Secretly, Specially. Lifestyle Stores in Busan
Anyone can go there, but not everyone would recognize them. They are special places found only in Busan. We take you inside two lifestyle shops that, after starting out in the hip Jeonpo-dong neighborhood, have become new landmarks of Busan.
Busan is the hottest place in Korea today, after Seoul. Hotels and resorts keep popping up all over the city, not to mention cultural spaces like art galleries, F&B establishments and lifestyle places. You obviously can’t visit them all, but the two must-see places are Luft Mansion in Haeundae and Camel and Oasis in Namcheon-dong. It’s not simply because they’re new. They both offer so much energy, inspiration and diversity.

Luft Mansion, an Exotic House of a Friend
Luft Mansion in Haeundae is the lifestyle multishop launched by ‘Luft Basement,’ the popular fashion multishop in Jeonpo-dong. Much like other hip places that have opened recently, Luft Mansion doesn’t feature a noticeable sign on the outside. You have to figure out ways to get there. Once inside, you’ll immediately fall in love with such an exotic and vintage vibe. It’s worth all the trouble trying to locate it in the first place.

Haeridan-gil, where Luft Mansion stands, is a tourist area that attracts people of many different generations from Korea or overseas, different from Jeonpo-dong. And the nature of the neighborhood has come to define Luft Mansion as well. Luft Mansion runs under the slogan, ‘I Love All People.’ It strives to embrace everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, gender and age. And products are curated in ways to reflect this vision. In addition to catering to the seniors and children, the shop plans to bring in more goods for pets in the future.

The best thing about Luft Mansion is the place itself. Visitors often say they feel like they’re visiting a friend’s house in a foreign country. That’s because the shop, while highlighting several different sections with their own distinctive features, ensures no one particular part overshadows everything else. Visitors can touch and test different products and furniture. The shop serves its purpose as a lifestyle multishop perfectly, and it’s easy to see just how much care went into curation. Luft Mansion presents lifestyle products in its own, unique fashion, creating an inimitable identity of the shop. According to a shopkeeper, Luft Mansion runs on “a virtuous circle,” with people who run the shop and the shoppers working together to forge the shop’s identity and make the place so different from others of that ilk. Luft Mansion has expanded, and it’s ready to provide you with an even more memorable experience.

Address 201-ho, 1 Udong 1-ro, 38bun-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan
Instagram @luft_mansion

Camel and Oasis, Exuding Busan’s Unique Vibe
Camel and Oasis is a local poster brand and a design studio, made up of illustrator Ha Hyo-jung and art director Kang Tae-young. They opened the shop in Busan to better showcase their work and share it with a wider public. The Namcheon-dong location sells posters designed by the two artists, as well as postcards, clothes and accessories.

“I felt those of us living in a city were all like camels walking across the desert,” Kang said. And these words will tell you what Kang wants people to take away from his brand and his space. Kang said he had “a base camp for people who love music and sense of community” in mind when opening the shop. It really does feel like some sort of a guesthouse, where anyone can just walk right in for a chat.
Camel and Oasis is built on the themes of ‘season’ and ‘locality.’ It comes up with different products for different seasons, and introduces works by designers and artists based in Busan. The four seasons function as chapters of sort. Season 01 was dubbed, ‘We All Have Our Own Stories,’ and showcased drawings of animals with a wide range of storylines. Season 02 was titled ‘More Music, More Love,’ covering music and love. Season 03 was called ‘‘Oh~Lovely Busan,’ in homage to the shop’s home city. Season 04, called. ‘Green Around Us,’ tells the story of living with plants around us.

On the idea of locality, Camel and Oasis says it’s about ‘a community where neighbors support each other and share and enjoy their culture.’ Rather than particular space or location, the focus is on people being together. The distinctive charm and energy of Busan adds a special touch to the whole experience.
If you want to experience that unique culture and energy of Busan, be sure to stop by Namcheon-dong.

Address 22 Hwangnyeongsan-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan
Instagram @camelandoasis 

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July 2022 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Writer:Oh Sanghee
Luft Mansion, Camel and Oasis

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  • July 2022
  • Editor: Jung Jaewook
    Writer: Oh Sanghee
  • Cooperation: Luft Mansion, Camel and Oasis
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