Athene Garden at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL

Hotel Wedding, New Normal in Wedding Trends
COVID-19 has altered wedding trends. ‘Contactless,’ ‘private’ and ‘small’ have all become key words in the new normal. And LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL’s wedding will bring you satisfaction on all of those fronts.
Wedding is surely one of the most precious and memorable events of your life. You used to be able to plan your wedding however you wanted to, but COVID-19 has changed all of that. According to Forbes, a few couples have taken to Zoom or FaceTime for their virtual weddings, with only their family and close friends on hand. Small weddings have taken an even stronger root in wedding trends now. According to LOTTE HOTE SEOUL Wedding, there were 80 percent more small weddings in 2020 than a year ago, a clear sign that small ceremonies are here to stay.

Bellevue Suite, perfect for small, private house weddings

The wedding industry has taken a beating during the pandemic. But LOTTE HOTE SEOUL has continued to take reservations from soon-to-be couples who want to hold their ceremony in a safe place with family and friends. On top of offering quality services, hotel wedding halls are also considered the safest places for weddings because of their strict quarantine system. LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL hosted twice as many ceremonies in the second half of 2020 as it did in the first half. For the first half of 2021, its booking rate for weddings jumped 214 percent from the same period in 2020. While ensuring hygiene and safety, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL Wedding also provides a wide range of services that will help you keep up with the latest trends.


Emerald Room

Changes to Reflect New Trends
Upon entering the wedding hall at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, you must go through a temperature check and fill out a digital log using the QR code. Hand sanitizers are readily available, and frequently-touched surfaces are disinfected regularly. There are other hints of the new normal during the pandemic inside the hall. Guests will be spaced out, so that a table that once sat eight to ten will now be occupied by five to six people. For those not able to attend ceremonies, live streaming of the events will be available.

Athene Garden, with its antique ambience


Tables and aisle at Crystal Ballroom, all in black

Top-Notch Service from 5-Star Hotel, Just for You
The service of the highest quality that defines LOTTE HOTEL extends to its wedding ceremonies. To help you leave with only the fondest of memories for the most important day of your life, LOTTE HOTEL Wedding will provide customized services in every aspect. For instance, the hotel can help set up an outdoor space for wedding guests. Those who won’t be able to stay for the meal will take home a bottle of wine. The bride, the groom and their parents will be escorted from the moment they arrive at the hotel to the moment they leave after their ceremony.



Bellevue Suite

Halls of All Sizes
Unlike other hotels, LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL offers wedding halls of varying sizes. Bellevue Suite has long been a popular choice for couples planning a small, private house wedding. Situated on the 36th floor of LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL main tower, the suite offers a breathtaking view of Seoul through its wide windows, a perfect backdrop for a romantic wedding ceremony. Emerald Room has a lobby with a view, and Athene Garden, with its elegant murals on the ceiling and gorgeous chandelier, will take you right to a European palace. Crystal Ballroom is the signature wedding hall at LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, its tables and aisle all painted in black to better accentuate the white wedding dress of the bride. It’s a great stage for a larger ceremony. You can choose from a wide range of options.
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