Enjoy Camping Effects Without Packing Up
Love camping but not the preparation headache that comes with it? It is best to consider a cafe and BBQ restaurant decked with camping paraphernalia. Additionally, check out the popular glamping sites known for their romantic atmosphere that we introduce.
Roast Factory
Located in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, Roast Factory is a restaurant adopting the style of glamping where customers can enjoy a camping-like experience barbecuing without the hassle of setting up the camp. If you have felt the distance between the tables at an ordinary restaurant too narrow for you to truly enjoy the bbq time, Roast Factory suggests an alternative that is effective and satisfactory. It has a simple user manual. Make a reservation first, buy meat and other ingredients at the on-site market, and barbecue away. The user fee is 10,000 won per person and must be prepaid upon reservation. The market is stocked with pretty much everything you would ever need for an outdoor barbecue, such as various cuts of meat, instant noodles, drinks, and packaged snacks, and the user fee includes access to the self-service bar at the restaurant, charcoal, and other necessary utensils.

One of the reasons Roast Factory became popular is in its facility. The neat interior space and squeaky clean facility leave no room for an assumption that camping or BBQ sites would be dirty to linger. The outdoor ground is covered entirely with gravel, the tent installed on a large wooden deck is equipped with a table, fan, and heater. The positive reviews on social media about the clean, modern facility speak volumes.
There has recently been an uptick in the number of camping-style BBQ providers, and Roast Factory is one of the best in terms of the pseudo-glamping experience. Without the part where you sleep in the tent, of course.
Address 385 Dangseong-ro, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi Province
Inquiry +82-70-4100-0228
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Originally famous as the breed of dog used for hunting tigers, Pungsan dogs are native to the Pungsan region in Yanggang-do, North Korea. There is a Pungsan dog village in Deoksan-ri, Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, with an exclusive Pungsan dog farm and a theme park with the particular canine population in the hundreds. Once in the village, visitors can walk along the Metasequoia trail until they reach a dining cafe dubbed Poongsanirang. Operated by Anseong Pungsan Dog Experience Farm, the cafe became trendy on social media as an ideal place for a picnic, complete with outdoor tables placed on an expansive field of grass. Naturally cafe customers can interact with Pungsan dogs outside the cafe. Along with the run-of-the-mill cafe menu, an instant noodle kit allowing customers to cook their own ramyun on the grassy yard is high on the popularity list.

The cafe recently launched a program called Campicnic, literally combining camping and picnic. In a corner of the cafe yard, camping sites have been created using varying sizes of tents to accommodate groups of two to three and three to four, shade canopies, and tables. There is a separate menu for Campicnic, which requires an advanced booking. Poongsanirang is a cafe well-suited for a peaceful picnic near metasequoia trees when the weather is nice.

Address 134-43 Sambaek-ro, Samjuk-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi Province
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Moregidong Tarzan
The beautiful scenery and amazing weather do it all in Jeju. Be it a cafe or a restaurant, if the quality of food takes up 40 percent of its business outlook, the surrounding view fills the remaining 60 percent. Moregidong Tarzan located in Seogwipo is also a cafe that entertains your eye first. While there are a great many Jeju cafes facing the ocean, Moregidong Tarzan stands in the center of a cedar grove and presents a pleasing view of Mt. Hallasan. We recommend enjoying a fall picnic in a tent in the backyard which has a small wooden table and chairs, instead of spending time just inside the cafe. The tall cedar trees filling the space behind the tent might give you a sensation that you are standing in a forest in a Scandinavian country.

The view of Mt. Hallasan from the wide horizontal window on the second floor of the Tarzan building is a must-see. It makes one truly grasp the meaning of the expression, Jeju’s blessing. Unfortunately, Moregidong Tarzan is a no-kid zone, so only grown-ups can experience this blessed environment.
Address 13 Baenanggol-ro 21beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Province
Inquiry +82-64-733-5225
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Gamsungdome Picnic
When you are out camping or having a picnic, it would be the weather that bothers you the most. If it rains or snows, your plan of having a day out is out the window. A tent would keep you dry from the elements but you wouldn’t be able to fully take in the natural surroundings that way. Located in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, outdoor picnic ground Gamsungdome Picnic is relatively free from the restraints of the weather. Instead of using regular canvas or nylon fabric, the dome structure uses a sheet made of polycarbonate pieces that go on top of the aluminium frame of the dome.

Inside the dome are a set of a table and chairs, providing shelter to people who want to avoid the cold, rain, or snow and relax at a safe and private location. The dome even has a vintage arcade game, helping children kill time without feeling bored. Each unit comes with a sink and a brazier, along with the transparent roof. The place has all the utensils for camping, so you just need other grocery items for the stay. You can grill the meat and feel the glamping vibes easily. A pre-installed patio cover is going to protect you, should it rain. For rookie campers who are eager to learn but haven’t prepared all the supplies, Gamsungdome Picnic is a perfect fit.                                               
Address 396 Saeori-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi Province
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For those who can’t satisfy themselves just with the camp-like atmosphere, you should move onto the next stage, which is glamping. In Wonju, Gangwon Province, there is a camping ground which is just as hard to book as a ticket to an idol group’s concert. The place only open to visitors who have snatched a spot through an advanced reservation is called CAMPASLOW. It is a compound expression combining campa, a Swedish word for ‘camping’ and ‘slow’.

Nestled deep in the woods of Mt. Baekunsan, CAMPASLOW is divided into two sections--the deck sites for individuals bringing personal camping supplies such as a tent and a burner, and the glamping houses for campers visiting with just the food and personal items without the camping gear. Once you make it through the competitive booking stage and arrive at the campsite featuring props that tickle your emotional side, you will soon realize what all the fuss was about. Each unit adopts a unique concept, such as ‘Hobbit House’ like in a famous movie, ‘Water House’ for the location close to the valley, and ‘Tom’s Cabin’ from a storybook, creating a charming little private space for glampers.

We shouldn’t forget to introduce the variety of sensibility-awakening facilities intended for the visitors who want to enjoy a quiet private time in the woods. ‘Slow Life Books’ designed to encourage reading, ‘Warorot Market,’ a small cabin selling camping supplies, and ‘Vegetable Garden’ offering farming and harvesting experiences all point to the direction CAMPASLOW is headed toward. Its woodcarving class is also popular for the experience program making a practical item.
CAMPASLOW runs and accepts reservations seasonally: spring(March-June), summer(July-August), and fall(September-October). Winter is when the campsite goes into a dormant state.
Address 67-105 Baekunsan-gil, Panbu-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon Province
Inquiry +82-33-763-0380
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October 2021 Editor:Jung Jaewook
Roast Factory, Poongsanirang, Moregidong Tarzan, Gamsungdong Picnic, CAMPASLOW

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  • October 2021
  • Editor: Jung Jaewook
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