L7 Hongdae, Playground for Creative Minds
L7 Hongdae, Lotte's lifestyle hotel, is situated in Hongdae ('Hongik University') area, the artistic and cultural hub. L7 Hongdae is a new culture station where artistic minds can come in to be inspired or simply to relax and chill.
Hongik University, or better colloquially known as 'Hongdae,' is the symbol of art in Korea. It is home to a famous art school, and many painters, musicians, writers and designers are based around the school. They draw, paint, write and play music there.

How to Enjoy L7 Hongdae with Style
2On Jan. 31, 2018, L7 Hongdae, Lotte Hotel's third lifestyle hotel, opened in the heart of the Hongdae area. The first one opened in Myeongdong, the center of tourism and shipping, followed by another in Gangnam, the hub of all things fashion and Korean Wave. And it is a perfectly natural step for Hongdae, as the center of art and culture, got the third L7. And the hotel serves as a gathering place for the creatively inclined.

L7 Hongdae has many features that you won't find at any other hotels. The rooftop bar and the swimming pool at the top stand out. The rooftop bar 'Floating' and the pool are the kind of facilities you'd see in tourist destinations such as Bangkok and Miami. You can enjoy a cocktail or two, come for a performance by a famous singer, or join the pool party -- all of that against the beautiful backdrop of Hongdae. A level below, the open-kitchen restaurant Floating serves you New York-style brunch and other fresh dishes.

Blue Roof lounge on the 21st floor is another highlight of L7 Hongdae. The place was inspired by Cheonggiwa (Blue Tile) Gas Station, now-defunct landmark of Hongdae, and it seeks to serve as a cultural station where people can mingle and interact with one another. It's open to all, and it'll offer books on topics such as art, music, design and travel. The lounge will also work with a local independent publisher to provide curated publications and record collections. World-renowned graffiti artist BFMIN has contributed his work to the first floor, while the rope-inspired piece by Lee Gwang-ho is displayed on the ceilings of the restaurant and lounge. These pieces tell you the new L7 hotel just had to open in this area.

The self-check-in/check-out system, L-KI system.

Space for Tech-Savvy, Free-Spirited Millennials
L7 Hongdae is also a place for the IT-savvy millennials, as attested by its L-KI system. The name is the combination of L7 and kiosk. It's the self-check-in/check-out system developed by L7 and Lotte Data Communication. It allows for a quick and easy check-in using information you receive upon making a reservation, such as the booking number or QR code. Once you check in, you'll receive 'Luckey.' .

 In terms of the hoteliers' uniforms and its interior, L7 Hongdae is different from other conventional hotels. The 22-story hotel just screams Hongdae, from its interior to room structures and finishing materials, furniture and small props. Designed by Lee Joo-young, uniforms feature geometric graffiti graphics and the blend of grey, red and yellow. You won't see anything like it at other hotels. The rooms are also inimitable. There is a triple room with three single beds -- perfect for two or more friends to stay together -- along with the studio suite with artistic furniture and interior and 'Loasis Suite,' or 'local oasis' with a terrace. In total, there are 340 rooms, all with their unique features because, well, it's Hongdae after all.

L7 Hongdae is only complete when L7's brand philosophy -- to provide an 'open space' full of new experiences and inspirations -- meets artistic minds, whether it's the party animal, music-loving clubbers, free-spirited artists or hipsters. L7 Hongdae can transform a routine event into a fun festival. It will be the perfect playground for all creative minds in Hongdae.
Information  +82 2 2011 1007
December 2018 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Cooperation: L7 Hongdae

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  • December 2018
  • Editor: Jung Jaewook
  • Cooperation: L7 Hongdae
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