Lotte Hotel Jeju PlayTopia, Utopia for All
Here's a hotel that has transformed itself into a dynamic playground. 'PlayTopia' at Lotte Hotel Jeju will make your dream come true.

Entrance to Play Topia

Arcade Zone

Arcade Zone

People are now taking the vacation at hotels. They go up to the rooftop bar for a cocktail or two, and go swimming in the fancy hotel pool. 'Staycation' is no longer a foreign concept. But there are those who want to take it a step further and enjoy all sorts of fun activities at hotels: hence the rise of the new traveling trend, 'Playacation.' And it can be even more fun when you bring your children. We all know hotels offer more than just a room for overnight stays, but we would still like to see more for our children there. And Lotte Hotel Jeju has opened a place that will satisfy parents and children alike. Meet 'PlayTopia,' the largest indoor playground at a Korean hotel.

Champion R's Rope Canyon

Champion R's synthetic ice rink, Speed Field

Family rock bowling alley, Gain

PlayTopia is a playground of your dreams. Covering more than 2,700㎡, PlayTopia is a perfect place for parents and their kids to have fun. It features the family rock bowling alley called 'Gain.' Of the dozen lanes, three are designated for children, with bumpers covering the gutters on either side. 'Champion R' is an extreme sports club for children where parents can actually let their kids run around and take a breather themselves. It has zip line 'Low Drop Wire,' the jungle-themed 'Rope Canyon' and the indoor ice rink 'Speed Field.' Champion R was put together in partnership with 'Playtime Group,' which operates other children's parks such as Sangsang Nori and Champion 1250. The kids can have all the fun in a safe and secure environment. And they can bring their parents to the 'VR Zone' and 'Arcade Zone.' It can be difficult to find places where grown-ups and children can both have fun on vacation, and PlayTopia offers a perfect solution. In the biting cold or suffocating dust outdoors, PlayTopia is just the place for your children to enjoy themselves.

Champion R

Champion R's Market Play & Pyeonbaek Play

Champion R's Play Gym with trampoline

February 2019 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Cooperation: Lotte Hotel Jeju

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