Terrifying and Electrifying!
The highest walking bridge in the world has opened at Lotte World Tower, the tallest skyscraper landmark of Korea. If you are brave enough to take a step onto the Sky Bridge hanging 541m above ground, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the entire city of Seoul.
Do you know the common ground among Macau Tower Skywalk(233m), Shanghai’s Jin Mao Tower Skywalk(420m), and Toronto’s CN Tower EdgeWalk(354m)?

They are outdoor activities taking place atop some of the tallest buildings in cities across the globe. Instead of trekking to a valley or mountainous region for an active day, you can enjoy a thrilling experience of skywalking and a beautiful cityscape available only from super-high altitudes. The aforementioned observatories in particular have the participants rely on just a safety belt without a handrail, enticing tourists and adventure-seekers from around the world.

A Walk in the Clouds
Seoul has finally joined the top international cities to offer an unrivaled skyscraper activity. It is available at Lotte World Tower, which is considered the most iconic modern architecture in Korea. Seoul Sky, the observatory located at Lotte World Tower, started a ‘Sky Bridge Tour’ program, opening the world’s most elevated pedway to the public.

The Sky Bridge Tour is a high-altitude attraction where participants cross the bridge connecting the two structures standing on the uppermost roof of Lotte World Tower. It is the highlight of Seoul Sky programs that have always geared toward experience activities at the observatory.

The biggest merit of visiting the Sky Bridge is that you can see all of Seoul from the altitude of 541m by taking just a few steps onto the walkway. Before the recent opening, Lotte World Tower’s roof was a restricted area to tourists. With the program launch, people can now experience the thrill of skywalking atop the skyscraper that is the tallest in Korea and fourth-tallest in the world.

Thrill and Admiration at Once
A Sky Bridge Tour session lasts for an hour with a limited capacity of 12 participants. The program follows a protocol. First, listen to safety instructions at the Sky Station on the 117th floor. Put on a red jumpsuit, a safety helmet, and a safety harness there. Move on to the Sky Deck on the 118th floor which features clear glass flooring, and then to the outdoor Sky Terrace on the 120th floor for a brief tour of Seoul Sky. Finally you reach the highest point of the building that connects to the Sky Bridge.

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. You are on the 11m-long bridge that connects two structures that shoot up from the tower. Had it not been for the staggering altitude, it would take less than five seconds to cross the bridge. Participants are given fun missions such as walking backwards while looking up at the sky and doing a set of jumping jacks for an unforgettable time.

By the time you feel you’ve acclimatized to the tingling sensation, your eyes are drawn to the surreal view of Seoul. On a clear day, the visibility reaches 40km. If you are lucky, you can even see Songdo, Incheon. What makes this vista more special is the fact that there is virtually nothing that blocks your view.


Ensuring Safety and Fun amid Covid-19
Lotte World Tower makes sure all facilities take preventative measures against the Coronavirus and continue disinfecting the space regularly for the safety of its customers. Everyone is required to wear a mask, and admission is only allowed for those who pass the temperature check through a thermal imaging camera. In the waiting area on the B2 level, a minimum 1m distance is required between people. Double-deck elevator ‘Sky Shuttle’ is limiting the capacity to under 50 percent of regular time. Lotte World Tower continues to take various scrupulous measures to ensure the safety of the tour program.

The admission fee is 100,000 won per person, inclusive of the observatory and Sky Bridge tour as well as a photo service. You can purchase the ticket at the Seoul Sky ticket booth on the B1 level, or through an online booking site.

The Sky Bridge Tour operates from Wednesday through Sunday between 1pm and 7pm, but make sure you check the weather first as the Sky Bridge will be closed on a bad weather day. There are some physical restrictions as well. Children under age 12 or 140cm in height and those weighing over 120kg cannot join the tour. Also those who have an underlying health condition such as high blood pressure, heart disease, or movement disorder, or find it difficult to use the stairs should not participate. If you are planning a visit to Lotte World Tower for the Sky Bridge Tour program, it is best to double-check whether it will be operating on that day.

Address: Lotte World Tower, 300 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Phone: +82-1661-2000
Homepage: Sky Bridge Tour

Prolong the Visit by Staying at LOTTE HOTEL WORLD
LOTTE HOTEL WORLD presents a ‘Bridge Tour with World’ promotion combining the Sky Bridge Tour and a staycation at the hotel. You can enjoy both the cityscape from the Sky Bridge and the view of the Sky Bridge from your room at LOTTE HOTEL WORLD. For 360,000 won (excluding tax and service fee), the package includes one night in Deluxe Room, breakfast for two, and two tickets for Seoul Sky and Sky Bridge Tour. Considering the Sky Bridge Tour costs 100,000 won per person, the package is of great value. Reservation can be made by calling the hotel.

Address: LOTTE HOTEL WORLD, 240 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Phone: +82-2-411-7777
September 2020 Editor:Jung Jaewook
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  • September 2020
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