A Year in Stylish Luxury, LE SALON at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL
To truly enjoy LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Executive Tower, which has become a new standard in luxury hotels north of the Han River, you must experience its executive lounge, LE SALON.
There are several criteria travelers use in deciding which hotel to stay. Based on the reviews posted on Daily Hotel, a hotel and restaurant booking app, we narrowed down the list of factors in hotel selection. They were swayed the most by the hotel’s room condition, facilities, bedding, and breakfast options. Breakfast, in particular, is called the flower of the hotel stay, as it brings pleasure to guests and, for some, it’s a must-have. 



View of LE SALON, open only to Executive Lounge guests

Luxury in Every Corner of Executive Tower
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Executive Tower is celebrating its first anniversary of the reopening in September, after a major renovation work was completed. In the past year, the Executive Tower has established itself as the best hotel in Seoul with regard to the selection criteria of travelers. The moment you step into the hotel lobby, you are surrounded by a classy yet comfortable interior design, which draws compliments from those who want to enjoy hocance, a Korean neologism for a vacation spent in a hotel.
The renovation of the Executive Tower, through which the number of rooms was cut from 373 to 278, was carried out in collaboration with the G.A Group, a British luxury hotel interior design company known for its work on Four Seasons Casablanca and Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam. The remodeled interior, under the concept of contemporary classic, minimizes unnecessary elements and focuses on artworks and furniture as focal points. Walking into the Executive Tower gives you a feeling of walking in the lush green forest. “A Walk in the Woods,” selected as the scent of the Executive Tower, gives out the soothing scent of wood and a refreshing, fruity scent in perfect harmony. What makes the Executive Tower more special is LE SALON, a luxury lounge located on the 16th floor of the hotel.



Breakfast at LE SALON, with witty omelet

Breakfast, the Best Way to Enjoy LE SALON
LE SALON is a luxury lounge exclusively available to Executive Lounge customers of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s Executive Tower. It’s a premium dining space offering a selection of breakfast, light snacks, afternoon tea and cocktails, available during designated hours.
The most popular hours is from 6:30AM to 10AM every day when breakfast is offered. While enjoying a leisurely morning at LE SALON, the hotel manager welcomes you with a sprightly greeting and a bright smile. The manager himself takes the order for tea and eggs. French high-end tea from Dammann Frères is served in an elegant-looking, white teapot, and the omelet dish has “Good Morning” written on it. It’s an effective strategy to bring out a smile from the customer by offering a sense of exclusivity and witty humor together.


The chef will make waffles and pancakes just for you at LE SALON. And you've never had better waffles in your life.

Crispy yet Moist, LE SALON’s Heavenly Waffle
Among the breakfast menu at LE SALON, famous for its diverse and careful selection and service, the waffle is the most popular choice. Once you taste the heavenly flavor of waffle cooked by Chef Sebastiano Giangregorio, in charge of Italian cuisine, there is no stopping. Those who’ve experienced this famous waffle call it their life’s waffle that’s crispy outside and moist inside.
As with the waffle, LE SALON goes to great lengths to satisfy its customers. The hot dish corner provides eggs that are soft-boiled or hard-boiled, and bacon that is crispy or less crispy. Every weekday different salads are offered. Fresh fruit juice using grapefruit, oranges, and watermelon, detox juice using LE SALON’s own recipe, and homemade yogurt with muesli, strawberries and mangoes are all popular.
LE SALON provides diverse services after breakfast. From 11:30AM to 2:30PM, light snacks are prepared, and from 3PM to 5PM, afternoon tea is available. From 6PM to 8PM is Happy Hour.

Address LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, 30, Euljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul 
Phone  +82-2-771-1000
Websites LE SALON


September 2019 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Photographer:Park Sungyoung Cooperation: LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS

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