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Before the COVID-19 pandemic brought about travel restrictions around the globe, Guam had been one of the most popular honeymoon destinations and vacation spots. The ocean and the natural surroundings are still as scenic as ever, and the beautiful island has preserved traces of history. It offers a wide variety of traditional Chamorro dishes, too.
Guam, located in the heart of the western Pacific, is the largest of the Marinara Islands and the largest island in Micronesia. This U.S. territory is about 220 kilometers away from another popular tourist spot, Saipan. Two Lovers Point, Tumon Beach, Apra Harbor (for shipwreck dives) and Ritidian Point are among the most-visited places in Guam. They can be covered in day trips. Throughout the island, you will find remains of history, dating back to days of the old Chamorro people and to occupation by the Portuguese, the U.S. and the Japanese forces.

They have become parts of the island’s culture. It’s quite evident in the island’s cuisine. The culinary culture in Guam has been shaped by the local history and other regional influences. You can enjoy traditional Chamorro food and also find dishes that combine elements of Asian, Spanish and Pacific Island cuisines. Chamorro Barbecue, Red Rice and chicken Kelaguen are well known around the world. You should set aside at least one day just to go feast on Chamorro Barbecue and chicken.
Chamorro People’s Favorite

Red rice goes well with any entrée.

Chicken Kelaguen and Red Rice
Chicken Kelaguen is the favorite chicken dish among the Chamorro people. Cut up cooked chicken and mix it with lemon juice, coconut, hot pepper, salt, ginger and onion sauce. Then wrap up chicken in titiyas, made of corn or coconut powder. Beef or shrimp can replace chicken in the recipe.
When cooking rice, the Chamorro people add salt, oil and annatoo juice, made of achiote seeds. This will give the rice hat signature red color, with the sticky texture of typical Korean rice. Placing onions at the bottom will add more flavor. The red rice is served with barbecue at restaurants.

Chamorro-style BBQ ribs

Chamorro Barbecue and Finadene
The Chamorro-style barbecue can be found all over Guam. Seaside restaurants serve sunset barbecue right around the sunset, typically featuring short ribs marinated in sweet sauce, red rice, cold beers and salad. Sometimes chicken in spicy sauce replaces short ribs. Barbecue skewers on streets or at night markets are also delicious, not to mention more affordable than fancy restaurants.
Finadene is the sauce found on tables at most Guam restaurants. It combines the sourness of vinegar, saltiness of soy sauce and pungency of chipped chili. The Chamorro people put Finadene into everything. Barbecue places marinate their meat in their own, special Finadene sauce.

Apigigi, a night market staple

Apigigi and Bunelos Aga
Coconut and banana, widely available across Guam, are the basis of the Chamorro cuisine and also the most beloved dessert ingredients. Apigigi (grated coconut and sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and steamed) is a chewy coconut dessert. It’s a popular street food item at night markets.
Bunelos Aga is the soft and warm banana donut, served with maple syrup. Latiya, the vanilla sponge cake sprinkled with cinnamon and salt, is another popular Chamorro dessert.
Top Chamorro Restaurants

Hamburgers and BBQ plate at Meskla Dos, a popular Guam hangout

Popular Hamburgers in Guam
Meskla Dos is the best-known burger joint in Guam. It has won several titles at Guam’s hamburger festival and Shrimp ‘Uhang’ Burger is the signature burger. It is served with the red rice on a BBQ plate. The juicy shrimp patty, spicy sauce and vegetables come together in perfection, making this a beloved burger for all age groups. Shrimp burgers are a hit in Korea these days, and you should try to find out how they stack up against the hottest shrimp burger in Guam.

Dishes at Mosa’s Joint, a favorite of the Chamorro people

Mosa’s Joint is the American burger spot but has become a favorite among the Chamorro people. They use local ingredients, and their vegan burger is all the rage, too. They won an award at the hamburger festival with the spinach, mushroom and blue cheese burger. Loco Moco (rice topped with burger patty, fried egg and gravy) is another popular dish.

Meskla Dos
Address 413 North Marine Corps Drive (Across K-Mart) Upper Tumon, GU

Mosa’s Joint
Address 324 W. Soledad Ave. Quan Bldg. Ste 100 Hagatna, GU

Three Squares, famous for Titiyas, Chicken Kelaguen and BBQ

Three Squares, Traditional Chamorro Meal
You will find hints of the Chamorro cuisine at restaurants across Guam. But because of influence from diverse cultures, you won’t find too many restaurants solely dedicated to the traditional Chamorro food, with most of them being fusion spots. Three Squares is that rare local diner serving the traditional Chamorro dishes. It was featured in a food show in Korea and is a popular Instagrammable destination, too. Signature dishes include Chicken Kelaguen (chicken wrapped in titiyas with assorted toppings), BBQ plate and Guam-style chicken.

Address 416 Chalan San Antonio Tamuning GU
Instagram @threesquaresguam

BBQ at Tumon Bay Lobster & Grill, a popular tourist spot

Tumon Bay Lobster & Grill, Guam’s Best BBQ Grill
Located in the famous Tumon Bay, Tumon Bay Lobster & Grill is the best-known Chamorro barbecue spot in Guam. While not every dish is authentic Guam, their menu leans heavily on the Chamorro cuisine with their sauce and recipes, among other details. Seafood Platter (shrimps, crab and clams) and Surf & Turf (lobster and steak), and Family Platter are the best.

Address 1010 La Isla Plaza Suite 201. San Vitores Road, Tumon, Guam

Place to stay at in Guam: LOTTE HOTEL GUAM
Within Guam, LOTTE HOTEL GUAM is located in front of Tumon Beach, where it’s famous for its beautiful scenery of the coast. It is only a 15-minute drive from the airport and is within five-minute walking distance from Pleasure Island. The rooms are designed by the world famous HBA, where it has the coziness like home and relaxing atmosphere like a vacation spot. It also included Lotte Hotel’s own modern feel to it.

Address 185 Gun Beach Road Barrigada, Guam 
Phone +1-671-646-6811
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