Rooftop pool at L7 HONGDAE

Here Comes Summer
Wanna enjoy a comfortable and relaxing staycation, swimming in the pool? Visit LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS. From a rooftop pool for adults to a kids pool and a heated pool where the water is kept warm at all times, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS offers a variety of pool options.
Tourists opt for a hotel in their travel destinations mostly for obvious reasons. They want pleasant surroundings and thoughtful service, various amenities, and a polished interior design. Summer adds one more to the wishlist. A swimming pool. For those who are looking to have a staycation without having to travel a long distance, a pool is an important factor in deciding where to stay.
Any lodging offered by LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS can be an outstanding choice for staycationers. Having the largest hotel chain as a Korean brand, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS has over 30 business units across the world providing diverse pool options that suit the purpose and type of each traveler.

Rooftop pool at L7 HONGDAE

Rooftop pool at L7 HONGDAE

You can enjoy food and beverages from rooftop bar Floating here.

Enjoy Swimming on the Roof Downtown, L7 HONGDAE Rooftop Pool
At L7 HONGDAE brimming with unique and bohemian spirits, it is without doubt its Rooftop Pool that accentuates the hotel’s characteristics. Located on the 22nd floor at the top of the hotel overlooking the Hongdae neighborhood as well as the Han River, the pool has become one of the hot places of Hongdae almost instantaneously after opening. The Rooftop Pool of L7 HONGDAE stands out even more, come sunset. After admiring the beautiful evening sky and the city skyline while swimming, you will soon find yourself faced with the spectacular night view of the vibrant Hongdae area and the Han River. On the same floor is Floating, a rooftop bar where you can buy drinks including cocktails, wine and beer, as well as light snacks.
L7 HONGDAE Rooftop Pool is available to only adults, meaning minors or infants are not allowed. It is to ensure the relaxation of L7 HONGDAE guests. Open only in summer, the pool runs in three sessions during the peak season between July 13 and August 31.
Location 22F L7 HONGDAE, 141 Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-2-2289-1000

SIGNIEL SEOUL's indoor pool

A Pool Close to the Sky, SIGNIEL SEOUL Indoor Pool
The first hotel to come across your mind in thinking of a luxurious staycation offering swimming is SIGNIEL SEOUL. The indoor pool at SIGNIEL SEOUL, a leading top-class landmark hotel in Korea, sits on the 85th floor, at about 400m above ground, and is known as the closest pool to the sky in the country. The pool is located higher than the one at Marina Bay Sands of Singapore. Here, you get to swim while privately enjoying the panoramic view of Seoul’s nightscape. The sleek interior design of the pool inspired by Korea’s traditional curved lines adds to the charm of SIGNIEL SEOUL Indoor Pool.  The state-of-the-art automatic filtering system ensures the water quality. The pool is popular among travelers staying at SIGNIEL SEOUL for its beautiful night view as well as the comfortable poolside beds and the bubble-jet aquatic massage feature.
Location 85F SIGNIEL SEOUL, 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Inquiry +82-2-3213-1372

LOTTE HOTEL JEJU's warm-water pool, He:on

Private cabanas at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU

Situated next to the pool, Cafe He:on is a perfect place for a quick break.

Best Family-friendly Staycation, LOTTE HOTEL JEJU All-Season Spa Pool He:on
You will naturally think of He:on, the all-season spa pool at LOTTE HOTEL JEJU if you are taking a trip to Jeju Island with your children. He:on is the best choice for families on vacation looking to enjoy swimming. The outdoor spa pool keeps its water temperature at 29-32℃ year-round and provides a water slide for children, jacuzzis, and private cabanas for a perfect family fun in the water. This year, LOTTE  HOTEL JEJU has prepared a 4-meter-high water canon and water activities including aquatic rock sliding and aquatic rodeo for summer visitors. During the peak vacation period, the hotel has lined up famous musicians to entertain its guests with high-quality performances featuring various musical genres. Soak up the romantic ambience with nighttime swimming, surrounded by sweet music and natural charms of Jeju.
Location LOTTE HOTEL JEJU 35 Jungmungwangwang-ro 72beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Inquiry +82-64-731-1000

LOTTE HOTEL GUAM's outdoor pool

LOTTE HOTEL YANGON's outdoor pool

LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS also provides the swimming options for guests staying at its business hotels. LOTTE City Hotel Seoul Mapo and LOTTE City Hotel Jeju are known to attract travelers who want to relax by swimming on their business trips. They choose LOTTE City Hotels particularly for their pool facilities as it is difficult to find a business hotel with a pool. If you didn’t know about it but happened to book with LOTTE City Hotel Seoul Mapo or LOTTE City Hotel Jeju, you are in luck. Go ahead and have a dip in the water for de-stressing.
Even when you’re traveling overseas, you can easily find a chain hotel of LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS with a swimming pool. LOTTE LEGEND HOTEL SAIGON in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, operates a circular outdoor pool and a kids pool. LOTTE HOTEL YANGON in Yangon, Myanmar, features an outdoor infinity pool, a kids pool and an indoor pool. Its outdoor jacuzzi provides a perfect view of Inya Lake and is popular among couples who want to enjoy night swimming.
LOTTE HOTEL GUAM, located in one of the top summer destinations, is famous for its outdoor pool that seems to be connected to the emerald ocean off the scenic Tumon Bay Beach. The hotel pools come in various shapes and sizes, making it ideal for different age groups to enjoy swimming and relax.

July 2019 Editor:Jung Jaewook

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