Adding Living to Hotels
Functions of hotel are changing. They used to be places for tourists and business travelers to stay a short while. Now, they get to enjoy living experience there. LOTTE HOTEL is at the forefront of that shift.
Many artists and celebrities loved staying at hotels. To them, hotels weren’t just places to stay for a few days while they were traveling. Hotels were a source of their artistic inspiration and a place where their daily lives simply continued.
Ernest Hemingway completed works while staying at hotels in Paris, Havana and Nairobi. Coco Chanel spent the last 30 years of her life at a glitzy hotel in Paris. And before moving to Switzerland, Audrey Hepburn spent some time in a London hotel.
Evolving Functions of Hotels
The word hotel comes from the Latin term Hospitále, meaning a place for pilgrims to stay. It spawned ‘hospital,’ ‘hostel’ and then ‘hotel.’ There’s also a separate category called the apartment hotel, which serves long-term guests. While we may see hotels as a place for short-term stay, they are also meant to be places for living.

As COVID-19 has altered the way we work and live, our ideas of hotel stays are also changing. Traveling overseas has become difficult, and more and more people work from home. Hotels are no longer just a place to stay; they’re evolving into a complete living space where you can get the work done and enjoy some downtime, too.
Sensing the shifting paradigm, LOTTE HOTEL released a long-term stay package, ‘Once in a Life,’ and it has already enjoyed great success.

LOTTE HOTEL’s Long-Term Stay Package
Introduced in mid-March by LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL, this package allows guests to stay at any room in the Main Tower, starting at 14 nights. The 30-night package starts at 3.4 million won, and the stay includes daily cleaning service, free laundry and free parking. Guests can also access the fitness center and swimming pool free of charge, and use the exclusive community lounge. Despite the price tag, the package sold over 20 rooms in the first week alone. Most of the guests were employees at international corporations or foreign embassies sent to work in Korea who needed a place to stay. Also, executives at major corporations located close to LOTTE HOTEL SEOUL signed up to find working spaces near their office.
LOTTE HOTEL JEJU, LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN, SIGNIEL SEOUL, SIGNIEL BUSAN, LOTTE City Hotel and L7 HOTELS all followed suit with their own extended-stay packages.
LOTTE HOTEL JEJU offers Family Twin or Ondol rooms for a family of three or more. The deal includes complimentary breakfast for two, free laundry service and free access to the fitness center. ‘Living in Jeju for a month’ is a thing these days, and LOTTE HOTEL JEJU’s package is perfect for people who want to be pampered while living on the island.
LOTTE HOTEL ULSAN has a package that includes unlimited food and drinks for one at the Club Lounge. Free laundry and free access to the fitness center are also part of the deal. The 30-night package starts at 3.2 million won, and you can also sign up for 14 nights. 

Extended stay packages at SIGNIEL SEOUL and SIGNIEL BUSAN are highlighted by their offers of high-end services and offers on food and beverages. Long-term stay guests at SIGNIEL SEOUL will receive a credit worth 1 million won to spend inside the hotel, while those at SIGNIEL BUSAN will get 300,000 won. At SIGNIEL SEOUL, you can sign up for Rolls-Royce pickup and sending services, along with valet services, up to 10 times during your stay. Both locations offer discounts on laundry.

Located in hearts of their cities or trendy neighborhoods, LOTTE City Hotel and L7 HOTELS offer competitive prices for long-term stays. The 30-night deal starts at 1.6 million won, on par with a round-trip airline ticket to Europe, and it includes a free access to the fitness center.
Prices for the packages do not include taxes and service charges (only taxes for LOTTE City Hotel and L7 HOTELS).
Visit LOTTE HOTEL’s website for more.
May 2021 Editor:Jung Jaewook

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