The Most Dynamic Hotel Break Can Be Enjoyed at LOTTE ARAI RESORT
If you think that a normal travel routine — sightseeing, eating and resting — is boring, the solution is finding something to do. With a 1.5 kilometer-long zip line tour, Japan’s biggest tubing course and plenty more opportunities for adventure, LOTTE ARAI RESORT is the perfect tourist destination.
As the fresh smells of summer and fill the air, it’s clear that vacation time is upon us. As the year nears its mid-point, the most important thing for many of us is to get some rest and recharge. As quite a number of people prefer to focus solely on resting, for many the true meaning of vacation, they find staying at a single hotel a more attractive option than a tightly scheduled tour. The LOTTE ARAI RESORT, located in the exotic nature of Japan’s Niigata Prefecture, offers all the conditions for the perfect hotel vacation. Guests can eat, play and rest, all in one place. From rooms with views of the beautiful Myoko plateau to a year-round swimming pool, outdoor hot spring and a restaurant that serves Korean, Japanese and western food, the resort has everything any holidaymaker could want. The secret behind being the best hotel vacation is the activities that allow you to interact with nature, and there is nowhere better to experience that than in Asia. As we prepare for the greenest season, here is an introduction to those relaxing and exciting adventure facilities.
롯데아라이리조트 짚 투어

Zip tour

A thrilling zip tour that spans the sky
Nothing quite beats the thrill of flying through nature on a single wire suspended in midair. Racing down from an altitude of 950 meters to 710 meters in just three minutes, LOTTE ARAI RESORT’s zip tour is Japan’s longest course, at a total length of 1,501 meters. Starting off on the zip tour, riders are first amazed by the explosive speed of the ride, flying off the launching platform like a personal rollercoaster. Guests are then left breathless by the amazing scenery of the Northern Shin-etsu mountains and the plains of Takada. Riders don’t need to worry about the safety of the zip wire as it has a diameter of 19 millimeters and weighs about 2.4 tons. It’s so safe that the same cable is used as an emergency evacuation tool for the NASA Space shuttle launcher. The thrilling experience in such a magnificent setting is enough in its own right to justify a visit to the LOTTE ARAI RESORT.
Hours of use 9:00~ /11:00~ /13:00~ /15:00~
Admission fee Adult 4,800 yen for one ride/ Elementary (4th to 6th grade) 2,800 yen
※ Between April 27, 2019 to Nov. 4
※ Can be used after an online reservation or by registering on site
롯데아라이리조트 짚 라인


A shorter ride with just as many thrills
If you think LOTTE ARAI RESORT’s zip tour is too overwhelming, why not try the 170-meter long zipline. It can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of four As the scenery and speed changes depending on the weather and wind speeds, it provides a different experience every time you ride it.
Hours of use 9:00~17:00 (Last sign-up 16:00)
Admission fee Day pass for adult 1,500 yen/ Elementary (4th to 6th grade) 800 yen
※ Specifically between April 28, 2019 to Sept 23
롯데아라이리조트 트리 어드벤처

롯데아라이리조트 트리 어드벤처

Tree Adventur

An adventure in the trees
The forest in the summer is filled with vitality and the fresh scent of grass. Once you’ve had a thrilling adventure up in the air, it’s time to experience the woods and have some fun exploring the adventure course installed throughout the forest. The LOTTE ARAI RESORT is home to the Tree Adventure, which consists of a total of 102 pieces of playground equipment like mid-air ladders and nets. The massive woods have been transformed into a natural playground, the biggest in Japan covering a huge 33,000 meters-cubed. As there are eight different courses to be selected, the adventure can be enjoyed by almost anyone, from preschoolers to adults. If you’ve successfully completed the Challenge course for beginners or for children and the Active course for intermediates, we strongly recommend trying the River course, where guests can enjoy the beautiful river view. Take a moment to return to your childhood — you’re guaranteed to have a special experience.
Hours of use 9:00~17:00 (Last sign-up 16:00)
Admission fee One-course use for Adult 1,500 yen/ Elementary (4th to 6th grade) 800 yen
※ Specifically between April 27, 2019~Sept. 23
롯데아라이리조트 올 시즌 튜빙


All-season sledding
Sledding is possible year-round at LOTTE ARAI RESORT through the magic of tubing. Like the name suggests, tubing is a simple activity that involves a rider climbing into a circular inflatable tube and sliding down a slope, but it is not to be underestimated — you may be surprised by the unexpectedly fast speeds you can reach sliding down a hill. LOTTE ARAI RESORT has six tubing courses, the most in Japan, and the longest course is 192 meters long at a steep incline of 17 degrees. It’s another plus that a daily pass allows riders to hit the slopes for an unlimited time throughout the day.
Hours of use 9:00~17:00 (Last sign-up 16:00)
Admission fee Daily pass for adult 1,500 yen/ Elementary (4th to 6th grade) 800 yen
※ Specifically between April 27, 2019~Sept. 23
롯데아라이리조트 플레이그라운드

롯데아라이리조트 플레이그라운드


An indoor playground transported from nature
On rainy days, a playground designed as an indoor multi-entertainment space may be the perfect solution. Throughout the year, you can experience the artificial climbing or jump on a trampoline with your family, friends or loved ones. Standing at 4.5 meters high, the bouldering wall has a total of 750 grips, the most in Japan. Ig guests really want a challenge, they can try Japan’s first-ever “wonder wall,” a mix of projection mapping and climbing, for a new kind of fun. The fun-wall doubles the fun as it has eight different designs based on things like Tetris and a snowman. Lastly, the square trampoline allows guests to experience the feeling of flying up in the air by jumping freely. As there are basketball nets installed around the trampoline, the time will fly once you get on.
Hours of use 9:00~17:00 (Last sign-up 16:00)
Admission fee One-hour for Adult 1,500 yen/ Elementary (4th to 6th grade) 800 yen
※ Specifically between April 27, 2019~Sept 23
A camping ground in the forest
As the fine dust is becoming a bigger issue, our desire to breathe fresh air is growing. A campsite in the forest may be the perfect answer. “Camping Ground,” newly introduced by LOTTE ARAI RESORT in April this year, allows guests to enjoy a barbeque party between 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. while enjoying the nature of the beautiful Niigata Prefecture. The “Camping Ground” has made camping attractive even for those lazy people that have only ever dreamed of camping in the nature. At “Camping Ground,” guests can fill their stomach with wagyu, chicken and sausages as the barbecue is already set up on site. If you do use the barbecue, the grill, table, water and dishware are provided. As for the price, it is 7,800 yen for two adults and 11,700 for three.
Duration of operation Operates every day between July 27, 2019~August 18, Operates only on the weekends and holidays between April 27~Nov. 4
Operating hours 10:30~17:00 (Last sign-up 15:00)
Admission fee BBQ-for-two 7,800 yen/ BBQ-for-three 11,700 yen



June 2019 Editor:Ha Jaekyung
Writer:Lee Yeeun

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