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A Rising Trend in Tourism, Private Jets
First and foremost, it is comfortable and safe. Private jets are emerging as a new way of traveling in the post pandemic era. We look into various aspects of using a private jet, which could be an ideal and logical choice depending on the traveler’s purpose and needs.
COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. The most notable change is the rising number of tours designed for solo travelers or small groups, which allows travelers to freely adjust their schedules. Global hotel reservation website ‘’ predicts that the solo travel trend will gain a greater momentum in 2021. Similarly, the perception on private jets is changing. What was once considered a possibility for only the top few percent of the global population is now being listed as an efficient means of transportation for safer and more private traveling.
Even in Korea, more people are looking into private jets. Recently, global air charter service provider Private Jet Services(PJS) has launched a Korean branch. Headquartered in North America, PJS is the world’s largest air charter consulting firm. Delta Air Agency, which was established in 1987 and performed as Delta Air GSA until 2019, has been managing the Korean branch of PJS since the end of last year.
PJS is known to fly top celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Maroon 5, big leaguers, and political leaders as well as company executives. Among Koreans, pop group BTS used PJS when they had to fly to Sao Paulo, Brazil, after finishing their tour in the United States. It’s the cream-of-the-crop air service for individuals in this era. The growing customer base of private jets leads us to predict future travel trends.
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The private jet has become an ideal and logical choice for safe trips. © Private Jet Services

Present and Future of Private Jets
Interview with Park Hee-gyeong, senior manager at PJS
Now, you wonder what process you have to go through to fly in a private jet? We asked PJS Korean branch senior manager Park Hee-gyeong about private jets’ current state of affairs, how to book a flight, and special services that are available as emphasized in the company name.
“It’s more than a means of transportation. It’s a special experience where everything exists for you in that moment.”
Q. What kind of services can we expect on a private jet?
A. You can choose everything, from when and where to take off and land to who you’re going with, even if it’s a pet animal. Our passenger’s pets are treated equally as individual passengers. The only expense incurred is the cleaning cost, and the number of pets should be within the seating availability. We protect our passengers’ privacy thoroughly, and prioritize disinfection and safety. Once the jet takes off, a 24-hour monitoring begins as well. We check if any request by our passenger is being taken care of and whether there are any variants in weather conditions.
One of the advantages is that a private jet enables you to go anywhere in the world regardless of the airport you depart from in Korea. You can check-in easily at a private terminal without going through the complicated airport departure procedure. No matter how crowded the airport may be, you just need to arrive at the airport about an hour before departure. It means the overall time spent on the road is minimized. You are saving precious time in multiple stages by using a private jet service. Of course there is no additional cost for any extra luggage.
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Q. It means a bespoke travel is feasible. In Korea, it is known as a jet service used by BTS. What if someone asks, “I want to fly in the same jet as BTS!”
A. Of course we can arrange that. (laugh) Basically anything you want, we’ll make it happen. From our super midsize jets or heavy jets, a so-called full kitchen is in place, and our VIP airlines including Boeing business jets come with an entertainment system allowing our passengers to play games or watch movies. Depending on the type of jet, you can request an interior design change. It’s an easy task for us to provide premium-quality meals cooked by a chef, put a carpet on the floor, or add business logos to the exterior of the jet. Our VIP airline, which accommodates just 50-90 seats in an originally 400-seater airplane, features a dining room where even wedding ceremonies can be held. There have been some international requests showing the extent of our services. A company has asked us to rent an island for a secure MICE environment. We can do that for you.
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Whether it’s the bedroom or the dining room, you can decorate and design the plane however you want. © Private Jet Services

Q. Most people will be curious about the price. How do you determine the rate?
A. As we tailor our service 100% to our client’s needs, there is no set rate. It could change depending on the number of passengers, the departure/arrival locations, and the duration of the trip. For example, for a short-term stay, it could be cheaper to just park the jet at the airport instead of leaving and coming back for pick-up. In Korea, most requests are being made on Jeju trips. Ironically, it is a bit more expensive to fly to Jeju compared to China or Japan. Because Jeju International Airport is such a busy place, there are issues of airport tax and so on. Those should all be considered.
For honeymoon destinations, several couples can share the jet service, along with hotels or other service providers. In other countries, ‘empty legs’ are sometimes put up for auction. Our Boeing business jets offer bedrooms, spa and shower facilities. If you want to have a private jet experience but can’t fill the seats, you can invite friends or sell the remaining seats to save costs. A380, which accommodates over 400 passengers, has an unlimited cargo space. For companies preparing for MICE, private jets can be a way to cut costs.
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A whole new world opens up the moment you step into the jet. © Private Jet Services

Q. I assume COVID-19 has affected the industrial trend of private jet businesses.
A. North America accounts for 55% of the private jet market in terms of sales. European markets take up 10%. The market size was estimated at around $15 billion(excluding the charter market) as of 2020, and is expected to reach $18 billion by 2026. The use of private jets is inevitably going to increase in the post-pandemic age thanks to its custom services. Korea is still in the beginning stage. Personally I would like to promote Korea to the global community by developing more inbound programs using the diversity of the Korean tourism industry and offering differentiated services.

Q. How would private jets affect the travel trend in the future?
A. Private jets will no longer be limited to rich people or celebrities. As a matter of fact, in the overseas market, there are more people choosing to fly once in a private jet instead of going on multiple trips a year for similar costs. You can minimize contact with strangers and go to the place you want at the time you choose, in comfort. You can pick a place that no one has ever been to. We want to stress that our service is not just about transportation. You can do what you want during the flight. It is going to be a very special, one-and-only experience from the moment you step foot on the plane. No matter the destination, you will be satisfied. With the private jet service, travel is different and exciting.
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