Breakfast at SIGNIEL BUSAN’s The View
The View at SIGNIEL BUSAN is a popular destination to view the sunrise in Busan. The buffet restaurant helps open the new day for guests with a bang.
The start of a new day when you’re traveling brings you both a sense of expectations and relief, as if you were in a dream that you never want to wake up from. Breakfast away from home doesn’t just entail the act of eating the first meal of the day. You want to feel and share those morning vibes with other travelers. This is why many of us show up for hotel breakfasts when we can barely stay awake.
SIGNIEL BUSAN, one of Busan’s most popular accommodation choices, brings you top-notch facilities and services, not to mention great dining options. The View, a buffet restaurant famous for a panoramic view of the Haeundae Beach, can satisfy both your eyes and taste buds.

The day begins at 4:30 a.m. for staff at The View.

People Who Opening Mornings at The View
The View is on the fifth floor at SIGNIEL BUSAN. It’s not at breathtaking height but you’re at eye level with the vast horizon in front. The View lives up to its name.
The View opens at 6:30 a.m. each morning, but the day begins much earlier for those working behind the scene. The kitchen staff and food and beverage staff start working at around 4:30 a.m. The latter set the tables and arrange chairs, while the former prepares food.
There are 160 seats in the hall, with 30 additional seats in the private dining rooms (PDR). There are three rooms for six people, and one room for a dozen guests.
Many guests want to be able to see the ocean over their breakfast. With The View being a popular Instagram destination, tables along the windows are obviously in high demand. The restaurant staff makes sure to arrange tables in ways that diners won’t get in the way of one another too much. Because of that setup, you will get a pretty good view of the beach and the ocean from anywhere at The View.

The View has something for everyone at breakfast

Breakfast at The View
The Korean word for breakfast can mean different things. Typically, it refers to the meal in the morning. It can also mean an early meal, especially for those who visit The View right at the start, at 6:30 a.m. The word can also refer to a modest meal in the morning. And for SIGNIEL BUSAN guests who want to enjoy a relaxing breakfast, the word will carry yet another meaning: a delicious spread for the morning.
The View serves about 140 dishes at breakfast. They change every three months, using different seasonal ingredients. There are sections for hot food, cold dishes, desserts and coffee or tea. The open kitchen has been expanding its options, too.

You can choose from hot food or cold food sections. The live egg station is a hit.

The breakfast includes salads, fruits and pastries, along with Korean and Chinese dishes. Sausages, grilled vegetables and seafood are also available. The open kitchen will cook up eggs just the way you want them. Omelets and egg benedicts look great and taste even better. Made-to-order pho will help you keep warm on a wintry morning. There are also five types of charcuterie on offer, including prosciutto and jambon.
The concept for high-end hotel buffets is changing. It’s no longer just about all-you-can-eat. The idea is to serve a la carte on small dishes. The same goes for breakfast.

Chef Han Sang-woo working at the open kitchen

We met with Yoo Jin-hwan, head manager in charge of food and services at The View, see how dishes are prepared there and how the restaurant is reflecting latest trends.

Q. What do you consider the most important element of breakfast at The View?
A. At a buffet, diners choose the food they want, and it’s important to keep everything fresh. Rather than preparing huge portions at once, we cook dishes in small bits to ensure they stay fresh. We pay extra care to hot food, eggs and open kitchen because foods there must be served warm.

Q. The important of breakfast buffet at a hotel is such that people will choose hotels based on their breakfast. What do diners demand from The View?
A. We offer a great view of the Haeundae Beach, and our guests obviously want tables by the windows. Since we’re close to the ocean, people also ask for local staples and fresh seasonal ingredients.

Haeundae Beach seen from The View, with Gwangan Bridge also in sight.

Q. And are you able to meet those demands?
A. Absolutely. We bring local specialties and seafood from Busan and the nearby Namhae region for our dishes. Our sea mustard soup is made with sea mustard from Gijang. We use blowfish from Busan and marsh clams from Namhae for soups, too. They’re great for breakfast.

Q. You do listen to your guests, then.
A. When people travel to Busan, they expect the taste of the ocean. In winter, we prepare dishes featuring gwamegi (half-dried herring) or maesaengi (seaweed fulvescens) from Pohang. We get a lot of couples toward the end of the year and we add dishes for them accordingly. Dessert spots around Haeundae are popular on Instagram, and so we’ve expanded our dessert choices, too.

Q. How many of SIGNIEL BUSAN guests have breakfast at The View?
A. I believe about 45 percent of the guests eat breakfast with us. SIGNIEL BUSAN has a lot of packages that do not include breakfast. This number means people mostly prefer breakfast inclusive packages. And about 15 percent of our diners are outside visitors, not hotel guests. They come just to eat at The View. I hope The View will continue to be the reason people choose to stay at SIGNIEL BUSAN.

Where to Stay in Busan: SIGNIEL BUSAN
SIGNIEL BUSAN is the second SIGNIEL location, after the one in Seoul, and is situated in the Haeundae landmark, LCT Tower. With 260 rooms, SIGNEIL BUSAN brings you a breathtaking view of the ocean over Haeundae Beach, with Gwangan Bridge also in sight. SIGNIEL BUSAN is also an excellent gourmet destination, where world-renowned chefs will take you on a delectable journey.

January 2023 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Photographer:Kim Zun

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