B&B Becomes Local Brand Store, Sogil Byeolha in Jeju
Jeju Aewol-eup Sogil-ri is a famous address to even people not living in Jeju Island, thanks to the filming of a popular TV program <Hyori’s Homestay> there. The very house is now an artsy store featuring up-and-coming local artists and brands of Jeju. We visited Sogil Byeolha, a new addition to the list of must-sees in the island.
<Hyori’s Homestay> was an entertainment program that aired on TV from 2017 through 2018. The popular show starring a celebrity couple made a lot of people dream of owning their own homes in Jeju. As it had a high viewer rating and media attention at the same time, people traveling to Jeju began visiting the actual Sogil-ri residence on their trips. Even after the show ended and the couple relocated, the house still remained a popular destination among tourists.

Local Brand Store Replaces B&B
The house, located at Sogil-ri, Aewol-eup, had been empty for a few years after its former residents, including the star couple and their dogs and cats, moved out. Then we heard the news that the place was being revived as a local brand store named ‘Sogil Byeolha’. Truthfully, we were more curious about what the house was like in person more than we were about the brands or products it would sell. We had many questions such as how isolated the house is from busy streets, how big the yard is considering how it appeared on TV, what it is like in the inside of the house, and what it is like to look at the yard from the studio building.
To visit Sogil Byeolha, you need to make a reservation online. There are five time slots in a day, and each session admits up to 35 visitors, meaning seats fill up fast during holiday seasons and weekends. The viewing starts on the hour, meaning if you are late, you have less time to look around the house. Payment is required at the time of booking, and it includes a drink and snacks that are provided when you actually visit. For the viewing of the space, shopping, and having light snacks in the front yard, the price of 8,000 won doesn’t feel too steep.

Again, you get a limited time in the house, so you’d better be smart with it. Some people go straight to the front yard to grab a table for coffee and take photos, while the house viewing and shopping are last on their itinerary. Others choose to go to the indoor space first and then spend the remaining minutes outside. Those who are not interested in shopping and viewing can just enjoy staying idle in the front yard. If it’s a fine day, spending an hour in the quiet yard surrounded by lush trees while sunbathing will feel like a bliss.
The advance booking system may seem cumbersome, but being able to spend your hour at Sogil Byeolha without getting disturbed by too many visitors makes it worthwhile.

Jeju Brands That Shine
‘Sogil-ri’ is the name of the town and a pure Korean expression meaning ‘to become a person who shines like a star’ are used together to name the store whose main feature is introducing local brands that are practical and attractive. Most of its items are either made by artists based in Jeju or made with resources from Jeju. If there is no direct link between Jeju and the product, it could still convey a sentiment unique to Jeju or a sense of eco-friendliness fitting for the motto of a clean Jeju.
It is noticeable how the store refrained from displaying items like regular select shops would. Instead, it has a style of art galleries where visitors can take time to look and appreciate products on display without rushing to the cashier. Entering the house, you walk by the living room and kitchen. Go up the stairs then to the bedroom, bathroom, and terrace. You get to encounter dozens of Jeju local brands across the whole house. Fresh, unfamiliar items in a familiar space naturally are eye-catching. Visitors can have a better understanding of Jeju as they read the stories behind each brand that are offered with the products on the shelf.

A separate building that Lee Sang-soon, a musician and husband to idol pop singer Lee Hyo-ri, used as his studio has been made into a rest stop and cafe for visitors. Trees viewed through the large windows refresh your eyes. As mentioned before, a drink and snacks that are included in the ticket price are provided here. There is a chance of slight changes to the menu. We were offered a choice among a cup of Americano brewed from coffee beans sold by Jeju local cafe brand Hasoro, 100% organic tangerine juice by Saengdr Farmers’ Cooperative, and cacao tea produced by Jeju local brand Cacao Family.

Items Depicting Jeju
More people travel to Jeju with their pet dogs. At Sogil Byeolha, visitors are also allowed to bring dogs. The store has products for canine travel companions. The Dangkit kit includes essential items such as potty training pads, poop bags, and food bowls, as well as bathing items, and homemade snacks using Jeju local specialty ingredients. The store also carries individual snacks made with organic, pesticide-free, and non-antibiotic ingredients from the island. There are some handmade products designed with Jeju in mind such as smudge sticks by Prana in Sagye and Tewag(floating basket used by haenyeo) key rings by Bomesonme. Framed photographs and paintings of Jeju’s Woljeongri or Gimnyeong seas are also available.
A fabric perfume reinterpreting the space of Sogil Byeolha as a scent was produced in collaboration with Have A Smell. Sogil Byeolha Candle was created by local handmade candlemaker Vava Scent. Other items include masking tapes, hooded t-shirts, ballpoint pens, and disposable cameras designed by Sogil Byeolha.

Although the beginning of this trip was our curiosity about the former bed and breakfast house, we were able to understand Jeju a little better after seeing all the local handmade products at the store. We had a moment of realization about how fast and diverse Jeju’s local brands were growing. It would be a great opportunity for small business owners and local designers in Jeju to present their items at Sogil Byeolha, considering the island had not seen much activity in terms of local flea markets on account of the prolonged pandemic. If you want to check out some authentic Jeju goods, Sogil Byeolha will be your best half-day destination.

Address 34-37 Sogilnam-gil, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si
Admission Time 10:30 / 13:00 / 14:10 / 15:20 / 16:30 (Closed on Monday)


Where to Stay in Jeju: LOTTE HOTEL JEJU
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Address 35, Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island
Phone +82-64-731-1000
June 2022 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Writer:Jung Daun
Photographer:Park Doosan

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  • June 2022
  • Editor: Jung Jaewook
    Writer: Jung Daun
  • Photographer: Park Doosan
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