Visit Snoopy Garden on Jeju Island, and Snoopy will snuggle up to you and whisper, “Do you want to come along with me and check out Jeju?” And who could say no to that?
For those of us living on land, Jeju Island is a romantic destination that offers so much comfort and consolation. The cold breeze off the ocean, the sunshine typical of a southern island, and the scent of the wind that pokes through basalt will put your mind at ease, if only momentarily.
In this contactless age, we need to be soothed and consoled more than ever. If someone comes up to you and grabs your hand, and says you should all go to Jeju just to get away from it all, you’d be hard pressed to say no.

Snoopy sitting on the wooden deck. Wouldn’t you all want to grab a seat next to him and talk?

Snoopy Garden in Hilly Neighborhood
The Songdang area in Jeju’s mid-mountain region has the most oreums (volcanic cones) in the island. The climate and vegetation unique to the mid-mount area are still intact, and the scents of trees and grass are the strongest and richest there. And ‘Snoopy Garden,’ built on the foundation of the beloved beagle, stands over 82,500㎡ of land in Songdang-ni, Gujwa-eup.
Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Lucy all come from <Peanuts>, the popular syndicated comic by the American author Charles M. Schulz. The four-panel strip ran from October 1950 to February 2000, appearing in some 2,600 newspapers in 75 countries.
One famous line from the comic goes, “Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon.” Snoopy Garden lives up to that mantra; it’s a space for relaxation, nestled in natural surroundings of Jeju. It doesn’t take long for you to realize why ‘rest in the afternoon’ is the motto of this place.
You can tell just by looking at the entrance that you’re about get into a place that’s far different from your ordinary Jeju museum. It becomes eminently clear that -related content that you can find in all corners, the comic series’ storytelling, and detailed design all work fantastically well in harmony.

Charactrs blend in nicely with Jeju’s natural surroundings.

Peppermint Patty and Marcie looking toward Jeju’s oreum as they talk

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, look to tomorrow, rest this afternoon.”
From the comics <Peanuts>
Consolation and Recovery through Relaxation
Snoopy Garden is made up of two areas: Garden House, an indoor space that helps you gain a better understanding of the original story, Schulz’s philosophy, and tales of his characters; and Outdoor Garden, which lets you immerse yourself in Jeju’s nature as you stroll along.
Garden House has five halls, each under different themes, plus three small gardens, café and terrace. You get to read more about relationships of characters in and other anecdotes, and the whole idea of ‘consolation and recovery through relaxation’ comes to the forefront.

Garden House, built on themes such as nature, relationship and daily life

The “Kite-Eating Tree” is especially fun. Whenever Charlie Brown tries to fly a kite, it always ends up tangled in the tree; hence the moniker. The garden has a witty rendition of the tree. The scene where Snoopy and the gang take a rest during a hiking trip is reproduced, as well as the 1970s American Midwest suburbs that served as a setting for the comic strip and Peanuts Town. As you watch and listen to sounds from spaces taken from the comic strip, you may even get the feeling Charlie and his friends are around somewhere near.

Characters and props from Peanuts have been brought to life.

How Did Snoopy House Come About?
Be sure to check out Snoopy Secret House, the fifth themed hall. It was inspired by the fact that we never got to see the inside of Snoopy’s house in the original comic. Snoopy Secret House is what we imagine the inside of Snoopy’s house to be. (Snoopy always sleeps on top of the red roof of his house, and Schulz made it so because the dog he was raising in real life was claustrophobic).
It took a great deal of imagination to build Snoopy’s house there. The place is full of items that are related to whatever Snoopy wanted to become in the comic strip, be it a writer, a painter, an athlete or a pilot. And nothing feels contrived because, for one, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and their friends are such compelling characters and we can all relate to the philosophy of , and for two, the meticulous detail of the space helps us develop a better understanding of that philosophy.
Boards offering explanations for each item are all connected to colors or imagery from the original comic series. Even potentially distracting elements such as exit signs and fire hydrants are no exceptions.
You can also sense such attention to detail at the outdoor rooftop, situated on the top of the building just outside Garden House. Oreums and forests across Songdang-ni all come into sight at the rooftop. It serves as a reminder that Snoopy Garden, be it indoor halls or outdoor attractions, are all just a small part of the great nature in Jeju.

Charlie Brown playing baseball in his Baseball Park

Linus van Pelt, Charlie Brown and Snoopy. What do you think they’re talking about?

Nurturing Life through Nature
Outdoor Garden is also closely tied with stories of <Peanuts>. It features World-Famous Author Square, Peanuts Musing Field, Charlie Brown’s Baseball Park, Linus’ Blanket Forest and Lucy’s Gardening School, among others, to highlight dreams of characters.
Jeju’s natural surroundings also come into the picture. The landscape unique to Jeju, with basalt and volcanic pores, and other natural features of the mid-mountain region are all part of Outdoor Garden. Trees that you see throughout Jeju, such as white camellia, Weyrich’s azalea, snowbell and Siebold’s chinquapin, are all round the garden, too. Acorn trail or silver magnolia-lined path will also grab your eyes.
What’s fascinating is that, while all of this seems fairly complicated, walking through the garden brings you the essence of comfort and relaxation, much like . As you walk on paths stretching into forests, you will feel like you’re out exploring some mysterious place. It’s almost as if the garden is telling us life won’t always be on a smooth road, and that we sometimes have to take risks, passing a small cascade and getting through trees. You can give the wooden adventure and the swing bridge a try.
As you tour through Snoopy Garden, you’ll learn more about dreams of Snoopy, Charlie Brown and their friends, all the while enjoying great nature. It will occur to you that walking in nature and getting lost in thoughts is not a tedious pursuit. And you will also realize that seemingly simple lines from <Peanuts> carry profound meaning, too.
Snoopy once said, “In life, there are rainy days and there are sunny days.” As you walk through Snoopy Garden, you will realize that fickle, ever-changing nature in Jeju resembles life, too.
While Snoopy in <Peanuts> slept on the red roof, Snoopy in Jeju does so on an oreum. The best way to enjoy Snoopy Garden and Jeju’s nature is to be there at the opening, so that you’ll have a chance to see every corner and get lost in thoughts without disruption or distraction.

Address Snoopy Garden, 930 Geumbaekjo-ro, Gujwa-eup, Jeju, Jeju Island
Hours Winter (October~March) 9:00~18:00, Summer (April~September) 9:00~19:00

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