How to Enjoy Staycation with Hotel Rewards
With the Coronavirus disease tying everyone down even during weekends and holidays, more people are choosing a staycation at a hotel for relaxation. LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS has prepared a special gift for them. Here is everything you need to know about the LOTTE HOTEL Rewards that come with various perks.
The COVID-19 era has caused a major change in our society. In traveling, ‘safety’ and ‘disinfection’ are the two most important criteria now. Those who want to take a vacation but cannot go overseas have been turning to domestic hotels for a ‘hocance,’ a Korean neologism combining hotel and vacance. This new trend was brought about thanks to the public’s trust that five-star hotels would be the most strict in following the disinfection and quarantine guidelines, providing their guests a safe time away from home.

The top hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt generally operate diverse reward programs and membership services through which a luxurious hocance is feasible at a reasonable price. Korea’s leading hotel brand LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS have also been offering great services to its global members through ‘LOTTE HOTEL Rewards’ for a long time. LOTTE HOTEL Rewards is a free membership program joined by over a million travelers in and outside Korea. ‘LH Point,’ or LOTTE HOTEL Membership Points are rewarded according to the accumulation rate(3-6 percent) of the member’s level for the cost of rooms and food and beverages charged to the room. The highest PL level receives even more generous benefits including a free stay voucher once a year.

Outdoor swimming pool at SIGNIEL BUSAN

Royal Suite at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’S Executive Tower

Rewards Valid in Worldwide LOTTE HOTEL Locations
One of the biggest advantages of LOTTE HOTEL Rewards is in the classy, sincere service provided by a growing number of LOTTE HOTEL locations across the globe. In addition to SIGNIEL SEOUL, the tallest landmark in Korea, and SIGNIEL BUSAN, LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS, as Korea’s largest hotel group, is operating over 30 hotels domestically and overseas, including the United States, Russia, Japan, Vietnam, and Myanmar. It means that, unlike other Korean hotels, the membership of LOTTE HOTEL can be used in many other regions around the world.

Rooftop bar at L7 MYEONGODNG

L.POINT Transfer for Varied Benefits
Also differently from other Korean brands that allow the use of membership points just within their hotel establishments, LH Point offers far greater benefits. Starting July 2020, LH Point and L.POINT are transferable both ways. Now LOTTE HOTEL guests can use their LH Point in the hotel as well as in various other places and businesses affiliated with L.POINT. If L.POINT is converted into LH Point, it can be redeemed at LOTTE HOTEL’s overseas branches.

L.POINT is an integrated membership service of LOTTE GROUP with over 36 million members in Korea. Now with the launch of two-way conversion between LH Point and L.POINT, LOTTE HOTEL Rewards members can enjoy benefits at more than 50 affiliates in the area of shopping, leisure, food, finance, education, and culture. Among the L.POINT affiliates are some of Korea’s leading businesses such as 11st Street, S-Oil, Yes24, Kyobo Bookstore, LOTTE Mart, and Baedal Minjok, allowing the members to freely use L.Point like cash, online and offline.

The Rewards program expanded its dining benefit in September to give a 5-10 percent discount to its members according to their membership level, including those who’ve just joined the service, at participating cafes and restaurants. For the free registration, simply click the ‘Sign up for Rewards’ button on the bottom of LHM website or choose the membership tab in the upper right corner of LOTTE HOTELS & RESORTS official website and click ‘Sign up.’

LOTTE HOTEL Rewards Sign Up
October 2020 Editor:Ha Jaekyung
Writer:Lee Siwoo


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  • October 2020
  • Editor: Ha Jaekyung
    Writer: Lee Siwoo
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