Bedding for Deep Sleep
He:on, Lotte Hotel's own bedding brand, makes products that feel as good as new every morning. If you want to comfort of a hotel bed in your own bedroom, then He:on should be your choice.
There are so many of us swamped with work every day. And the key to maintaining a good health is getting good sleep. Cervantes once said sleep is the most effective medicine to the weary mind. And it really is important to get a good night's sleep. The mantra holds truth when you're traveling, too. And that's why many tourists choose to stay in high-end hotels. And clean, comfortable beds and blankets are synonymous with luxurious hotels. And what if you could wake up in the same bedding every morning? He:on, Lotte Hotel's bedding brand, will give you that opportunity.

Developed in conjunction with Simmons, one of the world's premier bedding manufactures, He:on's products boast great flexibility, and their loft and volume are easily restored. He:on uses soft cozy foam, 100 percent pure wool fabric of the highest quality and bio lawn fabric that's known to help reduce stress. The double pocket springs for the mattress will provide added comfort. The pillow top disperses the body weight, which ensures more comfortable sleeping. The king size mattress goes for 3.85 million won.

To create optimal sleeping experience, He:on's products are made of light and heat retention materials. For pillows and blankets, goose down fillings are used for better temperature and humidity regulation. And for blankets in particular, Hungarian goose chest feathers were used for extra insulation and warmth. The He:on Set consists of blanket, bed sheet, two pillows, two bath gowns, two bath towels and two facial towels. It's 1,415,000 won for the king size. The He:on Premium Bedding Set, specially designed for Lotte Hotel Seoul's new Executive Tower that opened in September, is close to a launch. He:on translates into "the sun that lights up the world" in Korean. And it will provide you the level of warmth and comfort you've never enjoyed before, and will help heal the weary body and soul
For information on products: +82 2 759 7351
January 2019 Editor:Mun Sujin
Cooperation: LOTTE Hotel

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  • January 2019
  • Editor: Mun Sujin
  • Cooperation: LOTTE Hotel
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