Learning From Pros, Online Master Classes
You can learn how to dribble like NBA star Stephen Curry, how to add delicate touches like makeup artist Jung Saem-mool, and how to use a kitchen knife like chef Gordon Ramsey, all from the comfort of your home. Here is the list of online classes we’ve carefully selected from four major online education platforms.
Home Gardening Knowhow from Gardener Ron Finley

Screengrab from Ron Finley’s lecture © MasterClass

There are times when you get greater consolation from a plant at home than from a distant nature. With longer ‘cooped-up’ hours amid the pandemic, home gardening has become trendy, possibly for that very reason. So how about learning gardening know-hows from Ron Finley for a more successful home gardening life? The self-proclaimed ‘gangsta gardener’ is an activist and gardener who grows plants and vegetables in vacant lots for the local community to share. Finley teaches how to cultivate your own garden regardless of the scale of available space through his MasterClass. The online class will have 10 episodes including topics such as ‘grow your own food’ and ‘how to not kill your plants.’

MasterClass is an American online education platform launched in 2015. Over a hundred instructors give online classes covering 11 fields including cooking, design and style, art and entertainment, music, writing, sports and games. Celebrities like chef Gordon Ramsey, director David Lynch, actress Natalie Portman, and basketball player Stephen Curry offer you valuable industry know-hows. The monthly subscription fee is $15(KRW18,000), and you will gain access to the entire contents. The basic language is English but some classes offer subtitles in certain languages.
Writing for Songs by Lyricist Kim Eana

Screengrab from Kim Eana’s lecture © ViBLE

In November 2020, ‘Life Goes On’ by BTS topped the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart despite the fact that it’s sung in Korean. Over 300,000 foreigners take TOPIK, or the Test of Proficiency in Korean, every year. K-pop is the main push behind this Korean language-learning craze. If you are already fluent in Korean, let’s try writing lyrics for K-pop music. Lyricist Kim Eana shares her knowledge and experience. She has worked on over 400 songs including ‘Good Day’ by IU and ‘Abracadabra’ by Brown Eyed Girls. After watching all of her classes including how to understand the structure of music and how to find subject matters for the lyrics and create a storyline, you will be able to write down your own lyrics.

Kim’s class has 15 episodes and is available on ViBLE, which is a global online education platform based in Seoul. It offers, most notably, Acting Class by actor Lee Byung-hun, Filmmaking by director Park Chan-wook, Dance Performance by U-know Yunho, and Makeup Class by Jung Saem-mool. All classes on ViBLE provide subtitles in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Indonesian. The 1-year subscription with unlimited access to all contents costs 99,000 won as of March 2021.
Photoshoot Lesson by Photographer Min Hyun-woo

Screengrab from Min Hyun-woo’s lecture © Wonderwall

Last year a photo essay by fashion magazine < Vogue > became the talk of the town. Photos of elderly women, aged around 100, in Sunchang, Gurye, Gokseong, and Damyang regions were beautiful and inspirational. The photographer was Min Hyun-woo. Are you curious to find out how he takes such natural yet commanding pictures? Wonderwall has an online class by Min. His class has 12 sessions going over each step of photography, from how to determine the concept and shooting location to actual shooting. The class includes his working scenes.

Wonderwall is an online education platform specializing in music, film and photography, and creativity. Singer-songwriter Sunwoo Jung-a teaches composition, rapper Dok2 talks about rapping, and musical actor Kai teaches character analysis and vocalization. The upper category of music has many subcategories. You may find it more worthwhile to take a class featuring an artist you have been interested in. The 1-year unlimited access to all classes under the music category costs 200,000 won as of March 2021. All contents are Korean only. Wonderwall holds irregular offline classes.
Card Magic Tricks by Magician Choi Hyunwoo

Screengrab from Choi Hyun-woo’s lecture © CLASS101

Are you waiting for a magical moment in your boring everyday life? You don’t wait for opportunities. You create them. At CLASS101, magician Choi Hyunwoo helps his students to become magicians themselves. Starting with the meaning of magic and the right attitude required of a magician, the 9-part class leads us into the world of magic. You can learn hand techniques including card spread and flying card tricks, as well as magic tricks using easy-to-find items such as coins, toilet paper, or newspaper. Above all, Korea’s top magician Choi Hyunwoo’s class is entertaining in itself.

If you are interested in online learning for hobbies, visit CLASS101. As promised in its catchphrase ‘online class that prepares your supplies,’ you can even purchase items needed for online classes on the CLASS101 website. For example, with Choi’s magic class, you will also purchase a kit that includes a deck of cards, sponge ball, and an aluminum cup. For a drawing class using markers, you will purchase a kit of markers and a sketchbook. There are approximately 600 classes on art, craft, photography, and exercise. All contents are in Korean only. Prices vary by class.
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