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Manhattan’s High-Tech Utopia, Hudson Yards
New York’s new landmark that has attracted over 120,000 visitors in the opening week, Hudson Yards is transforming the West Side landscape. Check out everything you can see, feel, and enjoy there.
In March 2019, the Hudson Yards project, a large-scale urban development on the 1.6㎢ (equivalent of 28 acres) lot along the Hudson River west of Manhattan, was partially made public after 7 years of construction. The development, a joint project by world-renowned architects and real estate developers, Related Companies and Oxford Properties, includes luxury residential complexes, mega office buildings, high-end shopping malls, cultural facilities, a public green space, and a public plaza. The opening of Phase 1 has already altered the West Side skyline.
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Aerial view of Hudson Yards project © Hudson Yards

Upscale Shopping for New Yorkers at Hudson Yards Mall
You feel like you’re in a shoppers’ paradise, walking into the Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards, located at 30 Hudson Yards where retail facilities occupy the lower levels and a hotel and offices the higher levels. From a vintage collection by a timeless luxury brand to home decor and accessories shops by a designer brand, along with galleries and specialty bookstores, the mall features a mesmeric curation of brand stores and goods. High-end department store Neiman Marcus, occupying the three levels from the fifth to the seventh floor, adds the finishing touch to this ultimate shopping destination by presenting items taken from the latest New York fashion scenes.
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Inside Hudson Yards Mall © Hudson Yards

Inside the vertical mall, you can find various five-star restaurants run by celebrity chefs, such as David Chang, Thomas Keller, and Jose Andres, as well as cafes and dessert shops, including Blue Bottle Coffee, Bouchon Bakery, Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, and Li-Lac Chocolates, to satisfy your dining needs without wandering about Manhattan. If you want to take a short break after enjoying shopping at this one-stop destination, head over to 3DEN, an urban respite located on the fourth floor. With an advance booking, you can take a shower and a short nap at the modern lounge to unwind and recharge.
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Entrance to Neiman Marcus © Hudson Yards

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Restaurants at Hudson Yards Mall © Hudson Yards

Star Architect Group’s Retail Gallery, Snark Park
Snark Park is a retail exhibition space in the Hudson Yards mall, built by design studio Snarkitecture, highly sought after by numerous brands for their ability to recreate the imaginary world in real life, offering magical experiences to viewers or customers. Open on the second floor, Snark Park will hold three exhibitions per year under the concept of “New Age retail experience.” 
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Opening exhibition for Snark Park © Noah Kalina

The inaugural exhibition entitled “Lost and Found” presents a series of white pillars symbolizing trees in a forest. The audience can experience various displays each pillar provides as they walk about the maze-like venue. The admission fee is $18, a bit more expensive than other museums, but it is money well-spent to try out a new type of shopping featuring a combo of art and architecture experiences on the side.
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The Vessel and The Shed © Hudson Yards

NYC Culture Road Formed Along High Line
If you are a culture vulture, you must check out the new culture road built along the west side of Manhattan. After appreciating contemporary art in the Whitney Museum of American Art located in the Meatpacking District, walk for 10 blocks to the north, along the High Line park, which is an urban restoration project using a deserted freight line, to reach Hudson Yards. Upon entering the area, you will immediately notice The Shed, a cultural center, and The Vessel, famous for its iconic honeycomb structure. If you are planning to visit Hudson Yards on Friday, we recommend starting at Hudson Yards, following the High Line trail to get to the Whitney Museum, and enjoying the city’s nightscape on the museum’s outdoor deck located on the eighth floor. The museum offers free entrance from 7pm to 9:30pm and an extended opening till 10pm every Friday.
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Exterior The Shed © Hudson Yards

New Cultural Sanctuary, The Shed
Adding cultural sensitivity to the entrance to Hudson Yards, leaning towards lavish commercialism, The Shed has garnered attention even before the opening, due to the iconic facade design. The innovative exterior set the Bloomberg Building (another name for The Shed) apart from other cultural spaces around the city, including Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. Architect Diller Scofidio + Renfro and Rockwell Group designed a translucent ETFE outer shell that covers the 8-story steel structure and, when needed, glides along rails to maximize the building’s footprint and accommodate up to 3,000 audience for an event. The interior has five zones cocooned with perfect acoustics to prevent events from affecting one another. Exhibitions, dance performances, concerts and other various genres of cultural content can be featured simultaneously in this one-of-a-kind public space.
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Inside view of The Vessel © Hudson Yards

Honeycomb Centerpiece of Hudson Yards, The Vessel
If Chicago’s Millennium Park is crowded because of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate, New York’s Hudson Yards has The Vessel, greatly appealing to the public with its unique honeycomb shape. It won’t be an exaggeration to call it the visual centerpiece of the entire development. The honeycomb artwork was designed by Thomas Heatherwick, one of the most sought-after architects in the world, and people can climb up and down the structure using its spiral staircases, and interact with the massive outdoor installation.
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The beehive-shaped stairs © Hudson Yards

Its name “Vessel” originated from the assessment that the intertwined look that 2,500 steps create resembles that of actual blood vessels. The catchy title stuck before an attempt to formally name the structure. Taking the flights of stairs to the 15th floor, you can get a panoramic view of New York City. The cityscape there stretches to the opposite side of the Hudson River. Getting in line for the elevator to get to the top, however, is not recommended. The splendid 360-degree view of Manhattan from various angles and heights are available if you choose the open-air staircases to walk up. You can get a free same-day ticket on site if you get there early enough. Check out the website for admission hours that change seasonally.
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The Shed, connected with the High Line © Hudson Yards

The Hudson Yards project, to continue till 2025, has successfully launched its Phase 1 operation, admitting 120,000 visitors in the opening week. Local residents now hope that the surrounding areas can be redeveloped to serve as a bridgehead connecting Wall Street’s financial district, Meatpacking District’s cultural mecca, and Midtown’s commercial center.

Hudson Yards Project
Address 10th-12th Avenue, 30th-34th Street, Manhattan, New York City, NY
Phase 1
- 10 Hudson Yards a high-end mall and office building along the southeastern corner
- 15 Hudson Yards a 70-story residential building near the southwestern corner
- 30 Hudson Yards a 73-story office building with an outdoor observation deck 300m above ground (to open in 2020)
- 50 Hudson Yards a building complex comprising a hotel, residences, and an office space
- 55 Hudson Yards a five-story office building
August 2019 Editor:Kim Hyewon
Writer:Jinhee Lee


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