ‘Homegrown,’ which, in hopes of building a sustainable food system, serves sandwiches, salads and bowls using produce from grazed livestock and fresh eggs, vegetables and avocados straight from farms. Salads there come with lemon avocado vinaigrette dressing or basil lime matcha dressing, among other choices with refreshing flavors.

Salad with seasonal vegetables and dressing. © Bounty Kitchen’s Instagram

Bounty Kitchen’s downtown location, designed by Graham Baba Architects. Photo by Suzi Pratt

Across the street is ‘Bounty Kitchen,’ which assures you can get as creative as you want with farm produce. Organic products are pickled, fermented and roasted, with a touch of traditional or contemporary flavor on top. On the menu, you will find some innovative brunch dishes, salads and bowls. For brunch, crispy avocado toast with smoked local salt and rye is popular. You also can’t go wrong with Havana Libre Bowl, featuring green veggies, red beans, brown rice and sweet potato along with sofrito, often found in Spanish dishes, and adobo seasoning. Bounty Kitchen has locations in Queen Anne and Capitol Hill.

Address 7 Boston Street, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone +1-206-695-2017

Art of the Table brings local communities together with food.

Art of the Table, Leading Locavore Restaurant
Eden Hill isn’t the only farm-to-table restaurant serving a five-course tasting menu. In Fremont, north of Queen Anne, you will find ‘Art of the Table,’ founded upon the concept of locavore. It’s the compound of the English word ‘local’ and the Latin word ‘vore,’ which means ‘to eat.’ The term refers to people or movement committed to eating food grown or produced within a 160-kilometer radius. Since it opened in 2007, Art of the Table has been working closely with producers in the Pacific Northwest. The restaurant celebrates people who dedicate their lives raising, growing and catching the finest and freshest products in the region by serving these very ingredients. We asked Shannon Van Horn, co-owner and the wife of the chef-owner Dustin Ronspies, what the signature dishes are at Art of the Table.

Weathervane scallop crudo, which comes with honey roasted beet purée, kohlrabi-squash salad and smoked trout roe on top

Moulard duck breast with potato-celeriac pave and foie gras emulsion

As we focus on stating menus, the menu changes every 2 weeks so I don’t have any signature dishes so to say. The menu is more of the moment focusing on local purveyors and farms.”
Among recent dishes, moulard duck breast with potato-celeriac pave and foie gras emulsion has been popular, along with weathervane scallop crudo, which comes with honey roasted beet purée, kohlrabi-squash salad and smoked trout roe on top.

Address 3801 Stone Way N, Seattle, WA 98103
Phone +1-206-282-0942

Shaker + Spear’s interiors, inspired by the textures and colors of the Pacific Northwest Photo by Aubrie Pick

Shaker + Spear, Seafood from Pacific Beckons
Let’s go downtown. ‘Shaker + Spear,’ a couple of blocks from Pike Place Market, is all about seafood. Here, you’ll get to enjoy the fresh, authentic taste of the Pacific Ocean. It’s stating the obvious, but seafood is seasonal. This means the restaurant’s menu changes from one season to next. Raw oysters with mignonette and celery, and salt cod beignets are two of the most popular brunch dishes.

Columbia river cornmeal smelt. Gribiche. Garlic fermented honey and dill. © Shaker + Spear’s Instagram

Fish at Shaker + Spear with fresh seafood and local ingredients. © Shaker + Spear’s Instagram

They pair well with margarita, featuring spicy chili and salt on fresh lime juice, or local wine from the state of Washington. Seattle-based Graham Baba Architects worked on the interiors, giving the place a modern and edgy ambience with weathered wood and cast glass.

Address 2000 Second Ave. Seattle, WA 98121
Phone +1-206-826-1700

Where to Stay in Seattle: LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE
Opened in September 2020, LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE is located in the 44-story building on 5th Avenue in Seattle’s Midtown. The building’s glassy façade mirrors sunlight and the surrounding area. Creative designs with a modern flair in 189 rooms and suites were inspired by the beautiful natural landscape of Seattle. The hotel stands close to some of the major tourist destinations of the city, such as Space Needle, Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market. LOTTE HOTEL SEATTLE is an emerging landmark of the city, perfect for both business travelers and tourists.

Address 809 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104
Phone +1-206-800-8110
April 2022 Editor:Lee Youngju
Writer:Yeah Joon Han-Mann
Eden Hill, Art of The Table, Graham Baba Architects

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