The sweet ensemble of spring and Jeju
Spring in Jeju it filled with sweet scent. Looking at the recent trend, Jeju is filled with tourists and newly-wed couples. Let’s take a look into LOTTE HOTEL JEJU’s fresh offerings to add more romance in Jeju.
It’s Spring and Jeju is calling
Recently, singer and songwriter Sunwoo Jung-a has transformed a song called “Spring girls” into a funky styled dance music. When I listened to this song, the first thought I had was Jeju’s spring breeze. As spring is here, the mix of sweetness and the scent of salty beach water excites my emotions like a little girl. In the beginning of this year, it was a lot harsher than any other years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As such virus has become a scare to the entire world and made traveling harder, a lot of newly-wed couples and tourists have thought of Jeju. For a very long time, Seogwipo-si has been a paradise to the newly-weds. At the Jungmun Tourism Complex, where the LOTTE HOTEL JEJU is located at, it was always filled with tourists as it had a lot of tourist attractions. Although they are not seeing as many tourists compared to the past, it is slowly becoming a popular traveling site, again, as Jeju is considered a cleaner region for the COVID-19. Due to this, it had been told that they are getting endless calls and inquiries from the newlyweds.

Exotic Luxury Resort
LOTTE HOTEL JEJU is an exotic resort hotel, as it used South Africa’s luxury resort called “The Palace of the Lost City” as its model. In front of that, they have the beautiful view of Jungmun beach and Jusangjeollidae. There are a lot of hotels at Jungmun Tourism Complex but of all, LOTTE HOTEL JEJU has the most beautiful scenery as the site was used to film famous Korean dramas called , and a variety channel called .
The LOTTE HOTEL JEJU’s trademarks are their heated pool called He:On, which can be used all year long, and their luxurious Windmill Lounge, which faces the Jungmun Saekdal Beach. At their heated pool He:On, it is designed with palm trees and has exotic garden as its background. This allow the guests to have a relaxing and romantic vacation, which they have never experienced before. The Windmill Lounge, which is the signature of LOTTE HOTEL, has the background of Jeju’s beach while you can enjoy their premium tea and the best desserts made by Delica-Hans pastry shop.

Once you get inside the hotel, you will see the luxurious lobby, just like a five-star hotel. Using the best materials to design the interior it has fancy patterns and it’s just a luxurious. Having a total of 500 guest rooms, they have different types of rooms from the deluxe room to premier ondol room for older guests, to Hello Kitty room for kids, to full-villa suite for the newlyweds to its highest quality of royal suite room and many more. At all the rooms, they provide the best comfort as the bedding system has been co-created with Simmons and He:On.
LOTTE HOTEL JEJU’s special spring package
The strength of LOTTE HOTEL JEJU is that it has various additional facilities that are hardly seen at other hotels. Starting with dining, they include “Peninsula,” an all-day dining and bar where the guests can taste the food from different countries at one site. Including that, they have a garden buffet restaurant called “Lake Plaza,” a poolside café called “Café He:On.” At the LOTTE HOTEL JEJU, they have various food and beverage facilities and they all have its characters. Under the beautiful view of Jeju and dining the food made by the best ingredients is one of the perks of LOTTE HOTEL JEJU.

Along with that, they have heated pool near He:On so it can be used all year long. Near the pool, they have private kabana, which allow the guests to have a more relaxing vacation and dining. At the He:On rooftop terrace, you can enjoy LOTTE HOTEL JEJU’s special cocktail and light snacks, while enjoying a beautiful sunset at Jungmun Saekdal Beach. Aside from this, at the LOTTE HOTEL JEJU, it has the biggest banquet hall at the Jungmun Toursim Complex, called “Crystal Ballroom,” and has various reception venues. The hotel also provides a various space for kids by creating a multi-experience kid’s world and space for family guests.
As spring is here, the LOTTE HOTEL JEJU has created a special package for their guests, “Voyage de Luxe” and “My Wedding day.” For Voyage de Luxe package, the guests will get to stay at the LOTTE HOTEL’s one of the best rooms called the presidential suite. Not only that, they will be provided a pick-up and sending service from and to the airport to the hotel. They’ll also be provided an American styled in-room breakfast and stylish dinner buffet which includes all you-can-eat lobster. To finish off the package, it includes a V SPA treatment as well as other high-class premiums.
In the “My Wedding Day” package, they are provided a room called “Premier Ocean Room,” a romantic room where you can see the ocean. In addition to that, you can enjoy wine and cake at the Windmill Lounge and enjoy the perfect spring weather (this is based on the premium package). You can try different types of food at the outdoor garden restaurant that provides an exotic atmosphere, and at the Lake Plaza. If you stay more than a night, then the hotel provides stylish dinner buffet, where they cooked with only the best ingredients.


Festivals that has unique colors of Jeju
Bunker de Lumières VAN GOGH
Vincent Van Gogh’s strong live has been reborn at Jeju’s Bunker de Lumieres. The is a unique exhibition where more than 800 of his paintings and about 1,000 of his drawings are exhibited in media art. The location of this exhibition makes the tourists a lot more interesting as they’ve remodeled the operating building of the submarine fiber-optic cables in Seongsan-eup in Seogwipo-si. The entire fancy laser graphic space has turned into Gogh’s canvas.

Held Until October 25, 2020
Address Seongsan-eup, Goseong-ri, 2039-22, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Contact 1522-2653
Hueree Hydrangea Festival
Hueree is a park located at the foot of Hallasan Mountain, where you can experience the life of the nature. At this park, other festivals like the plum blossom festivals and many more but the specialty of this park is that the travelers can see hydrangeas starting from April. This is a lot earlier than the inland, as it normally blossoms during June and July. The color of hydrangeas differs based on the characteristics of the land but at the Hueree Hydrangea Festival, you get to see five different colors of hydrangea. During the festival, there are different events like horse riding, traditional games and hydrangea photo exhibition.

Held Until July 19, 2020
Address Namwon-eup, Sillyedong-ro, 256 Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
Contact 064-732-2114
May 2020 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Writer:Lee Siwoo

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