Healing in the city — Seoul’s top three spas
The fastest way to destress from the rigors of urban life is to hit the spa. Not only does this give your body and mind some peace, but it also relieves your fatigue and gives your skin a much-needed boost at the same time. Here are Seoul’s top three spas.

Evian Spa, with the best views in Seoul
Located on the 86th floor at SIGNIEL SEOUL, the highest building in the city, Evian Spa originally found fame among people who had stayed at Evian Resort in Lake Geneva, France. Seoul became only the third Evian Spa to open outside the original resort, alongside locations in Tokyo and Hanoi.
When you walk into SIGNIEL SEOUL Evian Spa, you are instantly transported outside of the city as a video of the beautiful scenery at Evian-les-Bains with the distant views of Seoul outside the spa windows, the sounds of the wind, water and forests piped into the room and Evian’s signature diffuser combined to comfort your body and mind.
As the Evian brand is famous for water, Evian Spa’s signature treatment program uses Evian natural mineral water as its base. The courses mimic the journey of Evian water starting from the top of the Alps and passing through glacial deposits to get to the springs. The courses are divided into four categories Celestial, Mineral, Precious and Vitalizing and each course specializes in stress relief, providing mineral and vitamins, preventing skin aging and rejuvenation.
The treatment program will not only take care of your face, but also your entire upper body and feet. As there are a variety of spa programs, you get to choose whatever suits you best.
If you are looking to relieve stress from your daily life or travel, we recommend Evian Spa, which has the best views in Seoul.
Website Evian Spa
Phone +82-2-3213-1383

Sulwhasoo Spa, offering peace to body and mind with special oriental ingredients
The long tradition mom oriental medicine has always had a large focus on skin, with plants like ginseng recommended to reduce wrinkles and peony to treat dry skin. Sulwhasoo continues that tradition today, incorporating these ancient cures into its skincare brands to become the top oriental skincare brand in Korea.
LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s “Sulwhasoo Spa” is the perfect place to really embrace Sulwhasoos values and philosophies.
Sulwhasoo Spa uses concentrates and moisturizers from Sulwhasoo’s skincare line, which has been recognized by customers from Korea and around the world. At the spa, the total anti-aging and advanced anti-aging programs are the most popular. The total anti-aging program uses dahamseol cream and jinseol line products, while the advanced anti-aging program uses the jaum seng line cosmetics.
But it isn’t just the popular programs that keep customers coming back. Every Sulwhasoo Spa treatment starts with a foot bath made with red ginseng water and a ginseng scrub. The foot treatment is followed by a scented treatment to awaken five senses of guests. This ritual is another great reason to visit Sulwhasoo Spa.
Start your journey to find peace and balance, both for your mind and body, as Sulwhasoo Spa reinterprets modern spa treatments using ancient herbal medicinal practices.
Website Sulwhasoo Spa
Phone +82-2-771-1000

Spa Eir, a customized service for the whole family
From Ganjeolgot to Yeongnam Alps and Taehwa River, Ulsan in southeast Korea is probably the best place to visit in the fall. Ulsan is also home to LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN, the only five-star hotel in the city, and the premium Spa Eir.
Eir is the Norse goddess of healing and the spa named in her honor offers a bright and cozy atmosphere.
Spa Eir uses Dibi cosmetics, a premium Italian cosmetic brands. It has varieties of programs, from a quick and efficient program to a signature treatment for skin care and a body treatment that’ll help balance the body and reviatlize.
The spa also has a professional care program to relieve stress specifically for men and therapy helping child growth. With such varied treatment programs, Spa Eir is a great place for the whole family to go and experience a customized care package designed specifically for them.
Website Spa Eir
Phone +82-52-266-3727
November 2019 Editor:Kim Hyewon

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